13 Best Tennis Wrist Braces Money Can Buy  

While tennis players incur fewer injuries than those that play contact sports such as football, baseball, and hockey, people still get injured playing tennis. According to tennisworldusa.org there are several injuries which physicians treat again and again in tennis players.

One of the most common injuries is pain and strains to the wrist. And it is no wonder why! According to ProfessionalsHQ.com, professional tennis players typically hit a tennis ball between 65 and 85 miles an hour, depending on the type of shot they are taking. In many cases, those fast shots are being hit by their tennis racquet, which means that pressure is going directly to the wrist.

This is why many tennis players opt to wear a tennis wrist brace for added protection.

Most Common Tennis Injuries:

Unfortunately, as with any sport, there are bound to be injuries. TennisWorldUSA.org reports that there are several common injuries found in those that play tennis:

Tennis Elbow:

This is a common tennis injury. This ailment occurs when the muscles and tendons of the forearm become inflamed due to the repeated impact of the tennis ball hitting the racquet. It is common for many players to get custom racquets to help release the stress on the forearm.

Rotator Cuff:

The frequent over-extension of the shoulder can cause players to suffer from rotator cuff injuries. Nearly 60% of actions used while playing tennis are over-head movements. Just watch your favorite player serve the ball, and notice all the overhead hits.

Ankle Injuries:

Ankle sprains are very common and usually occur when players twist sharply and lose their footing, causing them to injure and sprain their ankles. Both Andy Murray and Roger Federer have experienced sprained ankles while playing.

Muscle Strains:

There is so much twisting and fast movements in the game of tennis that it is common for players to suffer from a variety of muscle strains. The most common strains are those in the back and calf muscles.

Wrist Injuries:

Cellaxys.com reports that most tennis players suffer from wrist injuries sometime in their careers. There are many things that players do proactively to reduce the frequency of wrist injuries, including warming up, finding the right gear to reduce the shock and force of the ball, and wearing a tennis wrist brace. Emma Raducanu was recently sidelined after injuring her wrist while preparing for the 2021 U.S. open.

The 13 Best Types of Wrist Braces:

There are many different types of wrist braces that some of today’s top players swear by. It is often a choice of comfort and performance. Here are some of the top options:

HiRui 2 PACK Wrist Compression Strap and Wrist Brace – Cost: $8.99 for a two pack

This is a lightweight brace for men, women, and youths. It offers dual pressure and can fit on either wrist. It has an adjustable design that will contour to your wrist.

Brace Up Wrist Compression Strap and Wrist Wrap – Cost: $9.99:

The tennis wrist brace from Brace Up fits both wrists and is designed to offer gentle compression and pressure. It is adjustable and made with neoprene-blended materials.

CopperJoint Compression Wrist Support – Cost: $14.35:

In recent years, many have been choosing copper products because of the healing properties of copper ions. This tennis wrist brace relieves pain and supports recovery. It also helps the area to stay warm in cool temperatures and cool in hot climates.

Push Sports Wrist Brace – Cost: $49.99

The Push Sports tennis wrist brace is designed with minimal material on the palm to reduce the restriction of movement. It reduces pain and supports healing. It has a sleek profile and is comfortable enough for all-day wear when needed.

PoTao Compression Wrist Brace with Strap Support – Cost: $12.95

This wrist brace can be used for tennis, cross fit, and weight training. It has an effective pressure and compression feature that helps users recover from injuries. It also enhances blood circulation and offers pressure massaging. It is made from a moisture-wicking fabric that helps wearers stay dry and comfortable.

Arthritis Copper Wrist Brace – Cost: $12.95

This tennis wrist brace was developed by doctors that had first-hand experience treating patients with wrist injuries. It features a secure strap system that is comfortable to wear. It will help manage a wide range of wrist issues, from arthritis to carpal tunnel and tennis wrist. It offers the support required while being comfortable to wear. It will help prevent injuries and aid in recovery.

ComfyBrace Premium Lined Wrist Support – Cost; $13.97

ComfyBrace offers maximum support for your wrist because of its ergonomic design. It is used by those that suffer from tendonitis, arthritis, and athletes. This brace is designed to fit just about anyone while offering maximum support and comfort. The ComfyBrace can be used on either hand and is extremely easy to use.

AirPop Flex Wrist Brace with Thumb Support – Cost: $16.99

AirPop Flex Wrist Brace protects and stabilizes the wrist when doing physical work or playing a favorite sport. This support has a thumb loop for added support. It is made with air knitting technology so it is soft, flexible, and breathable. Its comfortable, wrap-around design provides customizable support for just about anyone. It comes in one size, since it is adjustable.

Neotech Care Wrist Band with Adjustable Compression Strap – Cost: $11.99

This versatile wrist brace can be used to protect their wrists during sports activities or for extra support for those that suffer from medical issues like arthritis, wrist sprains, and carpal tunnel. It is made from a light, breathable fabric to reduce moisture. It can be used on either wrist.

Doc Ortho Champion Wraparound Wrist Support – Cost: $12.20

The Champion C-47 Wraparound Wrist Support offers comfortable compression for the wrist while helping the user carry on with their daily activities. It has strong elastic and dual tension for maximum support. The light, cotton-rayon fabric helps reduce moisture and is comfortable enough to wear all day. It can be worn on either the right or left wrist. It also comes in a neutral color, which makes it inconspicuous while worn.

Mueller Reversible Wrist Brace – Cost: $13.14

This tennis wrist brace helps relieve the pain caused by carpal tunnel, wrist strains, as well as injuries caused by playing your favorite sport. The Mueller Reversible Wrist Band is reversible for either the right or left hand. It is adjustable to fit just about anyone. It has a contoured ergonomic shape that offers maximum comfort and support. The removable splint can be used for extra support when needed.

Ergodyne ProFlex 670 Ambidextrous Single Strap Wrist Support – Cost: $10.85

This wrist support offers flexibility when wearing and relieves pain caused by repetitive motions or physical activity. It is made from a comfortable neoprene material that reduces moisture so it can be comfortably worn for long periods. It can be used on either wrist.

Ace Wrist Support – Cost: $13.33:

The Ace brand has been around for a long time and is respected for its high-quality products that are affordably priced. The Ace wrist support provides compression and support for the wrist. It offers an over-the-thumb design that helps the support stay in place for a long time. It is made from a neoprene blend so it retains the heat and helps increase circulation. It is easy to use, adjustable, and can be used on either wrist.

Bauerfeind Sports Wrist Strap – Cost: $34.99:

The Bauerfeind Wrist Strap helps reduce wrist pain during strenuous exercise and sports activities. It offers adjustable pressure on the wrist with an adjustable strap. It is flat-fitting, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and made of breathable knitted fabric with 3D AIRKNIT® technology. It comes in several different sizes, so there is a size for every user. It also comes in a variety of bright colors.

Do Not Suffer with Wrist Pain Again:

Before you give up enjoying your favorite pastime activity, whether it is tennis, pickleball, or badmitten, there are a variety of great tennis wrist braces on the market made specifically for the wrist. Whether you are looking for light compression or full wrist support, there are many products on the market to help protect your wrist from pain, and to help alleviate pain from an existing condition.

Don’t suffer with wrist pain, and don’t give up your favorite activities, just find the right product to help you get back to your active lifestyle.

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