4 Best Wilson Tennis Shoes

Wilson is mostly known for its sports equipment, but they produce some quality shoe and apparel options for tennis players as well. They often get overlooked in this department, but they offer affordable prices and classic designs appreciated by a fair share of players.

They don’t have the most extensive line in the world, but they have a few models people have grown to appreciate. Here are the four best Wilson tennis shoes right now, breaking down what makes them worth the price tag.

1. Wilson Rush Pro 3.0

Marketed as the top performance you from Wilson right now, the company sticks with a pretty basic design overall. They don’t try to match with the colors of the Wilson Rush Pro 3.0, but they have added some strong technology to make it worth the upgrade.

Compared to the previous model, which will be detailed below, the upper is more comfortable than ever before. The mesh added to the top helps with breathability, comfort, and support. It wraps around the foot much better than before, making sure that the entire set up is very stable throughout. For the very first time, the shoe is put on, people notice that there is a significant difference.

Previous complaints about the Rush line was that breathability wasn’t always the best. The mesh addresses that, and people can feel much cooler off when they are playing. Having the ability to let the feet breathe a bit keeps them refreshed.

The reason why many people find it surprisingly durable is that it weighs only 13.2 ounces. Wilson is taking a minimalist approach to the shoe, as the simple design cuts down on the weight a bit. It’s that rare durable shoe that also plays like a lightweight model.


  • Very durable
  • Minimalist, lightweight feel on foot
  • Inexpensive compared to other similar options


  • Could be a bit more breathable

2. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Since the 2.5 released in the last year, it’s still readily available if a person wants to try it out. Let’s make one thing pretty clear, the Rush 3.0 is a very solid and worthy upgrade, and most people will pick that if pricing was the same. However, the prices on the 2.5 are hard to turn down, and consistently they end up being one of the most affordable performance shoes from any brand.

Despite its tough, rugged appearance from the outside, the shoe is very soft and comfortable when put on for the very first time. That makes them comfortable to wear for hours and hours, and players can get a customized fit without making too many adjustments.

It’s not as breathable or as light as the 3.0, but it’s not like it is terrible in either in those categories either. Readability is still above average, and the shoe on foot feels just a little heavier. It’s not that noticeable after playing in them for a while, as it still feels pretty lightweight for a shoe built upon durability.

Just like the new version, it is a very comfortable ride from the second it is put on the foot. People should feel very confident that their feet will feel great throughout the match, especially if they have a standard foot width. They do run a little tight, specifically in the forefoot, so keep that in mind when shopping.

One of the most enticing things about this shoe is the fact that it is so inexpensive. It can routinely be found online for $60-$70. It might be somewhat difficult to hunt down a proper color or size a person needs, but they are still mostly out there ready to be tried on.


  • Soft, customized fit
  • Inexpensive
  • Very durable


  • Feels a little heavy on foot
  • Breathability isn’t great

3. Wilson Kaos 3.0

This is the speed option for players in need of top-level performance from Wilson. It has a more modern, flashy look as far as design and color are concerned, and at 12.7 ounces, people love just how lightweight it feels on foot.

Compared to the other options from Wilson, the shoe takes comfort to an even higher level. A lot of that comes down to the very close, glove-like fit will send offers. They provide lateral stability without making the foot feel uncomfortable or squeezed in.

The outer cage of this shoe adds some durability as well. Aggressive players who enjoy sliding around the court and getting to balls in different ways will appreciate something set up like this. It keeps the foot locked in, and also protected.

Although the outsole is built for hard courts, some people actually use these shoes for clay court play as well. The tread pattern is suitable for either surface, and players who like to slide will have control on clay with these.

The color choices are a bit better for Wilson, as this just seems to be a more modern take on a tennis shoe overall. There are a ton of people who feel like this is the best shoe Wilson offers right now, and the only thing that hurts it is a lack of durability. The shoes don’t last all that long, so while sliding and being aggressive on the court is nice, it’s going to wear out the tread quickly.


  • Very lightweight
  • Handles hard court and clay court surfaces well
  • Nice variety of color choices


  • Lacks much durability
  • Takes a while to mold to the foot

4. Wilson Rush Comp LTR

The final choice to make this list is a classic design and style built for older players and club level players in general. It’s an affordable option that comes in a classic white colorway, but it’s not going to have the same type of new technology in it as other options.

The Rush Comp LTR retails for $89 but is easily found for cheaper than that. It has a lot of features that other old-school style shoes come with. The upper is leather, covering a layer of mesh that provides a good amount of breathability. That’s one thing people worry about with leather, but the breathability is still there with the shoe.

The midsole and outsole are solid, although nothing that impressive compared to what else is out on the market. Expect to get average to below-average performance out of the shoe in these departments, reducing the life pretty significantly.

One thing Wilson gets right with the shoe is that it provides a responsive ride while also making things extremely comfortable. It is one of the highest riding shoes for tennis out there, as the 9 mm heel to toe drop is pretty big. Some people are going to hate this feeling, while others enjoy the different fit.

If the intent is to just play tennis on a casual basis, this might be the perfect pair of shoes to go after. Otherwise, look at any of the other three above to make a smarter decision.


  • Extremely stable
  • Old school look and feel
  • Provides a high ride off the ground


  • Heavy
  • Not built for the modern player

Any Other Worth Mentioning Wilson Shoes?

The list above is pretty much what every person should expect from Wilson right now. The company does not spend a ton of money on promoting their shoes and apparel, and their limited amount of models make it fairly obvious. However, they have recently stepped away from the norm and released an interesting shoe that people are intrigued by.

The Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 is a shoe that offers a ton of stability. With a mid-cut that is easily recognizable, people who want that extra support will find it a must to try out. You can check it out here on Amazon.

They have updated a lot since the previous Amplifeel model. The shoe looks a bit more modern overall, with a unique locking system at the ankle area. Not only does the material more to the foot, but they added Velcro to tighten up the shoe when needed.

Since it is such a new release, the price of the shoe is pretty high up there right now. That’s why it doesn’t make the list just yet, but it is probably their most innovative shoe available right now. Some people like a mid-cut shoe because of the perceived added support.

Studies show that a person gets the same amount of support from a low-cut shoe, but some players specifically like having a similar feeling to the mid-cut craze a few decades ago.

Final Thoughts

The shoes might not be particularly flashy from Wilson, but they offer some solid options and great prices. There’s no shame in going with any of their top models because they offer the same type of technology that many other leading brands offer. Look beyond what is trending, and give some of the smaller brands from a shoe perspective a chance to stand out.

Here is the full list of the best Wilson tennis shoes

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