9 Best Tennis Nets

From private owners to park directors, there are plenty of people shopping for tennis nets. It is not something that is purchased too often, but when it is time, people want to make the right decision. Otherwise, they are going to have to spend even more money sooner rather than later.

The best tennis nets out right now are listed below. Most of these options are very affordable, and they should last a long time with some basic care. All of the nets below are for regulation-sized courts.

1. MacGregor Super Pro 5000

Known as one of the most affordable options out there, MacGregor provides people with a quality option without breaking the bank. It is not anything too special as far as tennis nets are concerned, but it gets the job done for most.

The net is a bit thinner than a lot of people are used to on the tennis court. It is a braided 3.6 mm polyethylene, which is going to be the most significant sign that this net is not as high-quality. Most other nets will either have a thicker netting to begin with, or a double net at the top. Players will not see a difference that much in performance, but it might not last as long under constant abuse.

The dowels are solid and durable, which will allow the court net to stay looking great. However, the vinyl headband does feel and look a bit thinner than most of the other options, even if they do apply a durable coating. It at least helps with durability, but the performance is still a slight downgrade.


  • Affordable, full-sized net
  • The body stays strong and durable
  • Vinyl headband has an additional coating


  • Does not feel as high-quality as others
  • Company does not offer a decent warranty

2. Edwards 3.0 MM Aussie

A lot of people are pleasantly surprised with the quality of this net at a pretty good value. There are a lot of companies that struggle to put an option together that people can count on at an affordable price, but this one certainly surprises.

The net body is a pretty simple braided 3.0 polyethylene, which holds up well in any type of conditions. The netting might look a little thin compared to other options, but it can hold up well for a long time despite appearing like it could struggle.

The other components are very similar to the more expensive option below. The dowels are made of fiberglass at 7/8”, and the headband material is a pretty durable polyethylene that performs well. On top of everything else, the company offers a three-year limited warranty, which makes it worth the investment for many.


  • Affordable net with premium options
  • Headband material works very well
  • Three-year warranty


  • Some people are not satisfied with the net body
  • Takes a while for shipping in most areas

3. Edwards 3.0 MM Double Center Outback

For a little bit more money, people can invest in a slightly upgraded option from Edwards. This net is almost the exact same, with the difference being double netting on the top, plus slightly increased dowels.

The net body is the same 3.0 MM polyethylene, but the first five rows have a double center mesh. This adds some durability, makes it look more high-quality, and just performs better overall. This is where the net takes a lot of hits, so having that double netting helps with durability.

The dowels keep everything pretty sturdy as well, which is all most people can ask for. These added features give Edwards the confidence of issuing a five-year warranty for anyone purchasing the net. That is two more years of warranty coverage compared to the cheaper option above. For a long-term investment, it is worth considering that slight upgrade in the beginning.


  • First five rows have double netting
  • Large, strong dowels
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • Not everyone will think it is worth the price increase
  • Could benefit from a slightly better headband

4. Edwards 30LS double center net

If the first two nets from Edwards are considered solid entry-level options, the next two are professional grade in so many ways. The 30 LS has a robust and durable 34-ounce headband sewn in perfectly for the right amount of durability.

The net body can take a lot of hits from any type of tennis player thanks to the braided 3.5 MM polyethylene with six rows of double center mesh. Having that extra protection at the top allows for not only durability, but control when a ball hits it.

One great feature about this net, and all nets at this price range, is that there is bottom tape on the net to cut down on wearing down in that area.

This is the same net used in major tournaments as well as the Olympics, so look at it as a great investment for any type of tennis court out there.


  • Braided 3.5 mm polyethylene has six rows of double mesh
  • Double headband and superior stitching helps with durability
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • A little expensive
  • Hard for some to justify when compared to the one below

5. Edwards 40 LS 3.5 mm double canvas

The most expensive net from Edwards is also the most premium option available. The same net that is also used at Wimbledon in the U.S. Open has an extra heavy-duty spun polyester headband to count on, and five rows of double mesh for added durability. It plays consistently well even after years of use, and most find it worth spending a little extra money.

The net comes with a five-year warranty, and just plays differently than some of the lower-tier models out there. Balls bounce off the net as they should, which is always important at high levels. A lot of that comes down to the dowels being a very solid fiberglass at 5/8 “.


