7 Best Asics Tennis Shoes

Asics has been consistently one of the most popular shoe brands in tennis over the last few years. Thanks to their ability to sign several top players on both the ATP and WTA tours, they bring in millions of people who are interested in their technology and innovation.

Of course, coming out with great, dependable shoes also helps, and they have a lineup that stacks up well against anyone.

As of right now, Asics has some great options for any type of player. Not only are there multiple options for players at the highest level, but more inexpensive models for players just starting out and not wanting to break the bank. These are the 7 best Asics tennis shoes right now.

1. Asics Solution Speed FF 2

Asics Solution Speed FF 2Score (1-10)

This is currently one of the lightest tennis shoes on the market from any brand out there. Many people are amazed that the shoe weighs just over 12 ounces, and still provides the type of support that some of the heavier models bring to the table. Asics has poured a ton of technology into this shoe to make it one of the most versatile options for any type of player.

The biggest reason why the shoe is so lightweight comes down to the upper. It wraps around the foot extremely well, molds to a player’s foot and making them feel like they have a customized fit. Asics calls this Flexion Fit technology, and players are thoroughly impressed with it.

The only type of player that won’t get much out of the shoe is one that goes through shoes relatively easily. The sole has durable rubber throughout, but it’s not anything like what players find on a shoe with a six-month durability guarantee.

Asics built this shoe for the player who wants speed first and foremost. It has excellent traction that will allow players to have the best footwork possible. There’s a reason why this is one of the more popular shoe models on tour right now. Pros don’t have to worry about durability, which is really one of the only real knocks on the shoe.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • One of the most comfortable uppers on a tennis shoe right now
  • Outstanding traction


  • Outsole could be a bit more durable
  • Takes a little bit of time for the shoe to fit correctly

2. Asics Gel Resolution 7

Asics Gel Resolution 7Score (1-10)

The Gel Resolution line has been trendy in tennis circles for a while, and the Gel Resolution 7 has shown that it is yet another major hit. It is the more durable solution for players who like what the Solution Speed brings to the table, but wants the shoe to last just a little bit longer.

There are some sacrifices made to have a longer life. For starters, the shoe weighs more than 2 ounces more than the Solution Speed. Not only is the sole more durable, but there is better stability throughout the shoe as well. Players feel very locked in and ready to go, all while still having a dependable cushioning system.

The upper isn’t as soft as the Solution Speed, but they do use TPU wrap to lock the foot in and provide a ton of stability and support. Some people actually prefer the more rigid feel of the upper so that they are locked in a bit more. A softer feel sometimes does not feel quite as locked in as it should.

A lot of players look at this as the best option for those wanting a true performance tennis shoe that does it all. It might not be the lightest shoe for people to turn to, but the Gel Cushion System makes up for it with comfort the entire time. Players don’t feel like they are putting a ton of stress on their body when they take the court.


  • Gel Cushion System is outstanding
  • Improved lockdown system provides excellent stability and support
  • Lightweight for a durable shield


  • Takes a while to break-in
  • Responsiveness could be better

3. Asics Gel Resolution 8

Asics Gel Resolution 8Score (1-10)

The recently launched Asics Gel Resolution 8 attempts to build off of a line that many people have counted on for years and years. Yes, it looks significantly different than the Gel Resolution 7, which does have some people a little hesitant to make a move right now. However, Asics firmly believes that this move is a step in the right direction, and as more people try them out, it will become popular.

On paper, the shoe is a little bit heavier than the Gel Resolution 7. However, it feels lighter, thanks to a more streamlined setup. The upper is very flexible, allowing players to move around the court and have the responsiveness that is needed to play at a high-level.

The six-month durability guarantee returns, but some people find it difficult to even get to that point. That is because they have improved the rubber outsole, making it one of the most durable shoes on the market right now. The added Pguard Toe Protector helps toe draggers as well. This is something that wasn’t available on the Gel Resolution 7, causing some people to go through shoes quicker than they should.

The only drawback right now is that since the Gel Resolution 8 just released, it’s going to be a while to find solid deals on them. It also discounts the Gel Resolution 7, so people still might be clamoring to get one last pair of those. Expect a Gel Resolution 8 to really make a splash in the 2020 tennis season, and by the summer, it could be the most used shoe at any level from Asics.


  • Improved upper makes you feel very lightweight
  • One of the most durable outsoles in tennis
  • Added total protection for toe draggers


  • Still requires time for breaking in
  • New design will take time for some to get used to

4. Asics Court FF Novak

Asics Court FF NovakScore (1-10)

As the official shoe of Novak Djokovic, obviously, Asics pours a ton of research and technology into it. His playing style requires a particular type of shoe that allows players to have outstanding court coverage, the ability to slide on any surface, plenty of speed, and more. Aggressive movers will absolutely love the shoe, as it allows players to get a lot of life out of it.

For a player to move around a court quickly and safely, a shoe like this needs to have outstanding stability and support. They have done a great job making improvements to allow players to have that natural locked-in feeling.

