5 Best Wilson Tennis Bags

At any level of the game, Wilson has a huge presence in tennis. They make several racquets that people count on every single day, and to store those racquets, players need a tennis bag.

There are dozens of choices for bags out there for anyone who wants to represent Wilson. They make some of the highest quality options out there, as well as affordable solutions if a person is in need. When looking for the best of the best, it’s all about great variety.

1. Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack

Starting off the list is one of the biggest bags a person can find from any company. It has three main compartments, including two that have the Wilson Thermalguard technology in it. This allows a person to keep their racquets safe and protected from extreme temperatures, moisture and more so they retain tension and don’t lose their playability.

Most use the middle compartment to store shoes and other larger clothing items, although it’s also suitable for more racquet storage. Very few people actually store 15 racquets at once in the bag, which means there is plenty of room to use for other things.

What stands out are the little pockets to help people keep everything as organized as possible. The extra pockets come felt-lined so that a person won’t do any damage to valuables. There are vents in ideal spots so people can not worry about putting sweaty clothes or accessories in the bag and have it turn into mold.

Price is coming down on this bag, but it is still rather expensive compared to other options. Some people will hate the bulkiness of it, so it’s only recommended for those who usually end up carrying a lot of things with them to the court.


  • Stores everything a tennis player could need
  • Very durable build
  • Different carrying options for maximum comfort


  • Too big for most players
  • Expensive

2. Wilson Clash Duffel Bag, Large

For a more standard, duffel bag look, the Clash Large Duffel Bag is a perfect solution. Some people just don’t like the look of tennis bags, and this one is suitable for virtually anywhere.

Wilson has a small and large version, but a small just seems a little too limited for people who want to use this as a replacement for a typical tennis bag. With the large version, there is a spot for racquets, a separate tunnel pocket that helps for shoe and dirty gear storage, convenient pockets for smaller items and more.

The bag is so strong and durable that some people end up using this bag for traveling purposes. It has a very classic look that matches the Clash, which is the main demographic for anyone thinking of purchasing it. There are certainly duffel bags out there that cost less than this, but most of them do not cater to tennis. With this duffel, a person can get the best set up possible.


  • Matches the Wilson Clash colorway perfectly
  • Large enough to carry everything for tennis
  • Premium build with outstanding materials


  • Costs more than a standard gym duffel bag
  • Could do a better job separating accessories with more pockets

3. Wilson Minimalist Backpack Bag

Even though Wilson is technically marketing this backpack to women, the neutral colors could work for anyone. The company spent a lot of time making a minimalist option for those who want to travel to the tennis court as light as possible. The vast majority of casual players only need to take two or three racquets to the court at any time, plus some smaller accessories.

This bag is perfect for those who don’t want to turn into a tennis hoarder. If something isn’t needed, it practically forces a person to take it out of the bag and put it somewhere else. There is still room to carry all the essentials, but no space is wasted.

The one noticeable thing that is a bit of a negative is that it doesn’t seem as durable as some of the other bags offered by Wilson. This might be because the focus is on a certain elegant style, but players will find out that they should probably take a little more caution with throwing the bag around and not caring for it properly.


  • Very stylish
  • Three available colors
  • A surprising amount of storage despite the small size


  • Not made of the most durable material
  • Technically designed for women only
  • Wilson Federer DNA backpack bag

4. Wilson Federer DNA Backpack Bag

Available in infrared and black, Wilson designed a great looking backpack for tennis players to use while also representing one of the greatest players to ever play the sport. With Roger Federer‘s signature on the back of the backpack, people can tell right away that this backpack is a step up from any other option available. The company added a lot of subtle detail that makes it very impressive.

Backpacks are generally considered very limited with the amount of storage, but it’s bigger than most people realize. It holds up to three racquets, and it has enough storage space for shoes, clothing, snacks, extras accessories and more. It even has a thermal guard pocket that helps keep drinks stored properly and cooled throughout.

The Federer endorsement indeed adds a little bit of cost to the backpack. It’s a premium model, but one built to last longer than any other backpack they offer. It might be something that costs more upfront, but there will be no option better than this out there right now in the backpack department.


  • Premium look and feel
  • Two color choices
  • Has an incredible amount of storage for a backpack


  • Federer signature increases the price
  • Maxes out at just three racquets stored at a time
  • Wilson Team Gray Bag (3-pack or 6-pack)

5. Wilson Team Gear Bag

For a standard, basic tennis bag that does the trick, it’s hard to beat the Wilson Team line. Available in a three-pack or six-pack, this will be the best value a person can find from Wilson. They have more than enough space for just about every tennis player out there, and the neutral color doesn’t show dirt easily.

There is very little compromising with a budget solution like this. The compartments inside the bag might not be quite as sturdy or packed with bonus features, but most people are still very pleased with what it brings to the table. Specifically with a six-pack, a person can fit everything they need in the bag without having to constantly organize it.

Another great feature of this bag is that it slings over the shoulder, or as a bag that’s grabbed from the top. Even if the bag is filled up completely, it still distributes weight pretty well to the point that a person won’t feel too fatigued carrying it around.


  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t show dirt/sweat
  • Available in a 3-pack or 6-pack


  • Subpar materials
  • No additional racquet protection

Making The Final Decision

When looking at everything, what bag is the best overall for most players? The new Wilson Clash Duffel Bag large is the best value. It might not look like a traditional tennis bag, but that’s part of the appeal. It comes in a very neutral colorway, has the size for everything a person could need at a court, and has premium material throughout. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

The versatility of this bag off of the tennis court is what helps set it apart as well. If a person can get other uses out of this bag, it’s worth the small investment in the end. More and more tennis players are figuring out the benefit of using a duffel bag style over a more traditional tennis bag. The shape is just a little bit different and might take some getting used to, but the Wilson Clash Duffel Bag sets the standard.

If for some reason a person doesn’t need a bag this big, the smaller options is available as well. Just know that it has a hard time storing too many racquets at a time. It also lacks the premium build that so many people seem to enjoy with the large option.

Here is the full list of the best Wilson tennis bags right now

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