The 7 Best Tennis Grips for Sweaty Hands

One of the best sports to feed your competitive spirit and promote good physical health is tennis. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, but one thing that they all experience is the dreaded sweaty hands. Having to hold a tennis racket constantly can force your hands to get sweaty. Just like anything else when it gets wet, the racket will start to slide and the sweaty hands can have an adverse impact on the game. In order to perform at your best and keep those sweaty palms at bay, you need to have a tennis grip on your racket. While there are hundreds to choose from, there are seven brands that are chosen regularly because of quality and performance.

Tannius Tennis Grip

Not only is quality important in a tennis grip, but there are several contributing factors that Tannius Tennis Grip offers. These are some of the easiest grips to put on your racket. Tennis players at all levels find these to be ideal for playing and even during practice. They do not slip, which is important when you are in the middle of an important match. They come in either a six or nine-pack of grips. These grips were also designed by pro tennis players, so they have a design that is efficient for keeping your hands dry. When you purchase these grips, you can choose from one of several colors to match your racket, or if you have a color you prefer.

Senston Tennis Overgrip

Another tennis overgrip that is used regularly is the Senston Tennis Overgrip. This material and design is used also on other rackets because it works so efficiently. Coming in a five-pack of your favorite color, or an assortment, these grips have a surface that is perforated so that air can flow through and hands do not get sweaty. Because of their design, they also have the ability to reduce shock to your hands when you hit the ball, sending it back across the net.

aWon Tennis Grip

Growing in popularity over recent years, the aWon tennis grip is one of the best grips for sweaty hands. This material is softer than the others out on the market, and allows the grips to keep a cooler temperature. When your grips are cool, your palms will stay dry, and you can avoid the sweaty hands. For those players who like to double wrap their grip tape, the aWon is often the kind you find on their rackets. When you order a pack of these tennis grips, you get a pack of 12 with six colors available. One of the best features of the aWon is how quickly you can unwrap and rewrap the grip with this option.

Tourna Grip

While there are a lot of new grips on the court, Tourna grip is a classic option that is known to work and is used still today. This grip material takes advantage of sweaty palms, allowing you to change the feeling on the tape and give you a stronger hold on your racket. This keeps your hand from doing that unwanted slip. This grip is used by amateurs and then carried along throughout their career to college and pro because it is known to work. There are ten grips in each pack, or you can upsize to a pack of 30 or 50 if you are a regular tennis player. This grip also works on other rackets you may have for different sports.

ADV FeltTac Tennis Overgrip

Taking on a different texture from other tennis grips is the ADV FeltTac tennis grip. This feeling and texture is an acquired one that some tennis players enjoy. It has a velvety soft feeling that is meant to maintain that feeling during the game. Because of its material and texture, it is ideal for super hot matches and those that are cold when playing outdoors. One of the big differences between the ADV FeltTac grip and others that are out there is the multiple layers that exist within this grip.

Head Xtreme Tennis Grip

Amateurs and intermediate players that spend a lot of time practicing find the Head Xtreme tennis grip to be one of the best grips for sweaty hands when you are operating on a budget. It is a bit more modern than the other options and is designed for all rackets. There are stronger grip controls and the material is tacky replication of the classic Tourna. The Head Xtreme tennis grip is probably the easiest of all to apply, which makes it ideal for practicing and preparation among tennis players everywhere. Even pro tennis players take advantage of the Head Xtreme in the off-season when they are out practicing. This works best in colder areas during the winter.

Teloon Racket Grip

Coming in bright colors is the Teloon Racket Grip which is ideal for those who are learning and want to get a feel for grips on their racket. The design and material allow the racket to get tacky when the sweat starts, but maintain freshness and cleanliness when it comes to your racket. This is all by new modern design and innovation in the material that embraces classic goals with new options. It is the lightest of the best grips for sweaty hands which is good for new players, coming in at 2.17 ounces in total. The polyurethane material makes this one an affordable, yet efficient, tennis grip that you can purchase and have on hand during your practices.

Should I Choose A Tennis Grip For Price?

While there is a big difference in the prices of some of the tennis grips, the biggest price tag does not always mean that it is the best quality. This is also true for the cheapest tennis grips. Those that are the cheapest are probably great for practicing because you do a lot of wrapping and unwrapping. However, you need to try out a few different grips until you find the right brand and material that is right for you when you are on the court. If you let price point guide you in your decision, you may find yourself disappointed and then have to spend more money on a tennis grip to try out and start all over with.

When Should I Reapply More Tennis Grip To My Racket?

Most of the tennis grips you purchase can give you hours of playtime before they need to be removed and reapplied with fresh material. Keep in mind that the more you sweat while using the racket, the chance of the grip wearing down faster is higher. There are a couple of signs to keep in mind when it is time to remove the old grip tape and reapply some fresh to the racket. You will start to notice the smell first that still lingers even when you spray it. In these cases, the bacteria are built too high, and it is time to remove the tape from the racket.

If you are using a grip that is meant to be tacky and take advantage of the sweat on your hands, you want to toss the grip on your racket when your hand starts to stay sweaty. If you are having issues keeping your hand on the racket, then you should go ahead and remove the old grip and reapply it.

Why Do Different Players Want Different Grips?

Even with this list of the seven best grips for sweaty hands in tennis, everyone using the same type is not going to happen. These grips are all made with different materials and offer different textures. Also, some work to keep your hands dry while other types keep your sweaty hands to their advantage. After trying several types of tennis grips, most players find one that fits their comfort and preference. They will also continue to use these same grips throughout their tennis career.

Are All Grips Easy To Remove?

Since most grips have a tape or wrap texture, they should be as easy to roll off the racket as they rolled on. Of the best grips for sweaty hands, they are known to be easy to remove and also easy to reapply. Since they are wrapped, the best way to remove these grips is to start unwrapping them at the top where the grip would be around the racket and end at the top. Once it is unrolled down the racket, it should come off into one single piece.

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