Babolat RPM Blast – Review

There are a lot of polyester strings out there, but RPM Blast is one that just about every tennis player knows by name. Players of all skill levels now use the string that became very well known when Rafael Nadal started using it in his racquet about a decade ago.

It is a polyester that is mostly focused on providing some of the best spin in the world, but it can also help them modern player in many different ways.

How does it stack up against other options out there? This is a closer look at the string and how it performs for players.


RPM Blast is pretty low-powered, which is going to be perfect for players who swing pretty big. As long as a person can generate their own power, they will like that the ball will not jump off the strings too crazily. A lot can be dictated by what tension a person goes with, but power is there when hitting the sweet spot.

RPM Blast is not designed to be a string that can help beginners too much, as they probably need a little bit more free power to feel comfortable. This is where players need to either learn to speed up their own strokes or rely on something more tailored for slower swings.

Spin 9.4/10

This is one area where RPM Blast is near the top in every way. In fact, many believe that RPM Blast is the best string for spin on the market today. A lot of companies have tried to match what they have been able to provide, but its unique shape adds a little bit more grip when the ball makes contact with the strings.

It is true that the shape of the string, which is much like a gear, can add some texture that really helps with spin. Those who hit a heavy ball with a good amount of spin can see how much they can put on the ball. Some added action will keep more balls in, allowing for a more modern style of play.

It might seem like it would be difficult to adjust to for beginners, but most people are looking for a little more spin if they play that style. The string grabs the ball very well, and it works on all types of spin as well. Players will notice a difference with their serve, forehands, backhands, and more.


Other than spin, a major selling point for RPM Blast is its overall control. Players who play a modern style of game will really feel like they have control with every single shot they have.

Being able to hit with a combination of power and control is something every tennis player is looking for, and getting that firm response with every shot is perfect for that.

Once a player gets more and more used to how RPM Blast performs, they can start taking more risks and hit through shots with relative ease. It does a great job in all types of racquets, and helps to enhance control with any kind of setup. Players who already hit hard and hope to increase control will notice a true benefit with RPM Blast.

Comfort 8.3/10

RPM Blast feels a little rough and firm for players who are not that used to polyester. With that said, compared strictly to polyesters, RPM Blast falls in the middle of the road. It will be pretty comfortable to hit balls from all parts of the court, and most do not have any problems with their arm at any point.

Some might run into the only real comfort issue when they are overhitting a bit, trying to put the ball where they want to. Since it is a low-powered string, players might be trying to swing harder than they usually do. It is not so much the string that is causing the comfort issues, but the style of the stroke.

Once a person gets used to how RPM Blast performs, it can feel very comfortable compared to other polyesters. Instead of having a lot of pain in the arm, balls are consistent with the right amount of dampening with each shot.

If the strings feels a little too stiff, think about dropping the tension the next time. Polyesters, in general, can go down in tension a little bit more than other string options.

Playability & Durability

RPM Blast, unfortunately, suffers from the same fate as a lot of polyesters out there. Although it is extremely durable, it can start to lose its tension fairly quickly for players who hit hard shots. Some players will be very frustrated with this, while others will learn to adapt and still get plenty of use out of the racquet as the tension drops.

Another thing to keep in mind is that RPM Blast does notch a little bit faster than some of the other polyesters. This is where the texture of the string works negatively. Since the two strings are rubbing against each other with every shot, they can start to notch a little bit faster than a smoother polyester. Some people use string savers to save this, while others will just live with the downfall.

For the price, it is a little bit frustrating to have some durability issues like this. The good news is that these strings are otherwise very hard to break, especially when using 15 gauge or 16 gauge. Playability might alter a little bit, but that is the same type of issue that anyone will run into if they are using a polyester.

Final Recommendations

RPM Blast comes with a higher price tag, and it keeps a lot of people from using it regularly. A lot of companies have tried to mimic what they bring to the table, but there is nothing quite like the performance of RPM Blast in general.

Many top players think it is worth the money, and it is one of the best all around polyester options on the market right now. Modern players will get the most benefit from RPM Blast, but it is a string that can be tailored to just about any type of player.

Remember that it is not meant for slow swings, and most players will be satisfied overall with how it performs.

There are a few variations of RPM Blast to take a look at as well, ranging from the cheaper Team option to the grippier Rough. All the RPM Blast options will excel with providing outstanding spin and control compared to other polyesters out there. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

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