7 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

Having a tennis ball hopper to help with the pickup process can be a huge timesaver in tennis. However, buying one that is cheaply made or easy to break can end up causing more frustration than anything.

The best tennis ball hoppers are not always the most expensive, as there are some great values out there. Ultimately, a big determining factor is how many balls a person has that they need to clean up, and which option seems to hold up during daily use best.

This is a look at the seven best tennis ball hoppers currently on the market for players to get everything cleaned up.

1. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

  • Ball Capacity: 75

A trusted name in the industry, Wilson has a slew of products readily available for tennis players. This hopper is not anything crazy, but it gets the job done. It holds up to 75 balls, and it comes with a very durable lid so that everything stays in place.

Like a lot of all hoppers to make this list, the handle can convert into legs for the player to raise the basket up to waist height. This makes it easier to reach for all the balls when it is filled up. Simply put the legs back the other way to use as a hopper.

This basket hopper comes at a slight premium because of the brand name, but it’s hard to argue with all of the positive reviews it’s received. All in all, it’s a simple hopper that gets the job done.


  • Trusted brand
  • Plated steel is durable
  • Holds up to 75 balls


  • Slight up-charge for a brand name
  • Converting from legs to handles sometimes get challenging

2. Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper With Wheels

  • Ball Capacity: 80

This ball hopper, at first glance, looks like it is extremely advanced. It is made of durable polypropylene, which helps to reduce the chances of having issues such as rust, peeling paint, and other problems.

It’s also nice to have a ball hopper where balls don’t accidentally seep out of the sides of the holder. The holes are too small for that to happen.

Switching from the handles to the legs is pretty easy since both lock in quickly. When picking balls up, the wheels make it that much easier to move around as well. It’s one of the simplest setups that seems like a bit of an enhancement over previous ball hoppers.

The capacity is 80 balls, and most people seem to trust what Turna brings to the table. There have been some people complaining about the plastic not being as durable as metal, but taking quality care should help to reduce the risk.


  • Holds up to 80 balls
  • Rust-free material used for the hopper
  • Handles and legs lock in place well


  • Plastic is prone to breaking a little more frequently
  • Emptying out the basket to put into a ball machine is tricky

3. Tourna Mini Ballport Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

  • Ball Capacity: 36

Some tennis hoppers can be a little more cumbersome than they need to be. For those who just have a smaller amount of balls that they want to keep track of, this Tourna Mini Ballport Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper is about half the size.

It only holds 36 balls, but that might be sufficient enough for many out there looking to train.

It works a lot like the deluxe version of this hopper, and even looks similar as well. There are sliding bars at the top that are easy to set up and secure the basket at any time.


  • Perfect for smaller ball collecting
  • Works the same way as the bigger option
  • Doesn’t rust out


  • A lot of people grow out of the smaller option
  • It is a little too fragile for people who are hard on their hoppers

4. Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper

  • Ball Capacity: 75

This ball hopper might seem a bit simplistic, but it’s about as sturdy and reliable as they come. Many people like the way that it holds up under just about any type of use, which is great for people who are trying to practice on their own.

Made by Gamma, this basket is very similar to other hoppers around there. It has a heavy-duty construction to it, and the handlebars can easily connect for the best type of grip.

If there is a complaint that some people have, balls will sometimes fall out of the basket if they lack a little bit of pressure. The holes could be a little bit tighter, but most people feel like it’s good enough for most balls to stay put. Considering the price, it’s a good investment to make.


  • Quality construction
  • Lid closest tight
  • Easy to handle


  • Holes could be a little bit tighter so balls on the see-through
  • Legs don’t lock particularly well

5. Hoparazzi Elite 65 Tennis Ball Basket

  • Ball Capacity: 65

In the hopper world, there isn’t much creativity as far as coloring is concerned. Think of the Hoparazzi Elite 65 Tennis Ball Basket as breaking the mold. It’s a bit of a shocker to see these come in so many different colors. It’s a welcomed change that a lot of people like, and it’s a reason why they have gone up in popularity.

Another reason why the popularity has gone up with this brand is that they know that functionality is a huge key.

They borrowed the same type of design that most people are used to, and they make the mechanism work in all different types of settings. It can easily change into a new type of basket, which is always great for people who are struggling to get things to work as they should.


  • Numerous colors to choose from
  • Pretty durable
  • Traditional design


  • The smaller company sometimes charges too much for shipping
  • Availability in the greatest

6. Morvat Tennis Ball Cart Hopper Basket

  • Ball Capacity: 150

A slight upgrade to a traditional ball hopper can be using a ball basket that works in a lot of the same ways. They are a bit more premium, and that helps to store the balls and keep them safe when they are not in use. Picking the balls up becomes a little bit more difficult, as it usually requires an additional tool to do that.

These still fall into the category as a hopper because they hold the balls and make them available so that people can easily grab them.

Throwing them in the hopper and going from there is very easy, and this basket is one of the best values currently. Serious players, or tennis pros, are usually the ones who benefit most from a basket.


  • Premium look and feel to ball storage
  • Sits waist high for easy access
  • Ultimate coverage for inclement weather


  • A bit expensive
  • People still need to buy a traditional hopper, or a tube

7. Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube

  • Ball Capacity: 18

There are times when a ball hopper just isn’t all that convenient. Maybe players have very few balls with them, or they don’t want to deal with having to take it apart and move the handles into the right position.

This is when the Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube might be the better way to go. These tubes work in a lot of the same ways as a regular hopper, but they do a great job of getting in more precise locations. They also take up a smaller footprint, making it easy for storage in some cases.

Finally, one reason why people like using a tube instead of a hopper is that there is no chance of the ball being indented by the bars. They can sometimes be frustrating for hoppers to store balls for a long period of time, because the ones on the bottom can get pressed into the bars too much.

A ball hopper tube is not for everyone, but worthy of a mention considering the price and what people use them for in general. Give it a try, especially if other hoppers are not doing the trick.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Trusted brand name in tennis


  • Pickup process takes longer with tubes only
  • A little cumbersome for younger players to carry around

What To Expect With Tennis Ball Hoppers

Ultimately, everyone wants to have a tennis ball hopper that they can rely on every single time they step on the court. A ball hopper gets the job done, and should be viewed as a necessity when practicing or hitting against a ball machine.

Take care of a ball hopper, and it will likely last a decent amount of time. They are all made out of quality material that is built to withstand all types of weather. Everything else should be fine as long as they are properly transitioned from picking up to raising the basket waist-high.

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