  • Same net used at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon
  • Best headband one can find online
  • Double rows of netting at the top


  • Pretty expensive
  • Hard for lower-level players to tell much of a difference

6. Gamma Tuff Tennis Net

Known as perhaps the most popular and common net out there, Gamma has been producing this option for quite some time. It is a very durable net that has a substantial net body and double netting at the top. The first six rows are all covered nicely, making sure that the net does not randomly start showing age or even developing holes after missed shots.

One nice thing Gamma offers is the ability to customize the net a bit. It can be tapered by using an all-weather vinyl headband, or sticking with more standard dimensions. The standard dimensions come with a four-ply woven duck polyester headband that is very durable.


  • Trusted Gamma brand name
  • Top six rows are all double netting
  • Headband options available


  • Dowels seem slightly worse quality than competitors
  • Shipping takes a while

7. Tourna Deluxe 3.5 MM double braid poly

One of the top performers in nets out there comes from Tourna. It is pretty easy to tell that they put a lot of effort into using high-quality materials. Not only that, but they offer the most protection out of any company out there at the top, offering seven rows of double braided 3.5 MM poly for the net body.

With a breaking strength of a 145 KFG, it is very hard to find a more durable net on the market. This makes it ideal for courts that might be in extreme weather conditions. Going with a cheaper option that might not take durability as seriously will not live up to expectations.


  • Very durable from top to bottom
  • Seven rows of double netting
  • Handles extreme weather well


  • Headband is average
  • Only a two-year warranty

8. Har-Tru Revolution vinyl headband

For clay courts, going with a net designed by a clay court company just makes sense. People want to have long-lasting durability on clay, and the materials used holds up very well regardless of weather conditions.

The 4.0 mm cord body is one of the thickest options out there, meaning that there is no need for doubling part of the net for extra strength. This gives the net a more elegant and clean appearance in the eyes of many.

The tapered bottom also comes in handy on clay courts, as the added durability means that people will not be dealing with nets looking like they are heavily used after a short amount of time.

This is a heavy net, so keep that in mind during installation. It is a little harder to handle, but it usually pays off in the end for most people wanting a premium option.


  • Very thick netting requires no doubling at the top
  • Headband performs well, and has anti-fungal treatment
  • Tapered bottom keeps court abrasion issues at a minimum


  • Heavy

9. Har-Tru Courtmaster DHS vinyl headband

Har-Tru has a mix of a few different options as far as tennis nets are concerned, but this one is a perfect budget option for those who are looking to save some money or buying in bulk. It is not going to have the same features as some of the most expensive options out there, but it still performs well and works at parks and recreational facilities.

The headband is actually very solid, as it comes with a vinyl-coated outer and vinyl-laminated inner with an anti-fungal treatment to top it all off. It should last a long time and continue looking good even in bad weather conditions.

The half-inch fiberglass dowels keep everything very solid, but it is just not going to be at the same level as the more premium options. There is a considerable amount of savings, so these nets do make sense for a certain demographic.


  • Very solid headband
  • Lightweight
  • Three-year warranty


  • No double mesh at the top
  • Fiberglass dowels could be stronger

Final Buying Tips

Still having trouble figuring out what tennis court net is best? They might all look pretty similar at first glance, but there is a technique to finding the best options out there. Thinking about how often a court is used, the weather, and the surface when making the final decision.


A high-quality tennis net uses a braided net cord at the top. Many just do it for the first few rows, with other high-quality features like vinyl-coated steel cables and side pockets used for the fiberglass dowels. 

One thing that seems to stand out is the thickness of the netting used. The range tends to be in the 3-4 mm range, but double netting changes this a bit.

Yarn without a core or with a core makes a difference as well. A higher-quality net has solid core yarn, which usually leads to better overall durability.

The small details like vinyl headbands, non-glare sidebands, wide bottom bands, and more make a difference as well. Not only are the materials important, but how they are used plays a major role.


Make sure to pay attention to what surfaces are recommended for each net before purchasing. There are a lot of nets that might market themselves as being usable for any type of surface, but there are certain factors that dictate decisions.

A net that is rubbing against a clay court is getting clay on it all the time needs to be different than a hard court. It is especially important to pay attention to the durability of the net at the bottom before installing on clay.

Here is the full list of the best tennis nets

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