Prince Phantom 100 – Review

The Prince Phantom 100 has been one of the most popular racquets on the market for the last several years. It has a classic look and feel, but it is built for a modern game that players rely on more and more.

With a focus on comfort, maneuverability, and providing more spin opportunities than ever before, a lot of players love what it brings to the table.

How does it actually play? Below is a better look at the main aspects of the racquet, and exactly what type of player it is designed for.

Before going into the review, here are our overall ratings of the Prince Phantom 100.


This racquet does an excellent job on the ground, as players can hit fast, spin-friendly shots on a regular basis. It has an excellent sweet spot for players who want to have a good amount of wiggle room to work with. Once players start to get used to the racquet in general, they can dial things in and have a good amount of control as well.

What the Prince Phantom 100 does even though it is a 100 in. ² racquet is it plays a little bit differently than some others out there. The weight distribution is a little bit different, and the feel takes some getting used to as well. With a 16×18 string pattern, it is a pretty open option for those who want to hit a good amount of spin.

There is also some free power on the ground with a string pattern like that. Keep in mind that the one drawback to such an open string pattern is that a lot of people are going to break strings more often.


Much like groundstrokes, volleys are a strong part of this racquet. It has a good sweet spot that will help correct the mistakes, but maneuverability is one of the best on the market right now. The racquet never feels like it is slow when moving it around and getting in the right position. This is always a huge benefit for players who come into the net regularly.

Control is the first thing that players want more of when they are hitting volleys. They will be able to put the ball wherever they want, and the strings stay on the ball for a little bit longer, thanks to the flex in the racquet. It is perfect for those who play a lot of doubles, or serve and volley on a regular basis.

Make sure to play around with different strings a little bit and find something that works best for each type of player. The racquet can only do so much, as a person also needs to get a string that works for them best.

Volleying can be very fun, and this racquet’s response will give a lot of players confidence at the net in any situation. With so many players staying near the baseline the majority of the match, switching things up with some confident approaches is good.


Hitting balls off of the serve is pretty good with this racquet, for much the same reasons that groundstrokes and volleys are strong as well. Players will have great control when they are returning the ball, which allows them to hit with confidence. It is light enough that players can swing aggressively on balls, and they still feel like they can hit the ball in.

If there is one complaint, those who like a heavier racquet might not feel like they can hit the same type of shot they are used to. Players going up against very hard hitters might find it as a racquet that does not have enough weight behind it to keep up. There are ways to combat that, with some strategic lead tape put on the racquet’s frame to get things feeling a little stronger.

The best way to test this racquet is to stay in the same position to return shots as normal. Play around with returns, and see what type of touch it provides. From blocking hard serves to taking full cuts at some of the ones that sit, it is definitely a racquet that helps quite a bit with returns. Those who have struggled in the past will find it an above-average choice in the 100 in. ² racquet range.


If there is a little bit of a negative with this racquet, it is the fact that the serve takes a little bit of getting used to. It is not that easy to crank out hard serves on a regular basis, but once a player gets used to it, they can start to get a little bit more feel and confidence with the first shot of a point every single time.

After playing around with it for a while, players will notice that they just do not get that same type of power they might with other racquets.

Maybe some of that comes down to the racquet’s weight distribution, and also the fact that it does not have that same pop that a lot of racquets in this same type of section of racquets has. Changing up string and string tension can help a little bit, but still, many playtesters agree that the power is lacking.

Spin on second serves is pretty good, so most are not going to have that much problem hitting those consistently. It is just not a racquet designed for people who rely on a big first serve regularly to win points.

They might find a lot of benefits using this racquet with other shots, but without a powerful first serve, it is going to be tough to play a normal game of getting some free points off a serve throughout the match. With so much speed in the game today, extra power could make the difference in a match.

Racquet Specs

Prince Phantom 100Specs
Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight (strung)11.6 oz / 329g
Balance7pts Head Light
String Pattern16×18

Final Thoughts On The Prince Phantom 100

There is a lot to like about the Prince Phantom 100. It has excellent control, comfort, and spin off the ground, allowing those with fast swings to really take their game up to another level. It is pretty flexible on all parts of the court, which is perfect for that extra bit of touch to put away points as well.

However, the lack of power on the first serve is going to be very frustrating for some players. The muted response can be perfect in many instances, but it might be a little too much for those used to something different.

Players might not feel like they are getting as many opportunities to put balls away for winners with a little less amount of added power. Players constantly overhitting might actually see it as a positive, but most will view it as a knock.

It is definitely a racquet worth testing out, and is one of the best Prince has at this point. Even if it ends up not being a perfect choice for every individual out there, it is a pretty well-rounded option that could steer someone in the right direction with something else.

Players who might be a little older and used to the classic look and feel of racquets before technology really took off could find many benefits using this racquet. In a lot of ways, it has that feel of racquets from decades ago, with modern help along the way. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

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