7 Best Tennis Shorts

Having the right pair of shorts makes a difference in a sport like tennis. So many people find something they like, and stick with them in different colors.

What are the best tennis shorts out there currently? With different cuts and styles available, these are ones worth looking for.

1. Adidas Club

An affordable, durable pair of shorts is all that anyone can ask for when they are shopping around. That’s what Adidas provides with the Adidas Club tennis shorts. They come in a variety of colors, and they stay pretty dry thanks to moisture-wicking material.

The club shorts have been around for a while, and they seem to be great at fitting well for every single tennis player. They have a 9-inch inseam and stay in place when running around at all times. That might be a little long for players with longer legs, but it’s perfect for most.

For someone hoping for simplicity, the Adidas Club might just be the top choice. They aren’t trying to be anything too fancy, but they get the job done match after match.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Multiple base colors


  • Too simplistic for some

2. Adidas Ergo

A lot of people look at the Adidas Ergo shorts as a bit of a step up from the Club. They are slightly more expensive, and their unique weave makes them both lightweight and stretchy. That means very easy moving around, while also keeping as dry as possible by wicking away sweat.

The name of the Adidas fabric is Aeroready. It is not only lightweight, but has proven to be pretty durable as well. That’s exactly what players need when they are constantly putting their shorts through a lot of wear and tear.

Adidas decided to keep the look of the shorts pretty basic at this point. There are the traditional three stripes on the side, but other than that, most of the shorts are in solid colors. They might release some during the season the players are wearing that match up with the colors for that time of year.

With one of the deepest pockets out there, these nine-inch shorts are perfect for players during a match or practice. Being able to secure three balls in each pocket pretty easily is hard to find anywhere else.


  • Very lightweight materials
  • Multiple color choices
  • Does a great job of staying dry


  • A little more expensive than the Adidas Club
  • Color choices can be limited depending on the time of year

3. Fila Core

Fila has been a pretty dependable brand for tennis players looking for clothing that’s inexpensive and durable. These Fila Core shorts are the perfect example. Their logo pops in the right way, allowing them to be a bit more unique than everything else.

The stitching on these shorts looks much more premium than the price tag would suggest. They are very well constructed after years of studying tennis players and understanding their movements. The balls stay in place all the time, and match different types of other brands.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality construction


  • Solid base colors only
  • Not the easiest to find in retail stores

4. ASICS Centerline

The ASICS Centerline shorts have a bit of a two-tone approach with colors. Except for the white ones, each one has a solid color and some white trimming. This might not be a look for everyone, but it’s hard to argue with the price and the overall performance.

The shorts have side vents for extra breathability, and the inseam is 8 inches. That’s a happy medium for a lot of people who feel like the 9-inch inseam is too long, with the 7-inch being too short.

Having two different colors makes it a little more challenging to match with tops, but most find a way to figure it out. Available from many online retailers, these shorts are perfect for anyone who is an ASICS fan.


  • Easy to find online
  • Solid array of colors
  • 8-inch inseam is rare to find


  • Two-tone coloring is not for everyone
  • Colors vary in pricing

5. Nike Court

The simplicity of Nike Court tennis shorts makes it easy for people to invest in and match with just about any other outfit out there. As one of the leading brands in tennis, most people have at least a shirt or two that is made by Nike. Having matching shorts completes the outfit.

The shorts do all the basics that one can ask for. They are pretty durable, yet lightweight. They provide players with fairly deep pockets so the ball never falls out. The logo on the shorts is pretty minimal, so there’s no need to be frustrated with that.

Overall, players feel like they can stick with something pretty solid on the bottom, allowing for more freedom up top. The designs might not be that crazy with Nike Court, but they get the job done and hold up wash after wash.


  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Made of recycled polyester
  • Pockets are deep and solid


  • Simple color choices only
  • Nike always carries a bit of a higher price tag the most

6. Babolat Play

Babolat’s growth as a racquet company has allowed them to expand a bit as a company. Now, they are focused on bringing some clothing to the table. The Babolat Play shorts are fairly basic, but are becoming a favorite for many tennis players.

All of the colors are fairly basic, but they do have a different color for the waist. It adds a little bit of variety to the mix, without being too distracting. The waistband acts like it should, providing an easy-to-use drawstring with elastic to keep everything in place.

The 6-inch inseam on the Babolat Play shorts is a little bit different than what some players are used to. It’s great for those who might otherwise feel like shorts from different companies get in the way when they are moving around. Some players enjoy having as much space as possible above the knee, and this inseam provides that.

Simplicity with Babolat’s logo is good for those who don’t want to have everything stand out. Some people just don’t like the idea of having a logo plastered everywhere. Instead, these shorts will match fine with other brands when wearing a different top.


  • A wide variety of color choices
  • Subtle logo
  • Waistband works well


  • A little too thin for some
  • 6-inch inseam is shorter than most

7. Lacoste Novak

Any tennis shorts that are endorsed by a professional is going to cost a good amount of money. That’s the case with the Lacoste Novak shorts, but they are worth it to a lot of people who have been looking for shorts that fit them well.

Lacoste always provides some quality material for all their clothing. They certainly did not skimp on material with these. Buyers will have to pay a bit of a price, but the longevity of these shorts makes it a great vibe.

Breathability might be the biggest selling point for Lacoste with the shorts. They do a great job in the summer heat, working away sweat and still looking as good as new even after a player is entering their third hour of play. Not many shorts can stay that lightweight, but they found the magic to pull it off. 

There’s a Lacoste logo as well as a Novak logo on the shorts, which makes them a bit busy in the eyes of some. Fans of Djokovic won’t seem to care that much, but others might find it a little distracting. Other than that, the price tag is a factor. The cost is never cheap, and having a Novak symbol adds price to the mix as well.


  • Very comfortable
  • Premium feel
  • Comes with the Djokovic logo


  • Expensive
  • Too many logos

What To Consider When Shopping For Tennis Shorts

Like any pair of athletic shorts, athletes are looking for a combination of comfort and performance. Tennis is played in very warm conditions, and there’s a lot of sweating that goes on. A good pair of shorts will be able to handle all weather conditions.

Some form of polyester seems to be the go-to material these days. Every company has a slightly different take on polyester, but it does the best job of providing comfort, staying lightweight, and performing as it should.

Length is also important for players since they are moving around so much. Some players have a preference for longer shorts, while others want to be as short as they can. There’s no right or wrong answer for this, as it mostly just goes with the current trends.

Pockets Are a Must

Finally, pockets are important for players. It’s one of the reasons why using other athletic shorts instead of tennis shorts might not be the smartest idea. Casual shorts with pockets might not be deep enough to do what they’re supposed to do in holding a tennis ball securely.

Remember that not only do tennis balls need to fit, but they need to stay in place when running around. If a player serves their first ball, they will likely have another ball in their pocket while the point is going on.

All in all, tennis shorts are an important part of the overall look people are going for on the court. They need to perform well, look good, and get the job done. Out of the seven above, there are all sorts of choices for people to pick from.

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