9 Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners

For the vast majority of people, playing tennis is impossible without some type of dampening set up on the strings. A vibration dampener is a small, but often essential product players rely on every single match.

How hard can it be to find a good vibration dampener? It’s actually more challenging than some people think. Here are the nine best right now, guaranteed to help increase comfort levels with every single stroke.

1. Babolat Damp

Go to a store or look online, and there are a lot of different Babolat Damp options to consider. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the variety allows people to show a bit of individuality on the court. They all work the same, so it strictly comes down to personal preference. However, this is the one that I prefer (check it out here).

As for how they function, these dampeners fit in any size racquet. They do a great job of staying in place, and also providing a very muted feel. They are always sold in packs of two, which is convenient for people who want to either have a spare, or put the same dampener in two different racquets and always have the same setup.

Most people who use a Babolat racquet will consider using these dampeners, as they provide the best overall value. Some of the racquets from Babolat feel a bit tough on the arm, and these dampeners help with that. When loaded with polyester strings, it helps to have something to kill the shock going through the arm.

2. ADV Vibration Dampener

Not everyone has heard of the company ADV, so they might be a bit hesitant to try something new. The ADV surrounds strings that it comes in contact with. By surrounding the strings, it provides a superior type of vibration dampening not found from other companies.

For some people, they love the fact that they feel virtually no vibration go through their arm on shots. Others feel like it is almost too good at killing vibration, hurting touch and feel. Since that lack of vibration is so different, people need time to adjust to how the racquet plays.

Since a two-pack of these ADV are pretty easy to obtain and inexpensive, it is worth trying out if other vibration dampeners are not working. Just keep in mind that this is one of the best options at killing vibration, but it might be too much for players who are looking to still have some feel.

3. Gamma Shockbuster II

Gamma makes quite a few options for vibration dampeners, and the next two are both the best of the best. They have improved their original Shockbuster with this version that allows players to really feel the difference right away.

The first change is the fact that it has a twin tube design to rely on. This provides more contact on the strings for improved dampening. People will notice a higher level of dampening right away, and they stay in place better as well.

No matter what color racquet a person has, they can find a Shockbuster that matches. It’s currently available in seven different colors, which adds a bit of style to the racquet. It’s a little more expensive than the previous model, but most feel like it is a worthy upgrade.

4. Gamma String Things

Players won’t have the same level of dampening with Gamma String Things, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad option. In fact, it’s one of the best options for those people who don’t want a dampener that goes across several strings.

There are a lot of different options for people depending on what they are interested in. Anything from animals to tennis-related shapes are available. They all come in packs of two, and are really affordable to have plenty of when needed. 

5. Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener

Head makes a few different options, including ones related to top pros Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev. With that said, those endorsed dampeners don’t provide as much value as the Smartsorb. At a verHy low price, a person can have excellent dampening at any time.

This works a lot like all the other dampeners that go across several strings. It is very easy to get the right fit for any type of string bed, and it holds up over the long run. Many people are satisfied with what it brings to the table, and for people looking for an excellent price, it does not get much better than what Head offers.

6. Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener

Most people know of Tourna as a company that puts out some of the best overgrips on the market. Their overgrips have been used for years, and people like options that they are familiar with.

The same type of thing can be said for their popular vibration dampener. Officially endorsed by Pete Sampras, it has been a mainstay on tour and at the local levels for decades.

The design is straightforward, yet effective. It comes in an O-shape, which can contort to any type of shape needed when put into different string beds. It originally was only available in black, but they now have options in red and white.

As far as dampening is concerned, it is incredible what simplicity can bring to the table. It may not seem like that much of a difference-maker, but it is one of the best in this category.

7. Wilson Pro Feel Dampener

Wilson has a lot of different options available for people who are looking for a solution for constant vibration. From their Shock Shield Dampener to Vibra Fun options, most people have tried something from Wilson during their playing career.

Out of all the ones they offer, the Wilson Pro Feel Dampener does the best job. It’s available in the classic Wilson logo, and it easily fits into any string pattern. What a lot of people like about the dampener is that it has a bit of a tighter feel when installed, which helps even more with vibration than a typical option.

Anyone who owns a Wilson racquet should at least explore using this option. It’s a dampener worth investing in for people who want to complete the look of the racquet. It’s not completely necessary to match up a racquet with the brand, but it certainly makes everything look a little bit more uniform.

8. Yonex Vibration Stopper Dampener

Unless the person has a Yonex racquet, their vibration dampener options are mostly overlooked. They have actually made some improvements with their dampeners in recent times, coming out with a dampener that has some solid technology behind it.

Out of the packaging, it looks very much like a guitar pick. What makes Yonex different is it is a three-layer structure. This allows for just the right fit and security in the racquet so that it won’t fall out. By getting a nice, secure fit at the top, it really helps with shocks going through the arm.

It has a simple enough design that some people are just fine using this vibration dampener even without a Yonex racquet. It’s another option worth trying out, especially since it’s available at such an affordable price.

9. Prince P Dampener

Out of the multiple options provided by Prince, sometimes it helps to just go with something simple. Their classic P logo dampener is an excellent option, and it’s available in enough colors for people to stay extremely color-coordinated.

Prince understands that for a lot of people, they want something that is very simple to install, and works the near perfection. The extra bit of branding goes particularly well with anyone who owns a Prince racquet, but these will pop up in other racquets as well.

Some of the other options from Prince leave a little bit to be desired. They don’t provide the same type of shock absorption as some of the other brands.

The one that does stand out is the P shape. Even though it is made out of the same materials as most of the other dampeners, it seems to have a bit more flexibility during installation. This allows for not only easier installation, but a more comfortable feel when hitting the ball off the strings. It provides the right level thickness to damp and everything the right way.

Alternatives To Vibration Dampeners

The most common alternative to a vibration dampener is to use a rubber band. The concept is very similar, and some players actually feel like they can get a better dampening set up with one. It takes a little more time to set up, and people who have never done it in the past might not know what to do. It also just doesn’t look as put together as a typical vibration dampener.

The advantage to a rubber band is that they are much easier to find when in a pinch. If a person can’t locate a vibration dampener and they don’t have time to order/buy one, a rubber band works.

Going Without a Vibration Dampener

Despite all the benefits of a vibration dampener, there are still some people who don’t use them when playing. Some players actually like the feel of vibrations shooting through their racquet. It makes them have a better understanding as far as whether or not they hit a good shot or not.

There are others who just started playing without a vibration dampener, and losing that type of feeling would be weird. It might be slightly better for the arm to use a dampener, but people don’t seem to care that much.

Final Thoughts

Some people swear by vibration dampeners, while others aren’t quite as warm to the idea. As long as a person feels comfortable when they are playing, it’s worth investing in. Vibration dampers can help in a lot of different ways, and people are very happy to see them make such a huge impact.

The great news is they are all very affordable. For $20-$30, a person can do their own testing to find which one they ultimately like best.

Here is the full list of the best tennis vibration dampeners

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