6 Best Wilson Tennis Strings

It’s been a great run for Wilson as one of the top tennis manufacturers in the world. With top players endorsing their brand for decades, they have been at the forefront of new technology for a while.

With strings, Wilson offers just about anything a person could ask for. They aren’t the most well-known company for strings, but a lot of that has to do with their relationship with Luxilon. Still, Wilson puts out their versions of some dependable strings. Let’s take a closer look at the five best they have right now.

1. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

  • Best inexpensive Wilson tennis string

Some tennis players might laugh at extremely cheap string options out there, but Wilson has perhaps the best inexpensive string on the market right now. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a synthetic gut that has a good amount of pop to it. This is great for beginners because it is so arm-friendly, but even seasoned players like the feel.

When hitting with any type of racquet, it has great comfort for all-around players. It’s not going to be the best at anything in particular, but it handles different types of shots well.

It’s so cheap that people will try it out and just see how things go at first. If it is something that seems like a genuine solution, there is always the chance of sticking with it for the long term.


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Easy on the arm


  • Breaks a little too easily
  • Doesn’t do anything unbelievably well

2. Wilson NXT

  • Best multifilament Wilson string

As an alternative to a pricey natural gut, many people look for a string that has great playability without costing a ton of money. Wilson NXT might be the best multifilament out there across all brands. It has been a bestseller for them for years now, and people love the blend of power, comfort, and feel. It is perhaps the best as far as comfort is concerned, keeping the arm healthy and in genuine good shape.

The only negative with Wilson NXT is that durability is not the greatest. That’s the case with any multifilament, and NXT does a better job than most, but it is still tough to not need restringing after a few hours of hard play.


  • Best overall synthetic string on the market
  • Limits vibration
  • Helps people avoid, and bounce back, from arm issues


  • Breaks a little too easily
  • Cheaper alternatives are closing the gap

3. Wilson Champion’s Choice Hybrid

  • Best overall Wilson string

Wilson is one of the few companies that sell hybrid strings that are ready to go for players. With a blend of natural gut and Luxilon ALU power rough, a player gets the best of both worlds. This makes the string last quite a bit longer, but the playability of natural gut is still there.

Yes, it is expensive, but mostly it has a great value compared to 100% natural gut. It’s going to be a little stiffer with the polyester strings included, but players can use that to their advantage to gain more spin and control.

A lot of professionals use this type of string, and it’s getting to the price point where recreational players use it as well. It does tend to get expensive, but players who try it simply can’t get enough of it.


  • Provides the best qualities of natural gut and polyester
  • Combines Wilson and Luxilon technology
  • Longest lasting hybrid option on the market


  • Too expensive for a lot of players
  • Notching with the polyester happens quickly

4. Wilson Natural Gut

  • Best Wilson natural gut string

The company has made a few changes to its natural gut string over the last couple of years, which has increased its durability. It’s a little firmer as well, but still, something that provides great comfort overall.

Made from top-quality beef serosa, it is often recommended to people who are having arm troubles. It helps to justify the cost a bit, as paying more for strings could prevent a major arm issue down the road.

On tour, there are quite a few players who use natural gut from Wilson over the other brands. A lot of that has to do with quality control, as they use superior materials to most other companies. They also have outstanding name recognition, as well as 16 gauge and 17 gauge depending on what a player prefers.


  • Increased durability
  • Very arm-friendly
  • Made of premium materials


  • Expensive
  • Tough to create easy spin

5. Wilson Revolve Twist

  • Best Wilson polyester string

Truth be told, Wilson is not particularly known for their polyester string. Most of what they offer is a bit on the cheaper side, but they leave the expensive versions up to Luxilon.

They have recently released a pretty popular polyester that is very impressive with spin, control, and durability. The Wilson Revolve Twist is truly designed for a modern player with modern strokes, and in the right hands, it produces a ton of spin.

It’s a bit more comfortable than the average polyester, and the way the string is twisted gives it some unique ridges. Since it is such a new string, a lot of people in tennis have not given it a try just yet. It’s cheap enough to sample at least once, and it could be a good solution for different levels of players.


  • Wilson isn’t huge into polyester strings in general
  • Notches easily


  • Inexpensive for a polyester
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Ridges provide ample spin

6. Wilson Sensation

  • Best multifilament string from Wilson for people on a budget

For about half the price of Wilson NXT is Wilson Sensation. Available in many gauges and other slight variations, it’s one of the best values in string right now. Providing great feel and playability, players are very happy with the lack of vibration throughout the racquet when making shots.

Some synthetic guts can get pretty stiff, but sensation has a great way of staying pretty soft throughout its play. Most players who compare sensation and NXT to each other don’t notice that much of a difference. That makes the cheaper option perfect, especially for people who might be still learning the game. They feel so similar that a lot of players will bounce around between one and the other, and their game won’t sacrifice much at all.


  • High quality for the price
  • Excellent playability
  • Softer than most synthetic guts


  • Not recommended for high-level players
  • The thinner gauges break too easily

The Beauty Of Wilson Tennis String

Wilson tennis strings might not be the flashiest, but they have provided some great options for different types of players. They have remained one of the most affordable options as well, which is great for players who might break their strings fairly frequently. Having to pay for restringing can add up in a hurry, but a necessary thing for a lot of players. At least with Wilson, most people can save a little bit of money along the way.

The good news for Wilson racquet owners is that, if they want to stick with Wilson strings, they can. If they want to go with a different company, especially one that focuses a lot on polyesters, Luxilon is perfect. Between the two companies, they offer more variety than any other company.

The focus the last couple of years has been on playability and comfort with every racquet release from Wilson. It should come as no surprise that a lot of their strings are also extremely comfortable. So many people have fallen in love with stiff racquets and polyesters, that arm troubles are becoming more and more prevalent. For a general softer setup, Wilson strings are about as good as it gets.

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