7 Best Tennis Racquets Under 100$

Tennis can feel like a very expensive sport to a lot of players out there. It is not the cheapest, but casual players do not have to spend a ton of money to get started necessarily.

In fact, some very solid tennis racquet options are under $100. Players wanting to get out there and still use a quality racquet should look at any of the options below and see what works for them.

1. Babolat Boost S

Babolat offers a Boost series of racquets that is great for beginner and intermediate players. It is designed to provide a good amount of power, as well as spin so the players can develop solid strokes.

The Boost S is arguably the best one available right now, and if it does not really feel too much different then a performance racquet out there.

What players noticed right away is that this is pretty light at 10.4 ounces. This allows for quite a bit of acceleration through the ball, which is essential for a lot of Babolat racquets in general.

The 102 in.² of head size is a little bigger than most player racquets on tour right now, but it still is not too big that it makes a major difference.

Overall, it is a racquet that is going to fit perfectly into a budget, even without having to wait for a specific sale.

Many people will eventually graduate to something a bit heavier and more rewarding for great shots, but this is never a bad first racquet for players trying to really get into the game. They do an outstanding job making the sport much more user-friendly without having to sacrifice much at all.


  • Very solid all-around racquet
  • Provides easy access to power
  • Comes pre-strung and ready to go


  • Might feel a little lightweight for some
  • Open string pattern leads to easy string breaks

2. Babolat Boost Drive

The second Babolat racquet to make this list has a lot of similarities to the one above, but some key differences might sway one for the other. This is a lot more friendly for beginners, as it has a slightly larger head size at 105 in.², and a lighter weight to it overall.

This makes it easier for players to start taking cuts at the ball and seeing results. It looks and performs a lot like the standard Babolat Pure Drive, but it is not as demanding as the top player option.

Despite it being more for beginners, this is still a racquet that performs at a high level with different strokes. Players can work on all aspects of the game without having to feel like they are compromising much at all.

It is designed to get players comfortable access to power, but not so much that it is completely overwhelming. There is still an opportunity to hit with spin as well, and control is not that much of an issue.

The one thing that some players will start to feel is a little bit of a negative is that the power at the net might be a little overwhelming once a player begins to become solid enough to take regular strokes.

It blocks the ball back and eats up a lot of balls like that, but it might be too much power without the precision to make an impact.


  • Large head size for beginners
  • Easy access to power
  • Very comfortable feel


  • Feels too lightweight for players who are experienced
  • Not the best of the net

3. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch 0S

Oversize racquets are not as popular as they used to be, but this Wilson Hyper Hammer is one of the exceptions. Coming in and 110 in.² and 27.5 inches, a player can get a lot of leverage on different balls while controlling all types of shots.

It might seem like something designed for beginners, but this is a players racquet that performs well in singles, but especially in doubles.

A lot of the feel of the hyper hammer 5.3 stretch OS is reminiscent of slightly older racquets. It allows for medium and full swings, giving people power with just the right amount of control.

What makes it such a great doubles racquet is that there is a lot of forgiveness at the net, allowing players to put balls away and get to ones that they might not usually reach.

The price of this racquet has lowered over the years, and now it is one of the best values under $100. Not everyone is going to be a fan of the large head size, but those who want to go bigger will not find a better option this inexpensive.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Added length for a better reach
  • Excellent at the net


  • Not designed for baseline players
  • Swing weight is very low

4. Head Graphene XT Speed MP

It is very hard to find a racquet as solid as this one for the price. Head has reintroduced this very popular modern racquet that feels like an option twice the price.

Designed for the modern player, it provides a good amount of speed and precision on each shot. The only difference is that it is a little lighter than most player sticks, but that might come in handy for people who want a faster new racquet.

Almost all the specifications make this look exactly like a player racquet at this point. It is 100 in.² and head size, 27 inches in length, 11.1 ounces strung, and a pretty solid swingweight at 320.

Players can use this as a great all-around racquet regardless of their playing style as well. It is going to hold up well and baseline rallies, but it can also work consistently at the net.

