6 Best Tennis Racquets For Doubles

The game of tennis is played at the highest level as mostly a one-on-one competition. Doubles never get a ton of attention on television or in the media, but it is still a popular way to play the game.

In fact, as people begin to age, more and more doubles end up being played. Not only is it easier to cover the court with a partner, but it’s a more sociable sport in general. It can get pretty lonely playing singles all the time.

To excel in doubles, the right racquet is needed. Not only do doubles players look for a very steady racquet, but they certainly want to make sure that they have something that can handle volleys very well.

Below is a look at six of the best tennis racquets for doubles right now. Since most racquets are going to be roughly the same amount of money, finding the right racquet comes down to what works for each individual.

Most people have a brand preference, so the six racquets are the best of the best from the major brands. Remember that this article is geared towards doubles players, so there might be better racquets for singles out there.

1. Babolat Pure Drive

The first thing people notice about the Babolat Pure drive is that it is one of the most powerful racquets on the market. It helps a lot with power strokes from all positions on the court, and also with the server.

Topspin is another thing that is very easy to develop with this racquet. It has a large sweet spot, and the ball stays on the strings for the right amount of time to give the ball that extra bite.

Volleys are very important in doubles, and the head size is forgiving enough that a person doesn’t even have to hit the sweet spot to redirect the ball. It’s a great way to block the ball and still put a little bit of pace on it so that it does not end up being an easy winner for the opponent.

If there is one negative for the Babolat Pure drive, it is the fact that the overall feel takes a little bit of getting used to. Some people like the softer feel of the racquet, as it put less stress on their elbow and just makes playing a little more comfortable. Others want to have just a little bit more feel in touch so they know exactly where they’re putting the ball.

This racquet translates very well to singles, but it shines in doubles as well. Babolat makes a few racquets that play similarly in a lot of ways, such as the Pure Aero and even the Pure Strike. However, it is the Pure Drive that gets the edge for doubles players. You can read our full review in this post.


  • One of the best racquets for spin
  • Helps with powerful, consistent serves
  • Huge, forgiving sweet spot.


  • A little stiff/uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t help finesse players much

2. Prince Textreme Warrior 100

Prince has been tinkering with the warrior 100 for a few years now, and what makes it so popular is the fact that it has a lot of speed and precision packed into one lightweight racquet. They were able to keep everything working just like people like with the prince text dream warrior 100, and it has turned into one of the best sellers.

What people really like about this racquet in doubles is that it is extremely lightweight to maneuver when a player is short on time. It weighs just 11.1 ounces, and it has a six-point headlight balance. Even intermediate players are going to find that they can put a lot more pace on the ball while also adding some spin.

How is spin developed? A lot of it comes down to the open string pattern of 16 x 18. That also helps keep the racquet comfortable, and even adds some power.

There are not a lot of negatives when looking at the Textreme Warrior 100, but it does lack a little stability compared to other racquets. This is a racquet that focuses more on speed than anything, so those moving from a heavier racquet might need to adjust a little bit before really getting the most out of what I provide.

Overall, a lot of players love this as a doubles racquet. There is a reason why it continues to be in high demand.


  • Plays heavy enough for power shots
  • Great stability
  • Controllable power


  • Open string pattern isn’t for everyone
  • Not that much free power

3. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail

No company has quite the same options as Wilson. It seems like they are always coming out with new racquet technology, and some of their most recent releases have been pretty popular.

For a double racquet, the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is the best Wilson option currently. That isn’t to say the Wilson Clash, or the Wilson Blade 98 V7, are not solid options. Wilson makes a few that are great, but this is an all-around racquet that plays well and fits so many different play styles.

A lot of people who play singles like the fact that the Ultra 100 is very solid for powerful baseliners. Most people playing doubles won’t be playing too much from the baseline, but it allows a person to develop hard shots from tough angles to put the pressure back on the opposition.

When moving up towards the net, a lot of great racquets for groundstrokes struggle with volleys. The Wilson Ultra does a very good job of not letting that be the case. It is a very stiff racquet that helps with blocking power, but it is still comfortable to use for people who might struggle a little bit with elbow issues.

It really makes for a very versatile racquet that provides the power to hit deep volleys, while still offering enough control to stay on top of everything.

The Wilson Ultra 100 is good enough for any type of player, and it’s a very underrated weapon that doesn’t get talked about enough in tennis circles. Need it customized? Wilson offers several options in the ultra family for anyone who needs a slightly different stick to work with.


