7 Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines

Tennis ball machines are extremely convenient for the solo player looking to get practice in. The problem is, they are also extremely expensive in most cases, leaving individuals to find ways to rent them out locally.

Fortunately, renting is not the only solution any longer. Instead, these ball machines, all priced affordably, give people a practice partner that never gets tired. Below are the best cheap tennis ball machines out there right now.

1. Sports Tutor Tennis Twist

  • Top Speed: 15 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 28
  • Weight: 11 lbs

Kids looking to learn the game of tennis in a fun and interactive way will really love the Sports Tutor Tennis Twist. It is a ball tosser that is completely battery-powered, keeping it cheap and easy to use for players just learning how to play.

With speeds of 15 mph, this is definitely for the beginners out there. Ball tosses can be adjusted a bit to give players a challenge, which is great news for parents trying to allow their kids to take their game to another level.

Since it is battery-powered, it does eat through batteries a little bit faster than some would like. They require six D batteries, and the machine will last for about 8 to 10 hours of operation time. It is not the best, but buying batteries in bulk will help offset the cost.

All in all, it is a great trainer that will fit under nearly any budget out there. Kids can have a lot of fun with a machine that is easy to move around and holds a decent amount of balls at a time.


  • Built specifically for kids
  • Different ball toss heights
  • Hold a lot of balls at once


  • Batteries do not last extremely long
  • Could use a little more speed for extended life

2. AnBt Tennis Machine Serving Machine Toss Machine

  • Ball Capacity: 30
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs

This is a pretty simple solution for people who are just starting and wanting to have a little more automation in their practice. It operates with either a battery or by plugging it in, and it is meant to force people into going in the right direction by training and staying motivated.

With a 30 ball capacity, this machine launches balls once every four seconds. It is not going very fast at all, and anyone beyond beginners is probably not going to be too satisfied. However, it is more of a feeder than an actual ball machine, which could extend the life a bit.

Do not expect the most durable machine with this option, but it still helps to measure the strokes and really take tennis to another level. Many people have been skeptical about the machine, only to find that it performs better than expected.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Light tossing for any type of player
  • Very consistent


  • Lacks any type of real speed
  • Ball capacity can be a little frustrating

3. Match Mate Rookie

  • Top Speed: 30 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 70
  • Weight: 22 lbs

This rugged ball machine is very affordable for players willing to take their game to another level. It is not extremely powerful for players beyond beginners, but it is one of the heavy-duty options that fall under the $1000 price point.

The machine is pretty simple, as it is compact and ready to move to any court. The top speed is 30 mph, and it will travel about 50 feet with consistency. Players can put the machine close to them if they want to simulate faster balls, but some might feel like that is unnecessary. Once a player reaches a certain level, they can practice more on consistency and how their form looks, instead of being challenged.

Eventually, there are other management options that people will graduate to if they become good enough. This is just a way to start and push the level of play a bit more.


  • Very affordable beginner machine
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to move around


  • Balls get stuck a little too often
  • Hard to tell when it is empty

4. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model

  • Top Speed: 35 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 40-50
  • Weight: 22 lbs

Many people love that a Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Mode can work well for beginners working on their game.

This Lite option is more for the junior player, but that is perfectly fine for the vast majority of shoppers out there looking for their kid. Taking a game to another level can mean not only working on faster balls, but ones that move around a bit to give a fitness challenge.

It is perfect for junior players because it has very easy-to-understand control, has good portability, and has a pretty high ball capacity overall. There is some top spin on the balls, which gives people a bit of a challenge as well. It also moves players all around the court, which is nice for a player looking to work on their fitness.

Eventually, most people are going to grow out of this ball machine at some point. Owners can sell it and get a lot of money back to invest into something else down the road. All in all, it is very well-built, comes from a solid company, and will allow juniors to step their game up to another level.


  • Great portability for junior players
  • Oscillation works great
  • Built-in topspin simulates real-life shots


  • Maximum speed is still a little underwhelming
  • Has minor stability issues were not on completely solid ground

5. Sports Tutor Tennis Cube w/oscillator

  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 70
  • Weight: 24 lbs

When the sports tutor tennis cube hit the market, many were surprised by how affordable it was. Maxing out at 50 mph, this is a ball machine that will challenge even some advanced players a little bit if positioned the right way. That is great value for something that falls well under $1000, and its portability adds even more to the table.

Think of this as a mini version of a much more expensive ball machine overall. It can feed balls at a person’s own pace, with up to 70 fitting into the machine at a time. Random oscillation helps challenge players as they move around the court, but some specific settings will help people focus on one stroke in particular if they want.

Instead of relying on batteries, there is a rechargeable option so that people can easily hit the courts without worrying about making a new purchase. That is great news for those who are not particularly great at keeping up with their battery supply when carrying something big like this around.

Sports Tutor certainly has a lot of options out there, but they can get much more expensive than what this option provides. However, for people looking to stay under budget and get something dependable, this comes with a three your warranty if anything happens.


  • Reaches speeds of up to 50 mph
  • High ball capacity
  • Rechargeable battery is quick and dependable


  • Has some minor jamming issues
  • Positioning can be a little tricky

6. Tennis Tutor ProLite

  • Top Speed: 60 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 125
  • Weight: 29 lbs

The Tennis Tutor ProLite is yet another affordable solution meant for players trying to take the game to the next level. This one maxes out at 60 mph, and a person can just feed right to match how much they want to work on. With a bigger capacity that reaches 125 balls, this is definitely one machine worthy of the investment.

A lot of the features that people are familiar with from Tennis Tutor are once again included with this version. There is random oscillation that works well, a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time, and some additional features that people can add to get more life out of the machine in general. For example, for a little bit more money, a person can purchase a wireless remote control to start and stop the machine at any time.

This machine is built to last, and is a little more future-proof since it reaches higher speeds. It does come at a bit of a premium, but still fits under $1000. That is about the cut-off for a lot of people, so making a smaller investment now could pay off in the long run.


  • Reaches 60 mph in speed
  • Very high ball capacity
  • Wireless remote control add-on feature can take it to another level


  • Might be too much of a ball machine for some staying under budget
  • Could be a little higher off the ground for more realism

7. Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 110
  • Weight: 38 lbs

This Wilson Portable Tennis Machine is usually just over $1000, but there are discounts occasionally that make it even cheaper. Even at its sticker price, it is one of the best bangs for your buck in the industry. Wilson has a lot of high-quality features with this ball machine, and it performs like one twice its price.

Players will get the opportunity to mess around with topspin and underspin to mimic real play. Ball speed goes up to 75 mph, and ball feed can be adjusted as well. The oscillator is nice for those who want to have a bit more of a challenge and get random shots to chase down as well.

It is a very sturdy ball machine overall, while still being pretty portable. It runs on a rechargeable battery that provides up to four hours of playing time on each charge, which means a person will not have to charge up between every single session.

Coming with a three-year warranty, it is meant to last a long time. The ball sometimes gets stuck a bit more frequently than some would like, and more advanced players might want more speed. For the price, it is very hard to beat an option like this. The next tier will definitely be a bigger investment.


  • Very trusted brand with a three-year warranty
  • Rugged build
  • Fast speed adjustments


  • Balls sometimes get stuck
  • Sometimes hard to remember to charge up

Why a Tennis Ball Machine Makes Such a Huge Difference

A tennis ball machine can be the best practice partner a person could ever ask for in the eyes of many. It makes sense to invest in a machine, especially if there is no one reliable to hit with and practice against.

This article shows that a ball machine does not necessarily need to cost an arm and a leg to still be effective. If you are looking for the best tennis ball machines, no matter the price, check out this post.

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