7 Best Synthetic Tennis Strings

Every single tennis player has their preference when it comes to tennis strings. For those into synthetic gut, some affordable options play much the same way as a very expensive natural gut. Some people have been playing with synthetic tennis strings for years, while others are trying them out for the first time.

Currently on the market, these are the seven best synthetic tennis strings to choose from. Not only do they help provide the right control and playability, but they feel comfortable and provide the best overall attributes for all players.

1. Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex

This is one of the most versatile synthetic strings on the market right now. It has excellent all-around playability, and amazing value for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. Some people use it entirely in their racquet, while others use it just as a hybrid cross string.

What people notice is that it’s not the softest or the liveliest as far as multifilament is concerned, but it’s very above average in just about every category. Those using this string and comparing it to others might feel that it is a little firmer and more durable, which most people like.


  • All around playability
  • One of the more durable multifilaments
  • Solid power


  • Not as comfortable as some synthetics
  • Liveliness takes a bit of a hit

2. Gosen OG-Sheep Micro

Not everyone is familiar with this brand, but those in the know understand that multifilaments don’t get much better than this. It is a synthetic with a very thin center core, which means that players will notice a softer, more powerful response.

For even more of a feeling like that, they make an OG Micro Super worth checking out. However, most will notice a difference with the standard version.

Durability isn’t the greatest with the string, but it’s so cheap that people don’t seem to care that much. There’s a limit on the colors available from a company, but that’s to be expected given the smaller company.

It’s not always in stock from all the top tennis companies, but trying Gosen at least once is worth it for synthetic gut lovers.


  • Fairly soft feel for a synthetic
  • Above-average power
  • Inexpensive


  • Lack of colors
  • Durability is not the greatest

3. Gamma Synthetic Gut WearGuard

Gamma Synthetic Gut with WearGuard technology is meant to be one of the most durable synthetic guts on the market right now. The WearGuard technology helps out a lot, not only with overall string life, but playability. This is done by using the resistant fibers wrapped around the string’s core.

Gamma has always worried a lot about providing players with strings that play very comfortably on any type of shot.

For a cheap option of this, it’s very comfortable and provides a crisp feel so that players who are on more on the advanced side can direct their shots. For those who like Gamma strings and are on a bit of a budget, this is one to consider.


  • Very affordable
  • Provides a crisp feel
  • Durability increase is real


  • Not as arm-friendly as in the others out there
  • Doesn’t have the best of power

4. Gamma TNT2 Fat Core XL

Gamma TNT2 Fat Core XL string is a high-quality synthetic with a larger core than the normal options. This is great for adding a little bit more durability, as well as control.

In fact, durability is one of the major selling points of this string, as they put microfibers around the core that are wear-resistant. This outer wrap helps with the string’s longevity and cuts down on the chances of notching.

Gamma has a lot of different synthetic strings out there, but this one does come at a bit of a price. Some people will feel it’s worth it since it is so much more durable, while others will opt for options that are half the cost. It’s worth trying out at least once to feel if the difference is truly worth it.


  • Extremely durable
  • Added process to the string for better playability
  • Works well with hybrid setups


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Limited color and gauge choices

5. Babolat Synthetic Gut

Babolat provides one of the best all-around synthetic strings out there with the Synthetic Gut option. It’s built for people who want excellent playability, without having to spend a ton of money. It is priced very affordably, and although it might not be up to standard for advanced players, average and beginner players will find it perfect.

Out of all the synthetic guts, this might be the most comfortable one for players wanting to put the ball exactly where they want it. Having that responsive feel while still being comfortable is hard to master, especially for a string that is so inexpensive.

It seems to be just a little bit more durable than other options out there, which is a nice bonus for all types of players. Shop around, and there are some really good deals for reels of the string that will save even more money.


  • Outstanding responsiveness
  • Very comfortable feel
  • All-around synthetic string


  • Limited color choices
  • Gauge options are sometimes not the best


One of the most versatile multifilaments out there today comes from Yonex. Dyanwire has been a classic for a long time, and that’s not going away anytime soon. They ensure that it is extremely affordable, relates to the most players, and can stand up against even hard-hitters.

The one knock on Yonex Dynawire has always been that it’s not the most durable, but people using polyester strings probably don’t need that in the first place.

What they do need is a good amount of playability, and something that is comfortable enough to learn with at all times. Giving this string from Yonex a try is definitely worth the investment.


  • Premium feel
  • Powerful
  • Strings snap back well


  • Slightly more expensive than other budget options
  • Strings break too easily

7. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

This solid core synthetic-coated string has a very lively response compared to the rest out there. The combination of both power and control is something that really convinces people looking for a synthetic string to give this one from Wilson a try. Instead of feeling stiff and not as arm-friendly as a polyester, this synthetic string is pretty comfortable.

Everything about the Synthetic Gut Power is either slightly above average, or better. For example, the spin potential is there, the feel on all types of shots is very crisp, and it provides a good amount of pop on serves.

Available in a few different gauges as well as colors, this is one of the best-selling strings of any kind from Wilson right now. It’s also very affordable, so even people who break strings pretty easily won’t feel like they are killing their budget.


  • Outstanding power with control
  • Arm-friendly string
  • Above-average spin potential


  • Start to fray a little easily
  • Can start to feel dead after a while before it wears out

What Is The Best Synthetic Tennis String on The Market?

A lot of the strings play very similarly, so what works for one might not exactly work for the other. With all that being said, the most well-rounded right now that also comes in at a great value is Wilson Synthetic Gut Power.

It’s just a very well-rounded string in general, providing players with everything they need to really maximize their playability on the court. Mess around with tension a bit and see what setup works the absolute best.

The great thing about the string is it’s an outstanding value, so cutting it out and trying something different isn’t a big waste of money.

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