7 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Women’s tennis shoes have come a long way over the years. In the beginning, there were very few options available specifically for women. Most of the time, tennis players needed to find smaller-sized men’s shoes and hope that they fit correctly.

Tennis is so popular in today’s world that women don’t have that same problem. In fact, some companies have specific shoe models for women’s tennis only.

At the end of the day, women tennis players are looking for the same thing as men when trying to find the best shoe available.

So many factors go into the shopping process, and feeling confident on the court with movement is essential. While there are numerous options out there, these seven are the best shoes for women out there right now.

1. Adidas Stella Court

The last few years, Adidas has had a working relationship with Stella McCartney. The fashion designer mostly focuses on looks specifically for women, although she has recently branched out to men’s fashion as well.

With that being said, her twist on the performance Adidas shoe line gives women a unique look many players love.

Going by the former name of the Stella Barricade Boost, the Adidas Stella Court has enough technology for anyone to be thoroughly impressed. The upper is made of seamless Primeknit, which provides a fantastic fit and comfort throughout the entire foot.

A player will feel very locked in as soon as they put the shoe on, which is essential for any type of player. The fit is slightly long, so there is the opportunity to go down half a size if a player once a snug fit.

What blows a lot of women away is the Boost technology used in the midsole. This is some of the most comfortable cushioning in a tennis shoe right now.

Having that control on impact helps players stay fresh and healthy throughout the match. Players who are rough on shoes won’t have to hold back any when playing.

Adidas offers a few interesting solutions for women’s tennis shoes, but these latest releases are the best of the best. Not only does the player get the best technology available, but that extra bit of style goes into the look as well.

McCartney takes a fair amount of liberty not only to create shoes, but entire clothing lines under the Adidas umbrella.


  • Outstanding cushioning
  • Customized fit
  • Designed to impress


  • Shoes run a little long, causing fit confusion at times
  • Expensive

2. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

If anybody reads a review on the best men’s tennis shoes out there, chances are the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X will make an appearance. It should be no surprise that the women’s version is also very popular, and many consider it the best from Nike right now.

What makes the shoe so popular? The Vapor line has always been about cutting-edge technology, and a lightweight package overall.

They continue to make the shoes more and more durable, which is about the only negative associated with the shoe right now. It won’t last as long as some of the other durable options, but everything else makes it a solid choice.

Many pros wear the shoe because of just how comfortable it is from the very beginning. The upper has a dynamic fit system in use, which allows people to benefit from a locked-in experience. A player’s foot will not move around at all when playing, and it never feels too tight on foot either.

As for fatigue in general, Zoom Air in the heel helps combat that a lot. It isn’t the only Nike tennis shoe with Zoom Air in it, but they make sure that it is a step above so people notice the difference.

This cushioning is very responsive from the beginning, and it holds up over time unlike some other cushioning out there.

Durability improvements include a better outsole pattern, added tread and high where areas, and more. If the shoes are found below retail, most believe they are worth the investment.

It gets a little expensive due to durability issues to buy at full price, but it is still one of the best performance tennis shoes a person can ask for. You can read our full review in this post.


  • Dynamic fit in the upper
  • Zoom Air heel cushioning is excellent
  • Lightweight for speedy players


  • Outside durability isn’t the best
  • Price is a little high at full retail

3. Asics Gel Resolution 8

The latest version of this has a few updates that have people excited. Above all else, it remains one of the best for players who pride themselves on moving around the court. The women’s version is virtually the same exact thing as the men’s version, but with a slightly more narrow fit for that locked-in feel.

The upper on the shoe is one of the best a person can find in tennis right now. It uses a polyurethane upper that is extremely comfortable and supportive.

The heel fit technology helps a lot, as so many people struggle with not getting a locked-in feel all the time. By stabilizing the heel, people will feel very comfortable overall.

Moving to the midsole, Gel cushioning is a massive seller for Asics. It is located not only in the heel, but the forefoot as well. Players should not have to worry about their feet feeling tired during a match, and this cushioning helps with that.

Just make sure that when purchasing the shoes, don’t judge them right away. There is a little bit of a break-in required, and the fit is a little snug initially as well. Once the shoe loosens up a bit, it starts to feel much better.

Players will notice a difference between the first and second time playing in the shoe as everything begins to mold to a player’s foot.


  • Built for the all-around game
  • Gel cushioning is superb
  • Foot feels locked in at all times


  • Takes a while to break in
  • A little on the heavy side at 12.75 ounces

4. Babolat Jet Mach II

After the success of the Jet Mach I Babolat knew that they wanted to build off of that with their newest release. They made a few adjustments, while keeping everything else virtually the same so that customers are not upset. Many believe this is a worthy upgrade, and one that will fit any type of tennis player.

The first thing any woman will notice when they first slip on the shoe is the weight. At an average of just 9.4 ounces, the shoe won’t feel heavy at any time.

Most of the time, players feel like they have to sacrifice a bit of a lightweight feel to have a durable shoe. Babolat has found a way to make an option that is truly the best of both worlds.