  • Easy power on all shots
  • Great for volleys
  • Spin potential is there


  • Not the most stable racquet

4. Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP

The 360 version is an upgraded model of the standard, offering a little bit more power and spin for players. It is another racquet that is 100 square inches in head size, and with a low string weight and swingweight, it’s good for intermediate players and advanced doubles players.

Head has been able to develop a series of racquets that offer some of the crispest play, regardless of the shot that is hit. Free power is something a lot of doubles players need, because they are going to be taking the same type of fast strokes as they would if they were playing singles.

What makes this a perfect doubles racquet is that it does so well with moving towards the net. It’s very easy to maneuver, and there is enough control for people to hit the ball hard and finish off points.

Serving is a bit tough to figure out with control in the very beginning stages, but the good news is that it gets better with time. Once a person really gets used to the stick, there is the ability to hit with a lot of paces without missing anything.

The new technology is meant to offer more power and spin, but some players might not need that added assistance. That is why the old model is still available, And there are others in the Head Extreme line to look at as well. Add a little bit of extra weight for more pace, or lighten up the racquet to make swinging a little easier on the arm and body.


  • Very easy power
  • One of best racquets for top spin
  • Easy to add depth to shots


  • Control is lacking a bit
  • Maneuverability could be better

5. Yonex EZONE 100

The EZone 100 from Yonex is known for playability, and this racquet is the perfect option for players wanting as much maneuverability as possible. This racquet is perfect for anyone who wants to be as confident as possible at the net. It also does very well from the baseline, but what makes it a great doubles option is the overall versatility.

Available in a heavy, standard, and light model, Yonex has created one of the largest sweet spots on a racquet in this head side. It is all thanks to their signature Isometric Head Shape, which a lot of people either love or hate from the company.

This is a pretty stiff racquet overall, which not everyone is going to be crazy about. It does very well at the net because of this, providing a very firm and crisp feel with every volley.

Serving allows a player to get quite a bit of power and span on each bar, which is always nice to work with. In fact, like a lot of racquets talked about in this article, this racquet is perfect for singles players looking for more spin and deep shots in singles for the baseline.

A lot of the racquets from Yonex tend to be on the smaller side when looking at head size. Just a few extra square inches makes a huge difference in allowing this racquet to really shine in doubles. ‘

Don’t worry about the slightly different shape of the racquet compared to competitors. At the end of the day, it plays pretty much the exact same way. You can read our full review in this post.


  • Easy power
  • Handles volleys well with large sweet spot
  • Spin friendly


  • Lacks quality feel on some shots
  • Control isn’t the best

6. Volkl V-Sense 10

Volkl isn’t a brand that is found that often on the pro tour, but they have made dependable racquets for a few years now. Out of all the ones they offer, the Volkl V-Sense 10 is the best for doubles action. Even though it has a head size smaller than 100 square inches, it still has a very large sweet spot that doubles players will love.

The first thing people notice when they swing a Volkl racquet is that it has a very muted feel to it. The Super Grommet System used by the company allows the string to soak up a lot of the extra shock so that people don’t feel too much pain when swinging.

There isn’t as much power with this racquet compared to some of the others, but it is more of a classic feel and precision-based doubles racquet for people to try out. Those moving from a different racquet need to have an open mind about the way it plays because there is a learning curve someone needs to focus on.

If a player is hitting the ball out consistently, moving to a control racquet is the way to go. Sometimes, doubles are about placing the ball in the right direction, not necessarily trying to blow up on and off the court.

The company offers its V-Sense series in many different sizes, weights, and more. If the standard model does not feel that well, there is always an opportunity to continue searching and see what works.


  • Great touch on volleys
  • Outstanding control
  • Comfortable


  • Not a particularly stable racquet
  • Players need to generate their own power

Final Thoughts On Doubles Racquets

Roughly half of the pro tour uses a racquet that still has a head size below 100 square inches. However, for recreational players, this is not recommended any longer. Players hit with too much pace and take full swings too often to get away with such a small sweet spot. That becomes even more of an issue in doubles.

Those people who are not opposed to using any brand should really try out as many of these as possible. Demoing a new racquet and hearing specific strokes is the easiest way to start learning about play styles. The best way to demo racquets is to try to find a local store that offers the service. Maybe they charge a small fee, or they do it for completely free. After demoing, look online for the best prices with any racquet.

Here is the full list of the best tennis racquets for doubles

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