9 Best Tennis Racquets For Seniors

One of the beautiful things about tennis is that a player can play for a very long time in their life at different levels. Seniors love the sport as much as anyone, and with the right equipment, they can have a lot of enjoyment.

Most racquets that are designed for senior players will be a little lighter, easy to maneuver, and usually come with pretty big head size. It helps for the racquet to be a little light, but not too light. If it is too light, a player can’t generate the same type of power.

Most seniors can’t move quite as well as they used to, so having a racquet that helps simplify the game a bit is very helpful. Below are the 9 best tennis racquets for seniors right now.

1. Head Radical Oversize

The Radical line from Head has been very popular over the years, and they continue to bring in a lot of people who are looking for something that is great all around. With a head size that is big enough to handle everything and enough weight to put some power behind shots, most seniors will find it relatively easy to battle different types of opponents.

The 18 x 19 string pattern provides a very dense setup overall, which is perfect for people who want to have some control. Some bigger oversized racquets are hard to control, and that can hurt a player’s overall ability.

Seniors love maneuverability in a racquet, and this definitely provides it. It works well for doubles and singles, allowing players to really feel like they are in control.

If the oversized option feels like too much head size, there is always the option of trying out other Head Radicals as well. The entire line is known for a lot of versatility, which is why it is such a popular racquet.


  • Players similar enough to other Radicals
  • Great control
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not the most powerful
  • Could benefit from added length

2. Volkl V Sense V1 OS

The recent series of racquets from Volkl provides a very great overall racquet for different types of players to use. It has enough heft behind it to allow for some pace, but it’s also one of the easiest racquets to maneuver. A lot of older players love using this for doubles leagues, because it is a modern weapon with some slight tinkering for an older player.

For starters, the head size is just a little bigger, giving a player some extra sweet spot real estate to work with. That’s a nice touch, but so is the ability to hit with the power that sometimes fades away with older players.

This is a 27.8-inch racquet, with 115 square inches to work within head size. It is such a lightweight racquet that some people fear they might not get power behind their swings, but the balance allows for it to play pretty well.

The company offers a V1 MP version for people who think 115 square inches is too big. That version is just 102 square inches, and it adds a little bit more weight to the equation as well. Depending on the ability level of a senior player, either option is great to play with.


  • Good swighweight for added power
  • Length comes in handy
  • Huge sweet spot


  • Feels a little clunky for some players
  • Control could be better

3. Wilson Blade 104 V8

The Blade has always been a very popular option for players at all skill levels since it was released. It seems like any type of player can really benefit from using the racquet consistently once they are used to it in their hands.

The new Blade is a huge step in the right direction thanks to Wilson including their Feelflex technology in the racquet. This carbon mapping makes it one of the most comfortable racquets out there, when a racquet is comfortable, a person feels like they are not going to mess up their arm.

This racquet is also a classic case of feeling lightweight, but not so much that it feels like a player can be completely pushed around.

Just about every order player played with a somewhat heavy racquet early on in their life, so there is no need to go with something that is extremely lightweight. By having some depth behind each shot, senior players can go up against some tough opponents.


  • Feel flex technology takes feel and touch to a new level
  • Ability to hit clean, crisp strokes like standard performance racquets
  • Perfect balance


  • Too heavy/tough to maneuver for some seniors
  • Not a ton of power on serves

4. Wilson Clash 108

For a slightly bigger racquet that offers the same technology field, the Wilson Clash 108 is a good solution to try out. It was the original racquet to receive the extra touch treatment, and it has turned into a bestseller since hitting the market.

The difference between 104 and 108 is pretty significant, but other than that, players are going to find it pretty easy to switch from one to another. A lot of people were caught by surprise when they first tried out this new racquet from Wilson. It was the first racquet on the market to really bring something completely different to the table.


  • First racquet to use Feelflex technology
  • Large sweet spot
  • Feels comfortable on all strokes


  • Some would like more power
  • Takes time to adjust coming from a different racquet

5. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

The Babolat Pure Aero is perhaps the most popular racquet out right now. It helps that it is endorsed by Raphael Nadal, but a lot of people just like how easy it is to pick up and play.

With any popular tennis racquet like this, the company is going to make several different options that are customized for different styles of play. A senior player might want something a little lighter, and that is where the Pure Aero Lite comes into play.

The only thing that is really different with this model compared to the standard one is the overall weight. That makes the racquet a little easier for seniors to maneuver, and fatigue doesn’t set in either. Having the ability to play freely with a racquet that can generate so much spin and power is nice.

Compared to the other senior racquets on this list, the head size is a little small at just 100 square inches. Babolat makes a lot of different options, but they don’t increase the head size of this racquet at all. They feel as though taking it down to just 10.1 ounces in weight is good enough.

The responsiveness is good enough with this racquet that even older players can put the ball where they need to all game long. For the perfect blend of a modern racquet and a good amount of flexibility, this is one to check out.


  • Plays a lot like the standard Pure Aero
  • Works well with any type of string
  • Creates a good amount of extra spin


  • A little stiff

6. Babolat Pure Drive 107

Sticking with the Babolat family, this oversized racquet is going to provide some of the best controllable power on the market. It has an open string pattern that really helps out with creating power off the ground and with serves. It also handles volleys pretty well, which is always a huge positive for senior players since so many play doubles.

This is a very stiff racquet, so players do need to realize that it might hurt their arm a little bit if they already have some arm troubles. Other than that, it performs about as one would expect.

The added length is always positive, and there is even a longer and bigger option in the Babolat Drive 110 if a person wants to go in that direction.


