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With new, young players like Nick Kyrgios and Naomi Osaka representing the Yonex EZONE, it has quickly turned into one of the most popular options out there for racquets. Yonex markets the racquet as providing great feel and power that is easy to control, but with a few different versions, players can get the exact type of setup they are looking for.

How does the racquet feel when playing with it consistently? This is a look at how the Yonex EZONE performs after giving it a try for quite a while. While most other reviews focus on the standard option only, there are plenty of similarities throughout the line that intrigue people. All types of players can find an EZONE racquet that fits how they play the game.

Before going into the review, here are our overall ratings.

First Impressions

This racquet feels like a very user-friendly option as soon as it picked up. The weight distribution is nice, and the layout is unique in a good way. There is that signature head shape of a Yonex racquet, but it is designed to improve the sweet spot area.

That is good news for players who want to take big cuts, because it can be very enticing and rewarding to do precisely that.

Even with the first few shots warming up, it is clear that it has excellent playability. The standard version might be a little lighter than some of the other options out there, especially when comparing swingweight, but it does a pretty good job of holding its own against big hitters.


Out of all the strokes, it feels the best on the ground. It is pretty easy to find success when hitting groundstrokes with the Yonex EZONE, as there is pretty easy power that is also controllable on the forehand and the backhand.

They are very easy to swing, and the customization options are nearly endless. Players can get the exact type of feel they are looking for with every single racquet they pick up, which helps to take the game to another level.

With this newest version, it is a bit plusher on contact. People who hit groundstrokes with a lot of pace will notice that their entire setup feels very comfortable overall. They no longer have to worry about not understanding whether they hit a great shot, because it will feel perfect when they pull something great off.


People who enjoy precision racquets will love the performance models of the Yonex EZONE. A player can put the ball wherever they want it, and it has some solid power for players to pick up a few aces here and there.

The best thing about the power is it is very controllable, so players never feel like they are mindlessly hitting balls hard and having no control over where they go.

Many people are surprised that the Yonex EZONE line serves well no matter what type of weight the racquet has. Most people feel like they can get a little more power and precision with a heavy racquet, but even the lighter frames do a good job of giving people plenty of options to serve the ball where they want.

Finally, the open string pattern generates a good amount of spin and slice on the second serve. This is good for those looking to junk up the game a little bit and create some opportunities for themselves in various ways.

With a decent amount of free power to always count on, the Yonex EZONE is worthy of a demo just on the serving alone. Not everyone will be an instant believer, but the vast majority of people will figure it out and really feel like it is a step in the perfect direction.


The best way to describe volleys with the Yonex EZONE is that they are above average. They are not perfect by any means, as there still is a bit of discomfort on mishits and a somewhat small sweet spot at times. However, they have made some small improvements with the racquet to allow people to end points the way they want to.

Maneuverability and stability are always going to be a bit of an issue for players spending a lot of time at the net. Depending on what Yonex EZONE a person purchases, they might not be able to get both of them simultaneously. A lighter frame might not be as stable as one would like, while a heavier frame is tough to maneuver.

The best way to figure out which option in this line works best as far as volleys are concerned is to demo as many as possible. As soon as one feels stable enough and still has some power behind it, that is the way to go. Most people will be very satisfied with how easy it is to get to the net after hitting a good serve, and a capable volleying racquet is all that they need.

Different Versions

Playability is the name of the game with all of the different EZONE racquets available right now. Whether a person goes with a 98 in.² option or all the way up to 108 in.², there is plenty of room for people to find exactly what they need. This is the Yonex EZONE version that most pro players uses.

Since the company has built out this line of racquets for so long, it feels like they are truly focused on making sure that customers can get exactly what they need. More and more professionals seem to be gravitating towards his racquet, so they must be doing something correctly.

With a few options bunched up in the same zone, specifically 98 in.² and 100 in.², getting a chance to demo a few different options can ensure a person receives the one that fits their game the best.

These are the specs for the standard Yonex EZONE 98.

Yonex EZONE 98Specs
Head Size98 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight (strung)11.3 oz / 320g
Balance6pts Head Light
String Pattern16×19

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

If a person’s current racquet provides power, but does not seem to have the same type of control that they would need, this might be the racquet line to give a try. A lot of people are a little bit hesitant about going with a Yonex racquet because of the shape of the head, but that is more of a mental thing than anything.

There is a reason why it’s used by many pro players on both the ATP and WTA Tour. Here are the top ranked players that currently plays with the Yonex EZONE:

Once a person is swinging it around, there is not much difference between this and other types of layouts. The truth of the matter is, most tennis players are going to find these racquets to be pretty playable overall. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

It might not be the ultimate choice for every tennis player out there, but it should be in the mix whenever somebody is looking for a new option. With so many different racquets to choose from in the line, there is no such thing as a player not finding something that they enjoy.

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