The biggest selling feature has to be the maneuverability of the racquet, as it offers a good balance that is hard to pass up.

If there is any negative, it is that it would be just a little bit better with some added weight. Some people will take matters into their own hands by adding lead tape to the racquet, but others will leave it as is.


  • Fits all type of playing styles
  • Easy access to power
  • Excellent maneuverability


  • Could be just slightly heavier
  • Loses a little bit of control at the net

5. Head MicroGEL Radical Midplus

It is very hard to find a solid racquet that is not only under 100 for price, but in head size as well. This is one of the exceptions, as the Radical Midplus is designed for advanced players, even if it seems priced for beginners.

It is not going to be that rewarding for those who are just starting, but players you can consistently hit the ball on the sweet spot will feel the reward as it is soft and precise in a lot of ways.

One of the first things people realize with this racquet is that it is very control-oriented. Not only does it have a smaller head size, but the string pattern is tight at 18 x 20.

This is welcomed for a lot of players, as they want to make sure they know where the ball is going at all times. It does require a player to create some of their power, but it is a trade-off many are fine working with.

At the net, this racquet requires even more skill from the player. It can be very rewarding in allowing players to put volleys where they want to, but there is not that much forgiveness if a player can’t consistently hit the sweet spot. It is without question a control and feel option, and many consider it a huge steal at its current price range.


  • Advanced racquet option for an affordable price
  • Very control-oriented
  • Soft feel off of string bed


  • Tough for beginners to use
  • Not much access to free power

6. Prince Phantom 100

The Prince Phantom 100 has been out for a while, and although it originally retailed for close to $200, it is regularly found under the $100 price range these days. That is great news for people who want a solid all-around racquet, as this is truly one of the best out right now.

Everything about the Phantom 100 is designed to help as many players as possible. It has the perfect head size at 100 in.² that works for advanced players as well as intermediate and even beginners.

The 11.6 ounces is heavy enough to provide great value for players who can take full cuts, but there is enough power available for players who need that extra assistance as well.

Comfort is a huge selling factor of this racquet, as it has a very muted feel as long as a player hits the ball in the sweet spot. Even though it is comfortable, a player still feels great feedback on shots wherever they hit the ball.

The string pattern is very open, which is going to be suitable for players who want to develop spin. It has a bit of a high swingweight that might be too much for beginners, but most people find a way to make it work.

This is a steal for a racquet at this point, and by far the best one available from Prince currently. Who knows how long it will stay around at this price, but with plenty still floating around, there may be a chance that Prince keeps this available for quite a while.


  • Solid all-around racquet many types of players can benefit from
  • Very comfortable hitting balls off of sweet spot
  • Excellent feedback


  • Not the best for big servers
  • Open string pattern leads to easy string breaks

7. Dunlop CX Team 265

Dunlop is not exactly known as a company that offers a lot of inexpensive options, but this racquet is the exception. It has the look and feel of a player performance racquet, but it is the perfect weight for players who might not be at the highest level just yet.

There is no doubt that this racquet is meant for effortless acceleration and quite a bit of free power. Players who are throwing out might need that added confidence to take their game to the next level. It is very easy to generate power, and a player can focus on the spin as well with an open string pattern.

A lot of technology is put into this Dunlop racquet, making it a steal compared to most of the options that are twice the price. In particular, the grommets kill a lot of vibration that can be uncomfortable. The surface of the racquet also cuts down on wind drag, which improves head speed when swinging.

Just make sure that the racquet is not too lightweight for a specific style of play. Coming in at 9.9 ounces in a swing weight of 297 can throw some people off.


  • Excellent access to power
  • Lightweight for younger players
  • Very comfortable racquet with reduced vibration


  • Too lightweight for some players
  • Can be pushed around at the net

Making The Final Decision

While all the racquets mentioned above are great options, there are one that stands out from the rest. It’s the Head Graphene XT Speed MP. I can’t think of a better racquet for the same price. It’s a very well-balanced racquet that got everything you need to succeed on court. Also, it’s conveniently available on Amazon. You can check the current price here.

Here is the full list of the best tennis racquets under 100$

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