  • Great on serves
  • Easy to generate racquet head speed with 
  • Spin and control is above average


  • Hard to handle volleys with
  • Stiff

7. Prince Textreme Warrior 107

Over the years, the Prince Textream Warrior series has been very popular amongst players of all ages. The standard model is 100 square inches and very much a performance racquet, but the 107 version is perfect for senior players who are wanting a little bit more breathing room with their shots.

The first thing that Prince does with this racquet is spread the weight out a little bit better. It weighs pretty much the same as a standard model, but it comes with a pretty significant boost in head size.

Players will also notice a very headlight balance, which helps generate a little bit of power when it is lacking as a senior player. It is a very fast racquet that allows players to generate power without having to do too much.

It can be frustrating trying to create power the ordinary person gets, but this does a very good job of doing a lot of the heavy lifting for players.

On the serve, the frame provides a good amount of stability that a person is able to count on. It feels extremely comfortable serving with this racquet, as it whips through quickly and makes a player feel like they are hitting correctly.

Give it a try and see if it is light enough for singles and doubles play. It is a little on the heavy side compared to some of the other options, but it can come in handy for a lot of players to have that extra weight.


  • Great balance
  • Comfortable
  • Surprising power


  • A little too heavy for some players
  • Maneuverability isn’t the best

8. Prince Textreme Premium 120

A racquet that is this big won’t be for everyone, but it definitely needs to be included in an article like this. That is because there are some seniors who will need a racquet that has a huge head size and added length to keep up with quicker, faster players.

The most noticeable thing about this racquet is of course the huge head size. This is the biggest one in this article, but it doesn’t feel that overwhelming for people who are not used to this size. All it takes is hitting around with it a few times to really see that it plays pretty well.

At 27.75 inches in length, it is also a racquet that adds to a player’s reach. This helps get to balls that a person might not normally get to, and also helps with adding some more power to the server. Between the sweet spot and the extra length, serving is relatively easy with this racquet.

A huge racquet like this might seem like it could cause some arm issues if not used correctly, but the O3 technology used by Prince prevents that from happening. There is a unique grommets construction on this racquet, and that eliminates a lot of vibrations that cause arm issues.

For players looking for the biggest racquet possible, this is probably the option to go with. There are bigger options sold by other companies, but this one is still very manageable.


  • Huge head size
  • Added length comes in handy
  • Feels smaller than it is


  • Huge head size
  • Switching grips on shot types is cumbersome

9. ProKennex Ki Q+ 15 Light

This brand isn’t talked about a lot, but it has some solid racquets that have a following. If nothing else is working, this is definitely one to try out and see if it works.

This light model is a little bit bigger in head size, and it has an added half-inch of length. That is great news for players who are looking for just the right amount of playability. Some people feel like it might still play a little hard like a performance racquet, but it is very arm-friendly and helpful for players who need that extra amount of help.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this racquet and the competition is that it is extremely arm-friendly. In fact, it might be the most unfriendly racquet out there right now for seniors to try out. They have a number of technologies used on the racquet that help reduce vibration and make it feel very light in the hand.

It’s worth giving a try to see if it is actually beneficial. A lot of players feel like they just need a little bit of a boost in one category or another to keep up with younger players. Some of the performance racquets can feel pretty stiff, but this helps reduce that feeling.

Playing with the racquet is very fun, offering a very balanced feel of power and control. If a person really wants additional power and a huge sweet spot, there is a model that is 119 square inches for people to try out.


  • Very arm-friendly
  • Great control
  • Extra length helps out a lot


  • Could be more powerful
  • Sometimes difficult to find in stock

Tips For Senior Players Choosing Racquet Setup

A racquet is only the first part of the story for any senior tennis player out there. In order to really get the most out of a brand new racquet, switching up a few things will definitely be beneficial. Here are a few things that will switch up how a racquet actually feels when it is played with.

For a more thorough guide on how to choose a tennis racquet, check out this post.

String Type

Having the right type of string is going to make a huge difference in any racquet. Most senior players are going to look for something that is very arm-friendly. Some of the stiffer strings are just not meant for older joints, so play around with a few options and see what all is available.

Any type of multi-filament string should be a good option, as well as a natural gut. A player should never feel like they are really putting a ton of stress on their arm when they are hitting. It just does not make a lot of sense and should be avoided at all costs.

String Tension

String tension honestly will vary quite a bit, even amongst the senior players. Some like a very low string tension so they can have added power and spin. They feel like by setting up their racquet like a trampoline, they can deflect power and use it against their opponent.

There are other seniors who just love the pet control that they can get from using a string that is very high intention. They sacrifice a little bit of feel and arm friendliness by doing this, but it is worth it to their game.

Start out with stringing a racquet that is brand new somewhere in the recommended tension of the frame. From there, make adjustments the next time depending on what is needed.

What About Overgrips, Dampeners & Lead Tape?

All of these are completely optional for players to use, but they help out with playability. Most seniors stay away from adding lead tape unless they really prefer the heavier old-school feel of racquets.

They are more focused on absorbing a lot of shocks, which is why a vibration dampener and a good overgrip can be extremely beneficial.

There are many different ways to tinker with a racquet and get it to feel just right. Don’t be afraid to make a few adjustments, especially if the racquet doesn’t feel just right in the beginning. It’s something that nearly all pros do to some extent, so it is completely normal.

Final Thoughts

A great senior racquet will first and foremost keep a player interested in the game. No one wants to lose interest because they can’t find a racquet that fits their current style of play. Mess around and see what actually pops up. It might be surprising in the end to see how much of a difference a new racquet can make.

Here is the full list of the best tennis racquets for seniors

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