4 Best Yonex Tennis Strings

Yonex’s reputation in the tennis industry has been strong for decades. While most people might instantly think of them as racquet developers only, they also are pretty well-known for putting out quality strings.

What are the four best Yonex strings on the market right now? No matter what type of style of play a person has, these options are worthy of an investment. They are four of their highest-performing sets of string for all players, and all budgets.

1. Yonex Polytour Rev

The Yonex Polytour Rev is one of the newest strings, and many people love how it plays so far. Not only do people like the amount of control that they get from this polyester on specific shots, but people can swing hard and not worry about the ball sailing on them much at all.

It has an extra bit of grip on the ball thanks to the eight-sided string, which generates a ton of spin as well. One of the great things about the Polytour Rev is that it’s one of my durable polyesters on the market right now.

Often, people need to sacrifice durability to get some comfort, but there is a good amount of both with this option. It’s a bit on the expensive side, like a lot of polyesters out there, but if people have had arm problems in the past, this might be a solution without giving up polyester.


  • Great overall control on shots
  • Arm-friendly for a polyester
  • Excellent grip for free spin


  • Expensive
  • Might not perform well for lower-level players

2. Yonex Polytour Strike

The Yonex Polytour Strike is great for people who want a good amount of durability overall. Available in 16 and 17 gauge, it’s meant to add a little bit of power while also providing plenty of control. When strung at a weight that people are comfortable with, it can be a very impressive tool for any type of racquet out there.

What a lot of people are looking for with a polyester string is the ability to take full swings at the ball and not feel like they are limited at all. Not only will players be able to maximize their strokes, but they can generate some extra pace as well spin.

The string has a little bit of smoothness to it that won’t create a ton of spin like other options out there, but it still performs well for all types of players. Those who hit flatter shots overall might feel like this is perfect for them and can control everything they want to do on the court.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to take forehands
  • Solid control


  • Round shape does not give as much spin as other options out there
  • A bit expensive compared to similar polyesters from other brands

3. Yonex Super Tour 850

Not everyone is using a polyester string these days, despite what some people might think. For those who still really enjoy a multifilament to play with, it doesn’t get much better than the Yonex Super Tour 850.

It is an extremely soft multifilament string that provides outstanding comfort and great overall response in general. Those who like to string their racquet very tight could finally have the comfort that they are looking for, instead of feeling like it is rough playing with the racquet every single time.

For a multifilament, this is also a pretty durable string as well. It’s obviously not going to be as durable as a polyester, but people who use it in a hybrid setup might feel like they get pretty similar playability out of it.

Yonex knows this is a pretty popular string for all different types of players, so they offer it in plenty of colors. It’s one of the most popular out there right now for multifilament players, and is priced pretty affordably considering it’s on the upper end of quality.

Anyone who has a racquet that feels way too stiff right now should consider giving these strings a try. Mess around with weight a little bit, and chances are there will be some type of setup that makes sense.


  • Extremely soft
  • Provides great comfort at all weights
  • Durable for a multifilament


  • Heavy spin players will feel limited
  • Frays a little too easily when hitting hard

4. Yonex Dynawire

The final string to make this list is Dynawire, which is one of the best values for any type of tennis player who enjoys playing with a nylon monofilament. It’s an all-around string that has a very nice response to it off of the string bed.

They make Dynawire with a core that is surrounded by a very thin film of metal that provides a bit more power. The string snaps back well and provides great playability for players at all levels.

The one drawback to Dynawire is that it doesn’t do too well as far as durability is concerned. People who break a lot of strings already will find that these will start to break pretty easily. For those who don’t necessarily break strings that often, they can probably benefit from this.


  • Very affordable
  • More powerful than similar options from other companies
  • A great all-around string


  • Durability isn’t the greatest for people who break strings a lot
  • Doesn’t provide a ton of spin for more modern players

A Final Look At Yonex Strings

Even if a person doesn’t use a Yonex racquet, strings from the company have always been very well received. They have options for all types of players, and they even sell hybrid setups so people can save money there.

The prices are on par with many of the other companies out there, but they offer some budget-friendly solutions so that no one feels like they can’t afford a new set of strings.

They should be on the shortlist for anyone looking for a string setup that will maximize play. As for what type of string is best for a player, that largely depends on the style of play and budget. The company currently does not offer a natural gut, but they do sell all other major string variations. Hybrid setups work with two types of Yonex string, or in combination with another type of string from a different company.

When a person finally decides on a string the first and best, there is always the option of going with a reel instead of buying just one set of strings each time. It’s usually a bit easier to save money when buying by the reel, and that savings starts to add up the more a person actually switches out their string.

What tennis strings we recommend from other brands:

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