Head Graphene 360 Speed – Review

Head has been putting out the Speed line of racquets for people to benefit from for the last ten years. It has long been known as a racquet line that provides a blend of both classic and modern play styles.

The racquets are designed to help all-court players who want to have a good amount of power and control, without feeling like their arm will rip off.

Coming in a few different head sizes and weights, the Head Graphene 360 Speed is definitely a line worth checking out. After going through some testing of the top options, this is a closer look at what they provide.

Before going into the review, here are our overall ratings.

First Impressions

The Head Graphene 360 Speed’s newest version is focused on being a little more flexible and adding just a little bit more swingweight overall. This is across-the-board, which aims to be a great thing overall for all types of players. With the subtle changes, the racquet delivers slightly better feedback, while also giving a player a bit more power and stability.

When playing around with it for the first time, it does not seem that much different from many of the other racquets out there in the same type of category. Even when compared to this line’s predecessor, there are only subtle changes that will probably come to light after playing with the racquet for a while. Overall, it is a smooth transition to something new.


Head prides itself on providing great groundstrokes with the Graphene 360 Speed, and it certainly delivers. It truly is the best of both worlds, giving people a good amount of power and control with each shot. If anything, it slightly leans more towards the modern game, as players will get increased power and a little bit more spin so that they can put the ball deep into the court.

Players can feel like they are playing pretty aggressively as well, since the added spin potential will keep balls in that normally would fly out.

Even when hitting with the denser 18 x 20 string pattern, they have opened up all strings a little bit to offer more power and spin. Many players feel like this is a great move in the right direction, because this is where the game is going. For the line to keep up, they need to make some changes to keep pace with everyone else.

Stability is about the only thing that takes a slight knock with this racquet, but it is still pretty good overall. Maybe if the racquet had just a little bit more weight behind it, it would be able to hold up against really high-quality hitters. There are still chances to pull that off, but the stability factor makes it much more difficult.


When swinging the racquet around with a Head Graphene 360 Speed, the little bit of extra weight comes into play with serves. Some people will feel like it is just a little too heavy for their liking at first, and they might struggle to dial things in. Others will really enjoy the change, and feel like they are getting even more precision and predictable response with every single serve they hit.

Once a person can find themselves in a bit of a rhythm, they should have no problem getting a serve dialed in. It takes a little bit of time coming from something else, but with time comes confidence. Once players are thinking less about what racquet they are using and swing as usual, they will start to find something that works for them.

Spin potential is above average, even for the 18 x 20 models. This once again comes down to the open string patterns used, and people who can set things up individually like that will certainly feel very pleased with the decision to go with his racquet.


If the added weight is somewhat polarizing with the serve, it is certainly good for volleys. Some people have had complaints with the Head Graphene 360 Speed in the past, as the maneuverability has been subpar. Not only that, but the lighter frames can sometimes get pushed around at net, and more advanced players are just going to find it to be a big struggle.

With the newest release, there is more heft behind the racquet, and a person feels like they are never getting pushed around with anything they do.

Enhanced feel also comes in the play at the net, as players do not always have to put the ball away with power. By having more confidence at the net with feel, players can hit drop volleys and put the ball where they need to finish things off. Like with any new racquet, it does not come automatically, but players who stick with it will notice that it is a huge step in the right direction.

Whether a person serves and volleys a lot or just plays a lot of doubles, this is an excellent volleying choice for those who want to give a try. What used to be a weak point for this line has now turned into one of the most substantial reasons why people should purchase it.

Different Versions

There are a lot of deviations from the original Head Graphene 360 Speed, but they all are meant to do relatively the same thing. The lighter options are for intermediate players who might need help generating a bit more power. For the older player who might need a little bit more wiggle room as far as making errors are concerned, there is the option to go with a bigger head size.

Ultimately, people need to play around with the different versions and see what works for them. This racquet has a ton of potential for those who can find exactly what fits their needs, as the bonuses are truly game-changing. This is the version that most pro players use.

A person also wants to purchase something that they can grow with, so intermediate players might want to go for more performance-based racquet even if it might not seem the most comfortable for them right now. Getting to that point and then tapping into those extra bonuses can help take a person to another level.

These are the racquet specs for the standard Head Graphene 360 Speed MP.

Head Graphene 360 Speed MPSpecs
Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight (strung)11.2 oz / 332g
Balance4pts Head Light
String Pattern16×19

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Those who can’t decide between the Prestige and the Extreme should always give the Speed a try. Head has made it clear that this is the all-around version that so many players can benefit from.

There is a reason why it’s used by many pro players on both the ATP and WTA Tour. Here are the top ranked players that currently plays with the Head Graphene 360 Speed:

While it’s used by many pro players, it seems to work just fine for newer players as well. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

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