4 Best Tecnifibre Tennis Racquets

With so many different tennis racquets to play with in today’s game, some companies will get more overlooked and others. Tecnifibre racquets have been solid for a lot of people for many years, and they have some strong pro endorsements as well.

Looking for the best of the best from Tecnifibre right now? One of these four racquets is a great starting point, depending on what a player specifically needs. Whether they are trying to play at the highest level possible, or just beginning, Tecnifibre makes something that works for all types of players.

1. Tecnifibre TFight 315 XTC

Numerous serious tennis players have relied on the TFight 315 XTC for quite a while. They made some adjustments to this newest version, as the beam construction provides a better feel overall that many players will get behind.

The major change comes down to the beam, as it is a five-sided type of R shape that will allow the frame to stay stable through serves, groundstrokes, volleys, and any other shot.

To keep things comfortable for players, there is foam inside that makes for a pretty dampened feel as well. Some players will notice that it is a bit hollow inside some racquets, but that is never the case here.

Any player who feels like they need power that is controllable should give it a try. It is a 98 in.² head size with a somewhat heavy weight at 11.7 oz, but all in all, most intermediate and advanced players will be able to handle it.

The feel is much improved compared to previous models, and that itself has made a lot of people upgrade for the first time in a while.


  • Outstanding response
  • Added control
  • Great overall feel


  • A little heavy from a swing weight perspective
  • Might be too much of a racquet for intermediate players

2. Tecnifibre TF40 305

The whole concept of the TF40 racquets is to offer a classic style that still holds up in today’s game. Dense string patterns are not always prevalent these days, but 18 x 20 will be pretty popular for some who want quite a bit of control and feel.

Compared to the option above, this will be a slightly more control-oriented racquet overall. That is good news, as the swingweight drops a bit as well. People can take full swings at the ball and still focus on very specific parts of the court for outstanding targeting.

Some people will wish that it was a little livelier coming off the racquet, but there is enough mass to get the ball going a bit.

People probably need a little bit of experience when they are hitting with this racquet, as older players will love the feel. It tends to feel a lot like an old racquet, but with modern technology so players are not lagging behind.


  • Classic feel with all shots
  • Capable of taking full swings with accuracy
  • Excellent feedback


  • Not extremely lively
  • Feels a little too old school for some modern players

3. Tecnifibre TFlash 300 CES

The first two racquets are 98 in.², which is not always preferred for some modern players. For those wanting to go with a slightly bigger head size, the 100 in.² offered by this racquet is certainly great. It allows for a bit more pace and spin for advanced players, and the string pattern opens up a bit for a little more freedom overall.

The progressive string pattern is somewhat open, but there is some tighter spacing in the center for control. The wider spacing is towards the outer part of the racquet, which means that a person will feel a little less discomfort when they do not hit it exactly in the center.

Speaking of comfort, there is also the HD Fuse grip, which puts silicone around the handle so that there is extra shock absorption with all types of strokes.

Compared to the previous model, it is slightly heavier with the swingweight, but still a pretty respectable 320. This makes it a little tough to get used to it first, but it does a great job of absorbing power and using it as a weapon against hard hitters.

For an all-around racquet, it does not really get much better than this from Tecnifibre. They have done a good job making sure that this can work for aggressive servers and those who like to play all over the court. It is a racquet that is popping up more and more, and advanced players are seeing their game step up a bit by using it on a system basis.


  • Spin friendly
  • Produces a good amount of pace
  • Comfortable


  • A little heavier than the previous version
  • Almost provides too much power at times

4. Tecnifibre TFlash 270 CES

Technifibre is mostly focused on the advanced players out there, but there is always an opportunity for players starting to get something that works a little bit better for them. This is the exact option for that, as it comes in at just 10.2 ounces strung, with a 309 swingweight. This makes for a very comfortable and fast racquet for people to swing around when they learn the game.

The problem with many beginner racquets is that they do not have advanced material used on more expensive racquets. The result is a lackluster feel for people who are starting, and they might lose interest in the game. There is a lot of technology packed into this racquet, Which helps justify the pretty high price point for a beginner.

As soon as a person picks it up, they will notice that there is quite a bit of speed swinging this racquet around. Players who start to really advance can swing big and create a good amount of pace and spin. It has a big sweet spot, so the players can feel like they are really starting to progress without feeling too much pressure overall.

The progressive string pattern and the HD Fuse grip talked about with the other racquets are still there as well. This is great news for people starting out because they might not always hit the perfect shot every single time. When it does not feel that comfortable with a racquet, it can frustrate players.


  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Maneuverability


  • Expensive
  • Only for beginners

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