The upper returns with a very unique type of material used for excellent support and breathability. It is officially called Matrix 2.0, and it weaves together a blend of Kevlar and Polymide threads. It is very unique in the tennis industry, and people who have tried it feel like it works very well.

With the midsole, cushioning is pretty solid all around. It is not the most comfortable in the world without argument, but it does a great job of absorbing any harsh landings. Protected by Babolat’s trademark Michelin rubber outsole, players can feel confident with their shoe choice and is there a billet he.

Babolat very heavily markets the Jet Mach II, and players seem to really enjoy what it brings to the table. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, especially since it is now consistently discounted since it’s been out for a while.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable upper
  • Great value when found on sale


  • Cushioning is good, but not great
  • Lacks any added protection in high wear areas

5. Wilson Kaos 3.0

Wilson gets a lot of things right with the Wilson Kaos 3.0. With added stability compared to the previous model, players can play an aggressive style of tennis without worrying about any issues. It continues to be one of the most underrated tennis shoe models out there right now for both men and women.

Besides the added stability, the other major difference is just how flexible the fit is. People have the chance to get the exact feel they are looking for so they can remain comfortable while playing the entire match. The previous model was just a little too stiff for some people, frustrating them at times early on.

It doesn’t come with any type of outsole guarantee, but the Kaos 3.0 is very durable. It has a herringbone pattern that makes it suitable for both hardcourt and clay court play. With a substantial amount of durability, it makes the shoe that much more valuable since it can last a while.

Wilson has two main options right now for women tennis players. The Rush Pro 3.0 is another great option, but the Kaos 3.0 is the better value. It’s a more well-rounded shoe, fitting nearly any play style per people looking to take their game to another level.


  • Improved stability
  • Very flexible fit
  • Durability is outstanding


  • No six-month durability guarantee for the outsole
  • Cushioning is average 

6. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express doesn’t get the same recognition as some of the other tennis shoes out there, but it continues to have a very loyal fan base. People love that it has great stability and support, while also allowing players to move quickly around the court without any hesitation.

Affordably priced at just over $100 for retail, the shoe does everything well. The upper feels very comfortable and breathes well, and that’s even with Durawrap protection for toe durability.

Anyone who drags their foot when they serve will appreciate that extra layer of coverage. It does not distract from the rest of the shoe too much.

Moving to the midsole, the comfort level is high. Players feel very connected to the court thanks to the unique cushioning it provides. That low to the ground feeling is very beneficial for players.

An underrated feature is that K-Swiss put a lot of effort into providing some unique colors for women in particular. This allows for women to find shoes that they not only liked from a performance standpoint, but also as a stylish look on the court.

They are still continually coming out with new colors that just aren’t available from other brands. Sometimes, people want something beyond the most basic, safe colors.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Unique colors
  • Does everything pretty well


  • Cushioning could be better
  • Durability isn’t the greatest

7. New Balance WC996 V4

There are plenty of tennis players who are very loyal to the new balance brand. Known as a company that caters towards players with slightly wider feet, they stay pretty true to themselves with the WC996 V4. Many different fits are possible thanks in large part to the adaptive upper used on the shoe.

The hypoknit upper combines with the right amount of mesh to provide a very comfortable feel right away. The mesh helps with breathability as well, as so many people find it hard to get a durable shoe that feels lightweight.

The FuelCell midsole is very helpful for a light feel and comfort as well. New Balance makes very comfortable shoes across the board, and it’s one of their calling cards as a company. There is always a bit of a balance with tennis shoes on comfort and stability, so keep that in mind as well.

New Balance certainly didn’t disappoint with this latest release. Those who are very loyal to the brand will find this shoe as a worthy new improvement.

They have the capability of supporting a foot that is a bit on the wider side without any issue. For those who have an extremely wide foot, they can order wide tennis shoes in a few different options. 


  • Excellent durability
  • Breathable upper
  • Adaptive fit


  • Not every person has a foot that fits into new balance shoes well
  • A little heavy

Best Overall Tennis Shoe For Women

For an all-around shoe that will fit the most amount of players, consider the Asics Gel Resolution 8. It gets a lot of things right, and players should always feel pretty confident when using them on the court. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

Asics has not always had it easy when it comes to tennis. They were a bit of an outsider even a few years ago, but they have really changed the game with several outstanding releases.

They are now mostly known for great cushioning and an adaptive fit for any type of play. Out of all the tennis shoes listed above, this fits the most players as a whole.

While these shoes are clearly worth checking out, people should also try on as many shoes as possible at a local store before purchasing. Otherwise, it could be very difficult to nail the right size. Some people will buy the same shoe over and over again once they understand that the model fits them perfectly.

Brands are showing that they are very focused on helping out both men and women in tennis get the fit they want. As long as a player feels comfortable when moving around the court, they have a chance to have a ton of success in tennis.

Here is the full list of the best tennis shoes for women

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