5 Best Babolat Tennis Strings

While Babolat has an extensive list of popular racquets, many people forget that they have been developing tennis strings for a lot longer. That’s how they originally made their name, and they continue to provide some great options for people who play different styles out there.

When looking at the best of the best, it might be difficult at first to sift through all the different Babolat options. They offer strings that are great for any type of player but pick the wrong one, and play won’t be as strong. It breaks down to about 50% of the racquet, and 50% of the string as far as playability is concerned.

Below is a list of the five best Babolat tennis strings right now, there will be something for everyone. These tennis strings can make a pretty big difference in performance. Babolat is mostly known for its polyester strings, but they offer a few other options that have turned into great sellers.

1. Babolat RPM Blast

It’s hard to pick one string that will work for a good majority of players, but Babolat is known for being at the forefront of string technology. For that reason, RPM Blast gets the nod as the best overall string they currently produce. The spin that RPM Blast can produce is second to none, and they have made polyester playable for many different types of players as well.

There are always going to be some people who are strong against polyester, but there are enough variations of RPM Blast that someone might find a solution for them that makes sense. It’s worth it for any person to at least try this type of string in a demo at least before making a decision. Some people are very resistant to polyester, but once they try it out, they can’t go back.

Since RPM Blast is so popular, there are different versions of the string for people to choose from. This allows a player to increase their power potential, the opportunity for spin and control without any additional altercations. You can read our full review of the RPM Blast in this post.


  • The best overall string Babolat offers
  • A perfect blend of durability and playability
  • Available in multiple gauges, colors and more for a customized look


  • Some players can’t adjust to the stiffness of poly strings
  • Notches quickly for players who hit hard and with spin

2. Babolat VS Natural Gut

For a perfect blend of comfort and power, Babolat VS Natural Gut is a very strong solution. After just hitting a few balls with this type of string, it helps people who might otherwise have arm problems. The best part is, a person doesn’t have to sacrifice power. The natural gut has as much power as anyone.

Not only is this the best string for playability from Babolat, but it is one of the best out of all the different brands out there. It does a great job of holding tension and being pretty durable overall. It’s going to be on the more expensive side, but some players swear by it completely. They simply can’t play with anything else, and it helps them get to another level as a player.


  • Outstanding all-around playability string
  • Holds tension very well
  • Easy on the arm


  • Expensive (like every natural gut)
  • Doesn’t have great spin potential

3. Babolat Xcel String

Since some people won’t be able to afford a natural gut string, multifilament is a nice alternative. This string is made of thousands of fibers and bundled together, it acts a lot like natural gut. It does break fairly easily, but multifilament is a great solution for people who don’t want to break the bank on strings.

The Babolat Xcel String is really great as a multifilament. Many people are blown away with just how much control they have with the racquet, and how it mimics natural gut in so many ways. Since it is more than 50% cheaper than natural gut in most cases, it’s a great option as well.


  • Excellent playability
  • Outstanding value (stacks up well against more expensive options)
  • Easy to control all shots


  • Not very durable
  • Limited spin potential

4. Babolat RPM Team

Polyester strings are not for everyone, but to have control, a racquet usually needs to be firm and fairly low-powered. It feels very stiff, especially after getting re-strung, but players can take huge swings at the ball without feeling like it isn’t going where they want it to.

Babolat is known quite a bit for its polyester strings, but the best blend of control and affordability is the RPM Team String. It’s a little less expensive than some of the other RPM models, but offers just the right amount of control that a person feels like they are putting the ball where they want it.


  • Outstanding control
  • Affordable
  • More arm-friendly than standard RPM Blast


  • Too stiff for some players
  • Lacks the same punch as standard RPM Blast

5. Babolat RPM Blast Rough

With Rafael Nadal being one of the faces of the company, it should come as no surprise that they have quite a few strings that are built for spin that matches up with the modern game. RPM Blast made a name for itself as the premier polyester string built for spin. It has a textured surface that gives some extra grip on the ball, and with the right swing, a person can get a ton of rotations per minute on each ball.

Stepping things up a notch, RPM Blast Rough is a spinnier version of RPM Blast. It’s a little bit softer than the standard version, which means a person’s arm is going to feel a bit healthier as well.

There are different gauges as far as the string is concerned, ranging from 15 to 17. Those who break a lot of strings might want to go with 15 or 16, while 17 is going to provide a slightly thinner string for extra playability and comfort. Some people also believe that a thinner gauge will provide just a tiny bit more of a span potential.


  • The most spin-friendly string available
  • Excellent control
  • Looks and feels premium


  • Not that arm friendly for first-time users

Are Babolat Strings The Right Choice For Me?

Anyone who enjoys playing a modern type of game with polyester strings should have Babolat at the top of their list. That is what they are known for, and their top pro players with the company use polyester as well.

Outside of polyester, some other companies provide some great choices as well. They have more competition, although they hold their own against any company.

Babolat tends to be on the slightly higher side from a price perspective, so if a particular string is a favorite, think about buying a reel of string instead of an individual pack. This will save a decent amount of money in the long run.

All five strings above are great in their own right, so play around with the different options and see which one feels best. Most people only need to try 2-3 different strings before they find something they like to play with. 

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