Head Graphene 360 Extreme – Review

Over the years, this line of racquets has always been one of the most dependable options offered by Head. The Head Graphene 360 Extreme is meant to offer a lot of power for the modern player and mass amounts of spin for those who are able to produce it.

With some improvements including better maneuverability and a more well-rounded option overall, Head is hoping that this version is the best.

Is this a true update to the Extreme line, or is it much of the same thing? After playing around with it for a while, this is how it looks.

Before going into the review, here are our overall ratings after 40+ hours of testing on court.


Out of the major strokes in tennis, serving is probably what this racquet does best. The improvement to maneuverability really helps in this regard, as there is plenty of access to power and spin. Players who hit a big first serve will not have any problems, and they might be able to get a little bit more kick on their second serve.

Being able to stay very aggressive with this racquet is something that a lot of servers love. The racquet is a little higher with the swingweight, which might make some people pause at first. However, it tends to work in a player’s advantage, as it can get a little more heft behind their serve and snap it down with ease.

A lot of the performance will ultimately come down to how a person strings their racquet, but the frame itself is meant for those who have big, dependable serves. It should only enhance the serve, and make it better overall for all types of players. If a person falls in love with the Head Graphene 360 Extreme, it will without question come down to the serving ability.

There is nothing more refreshing than having the opportunity to go big with a serve without fearing control issues. Too many people struggle to find a racquet they can serve with consistently.

It takes a little bit of time and some patience as well, but this is definitely one up there on the list. There is always the opportunity to add some weight if the feel is just a little bit off. Lead tape and putty inside the handle can take care of that.


Maneuverability once again helps out considerably with this new version of the racquet. Modern players might be tempted to stay near the baseline at all times, but this is good to come to the net, or to play doubles with.

Everything on the volleys feels extremely comfortable and solid. Players can block hard shots back with ease, and put some pace on the volley if they need to. Putting away sitters is sometimes a little easier said than done, but this racquet provides great touch to do exactly that.

Even players who are not exceptionally comfortable coming to the net all the time will love the extra bit of control they have with a racquet like this. It is undoubtedly beneficial for those looking to improve their game at the net and take control the way they want to.

Doubles players should be able to see improvement at the net as well. Being able to make split-second decisions to poach or put away shots that are reachable helps considerably. Playing doubles with this racquet, in general, will make it much easier to get acclimated. 


Hitting groundstrokes with this racquet will definitely provide power and spin, but it might not be that great for everyone. While they have made some improvements, this racquet could be a little bit better from the ground.

First, a look at what has changed from the previous version of this racquet. The new version is a little easier to swing, and that whippy feel on groundstrokes is a good thing for modern players. It is easier to get a good amount of depth on shots, and pace can be picked up as well.

If a player does not naturally hit with topspin, they might feel like it is a little bit too overpowered. There are ways to dial it in a bit with a new set of strings and tension, but there is also the opportunity to just go with a brand new racquet as an option.

Customizing this racquet, in general, is pretty straightforward, but not everyone is comfortable doing that to a brand new purchase. Instead, they would rather buy something that fits a little closer to what they want.

Comfort is another thing that is a slight negative with this racquet, even if there have been some improvements from Head in this version. People hitting groundstrokes would like to have something that feels comfortable in their hands at all times. While the stability and feel are there, it could be a little more muted on certain shots.


Players really dialed in with their return will find this to be one of the best racquets out there to crush returns and turn a point into an advantage for them. However, there are also going to be a lot of people who feel like they can’t really control their shots the way they want to. That is why returning with the Head Graphene 360 Extreme is a bit of a mixed bag overall.

Just like with all the other shots, this racquet is built for a mixture of power and spin. It could certainly be a weapon that works well in a player’s advantage in the right hands. There are a lot of players out there who have had all types of success with powerful frames, and they have never looked back.

Try to adjust with the racquet as much as possible when given the opportunity. There are definitely some people who might benefit from a racquet like this, but they do not have the time to learn how to return properly. It is not that the ball just goes anywhere, but players will need to dial down their approach to get the same results.

Racquet Specs

Head Graphene 360 ExtremeSpecs
Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight (strung)11.2 oz / 317g
Balance8pts Head Light
String Pattern16×19

Final Thoughts

There are so many players who struggle to develop their own power when going up against better players. Spin is also a bit of a concern, as there needs to be some level of spin to compete in the modern game. This Head racquet offers both power and spin, but it comes with the fight to make sure that control sees some level of improvement.

There is a reason why it’s used by many pro players on the ATP Tour. Here are the top ranked players that currently plays with the Head Graphene 360 Extreme:

It is worthy of a try for those looking for a model racquet, but it is definitely not built for everyone. Mess around with the racquet a bit and make sure to try out each and every stroke. After that, people will be able to make a pretty smart decision on what direction they need to go in.

Comparing this racquet to others out there, there are options such as the Babolat Pure Aero, Dunlop CX 200, and the Prince Phantom 100. With all these racquets, players need to be able to provide a decent amount of their own control if they are going to have any success. Otherwise, all of the benefits of the racquet will not shine through in the end, because some of those nasty negatives will limit a player.

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