There is a mono sock construction within the shoe that enables the player to have their foot locked into everything the entire time. It takes a little getting used to for people who have never used it before, but some players absolutely love it and don’t turn back.

FlyteFoam is a very underrated technology provided by Asics that gives some very lightweight cushioning. Anyone who plays like Novak Djokovic is going to need that cushioning to survive out on the court. Otherwise, it can tear apart a person’s feet and legs in a big way.

Think of the shoes as a bit of a hybrid between the Solution Speed and the Gel Resolution. If neither of these options provides exactly what a person is looking for, this might be the perfect solution.


  • Locked-in feel during the entire match
  • Best Asics shoe for a mix of speed and stability
  • Supports sliding on all surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Mono sock design takes time to get used to

5. Asics Gel Challenger

Asics Gel ChallengerScore (1-10)

As the name suggests, the Asics Gel Challenger line works for people who want to experience that patented Gel Cushion, but maybe don’t need the Gel Resolution at this time. The shoe is designed for recreational players for the most part, but it provides just enough technology that any type of player can get some use out of them.

The first thing that catches the eye is that a person will still find Flexion Fit, Gel Cushioning and the midfoot Trusstic system that helps with stability in the shoe. That is pretty impressive for a knockdown model, and makes the Challenger one of the best values out there right now.

Many players notice right away that the shoe will allow for a very locked-in feel from the very beginning. There is no break-in period whatsoever, and other than a slightly low arch, everything fits pretty well overall. The shoe is also lightweight, as there is nothing worse than investing in a new pair of sturdy recreational tennis shoes that are too heavy. 

To keep the weight down, the outsole isn’t as thick or durable as some would like, but it’s sufficient enough for most recreational players. Overall, the sole could use a bit more focus on durability and traction, but that is available in the Gel Resolution line if that is what a person wants.


  • Outstanding technology for a recreational shoe
  • Strong stability
  • Extra protection in high wear areas


  • Traction isn’t the best
  • Durability overall could be better

6. Asics Gel Game 8

Asics Gel Game 8Score (1-10)

The Asics Gel Game is a shoe that is similar in a lot of ways to the Gel Challenger. It’s even more inexpensive, and most people see that as a great thing overall for a first tennis shoe. A player does have to make some sacrifices, but it is a solution for certain players.

Just like the Gel Challenger, Asics still provides a decent amount of technology in the shoe. The Gel Cushion System makes sure that comfort is still high throughout the match for all players. The Trusstic System makes sure that the stability is there for players, so they don’t feel like they have to hold back at all.

The difference between the Challenger and the Game is that the Game has a focus on faster players who still want a fair amount of support. It is a versatile shoe that is used not only for tennis, but going to the gym and even wearing casually. Some people will use this you as a walking shoe and be perfectly fine with it. The Challenger is more tennis-specific, and a little more on the durable side.

The one tricky thing about sizing, especially for those buying online, is that the shoe does fit slightly long. Adjust the sizing accordingly, and everything else should be good. It’s a tremendous first tennis shoe, or one that people will use during practice if they wish.


  • Feels very fast on court
  • Cheap
  • Easy to count on stability


  • Sole does not last long
  • Getting the proper fit is tricky

7. Asics Gel Dedicate 6

Asics Gel Dedicate 6Score (1-10)

The final shoe to make this list is designed for a particular type of tennis player. This has a classic look and feel that a lot of recreational players enjoy, and with a cheap price point, it allows for casual tennis players to get a shoe that fits them perfectly.

Players who don’t play at a high-level, or play very sparingly, don’t need to invest a ton of money into a pair of tennis-specific shoes. They can get all the support and comfort thing mean from Asics with the Dedicate. The company still uses Gel Cushioning in the forefoot of the shoe, making it very comfortable to move around on the court.

This is also very lightweight shoe, built for players who might be fast, but are still learning to move around on the tennis court. One of the most important things is to have stability on the court to go along with that speed.

Don’t expect too much cutting edge technology on the shoe, as the shoe design focuses on casual players only. The upper consists of synthetic leather and mesh, which provides a good amount of comfort, but nothing too crazy. Even the colors are pretty basic, but it’s hard to beat the price point.

The best thing about this shoe is that they use the Gel Cushion in to provide some layer of comfort. A lot of other brands really cut back on cushioning when they are making a cheaper model.


  • Inexpensive
  • Still has dependable Gel Cushioning
  • Lightweight


  • Upper is a bit too stiff
  • Outsole will not last long

A Final Look At Asics Tennis Shoes

When directly compared to the likes of Nike, Adidas, and any other major tennis brand, Asics has a direct competitor to every shoe. Their extensive lineup of shoes has been praised by many people as one of the best when it comes to providing something for every player.

Most Asics have a fit that is very similar, so it is important to identify the sizing of Asics. Some people feel like they can go down half a size and still get a snug, customized fit. Since a lot of the top performance models mold to a player’s feet, that helps with fit as well. 

Keep in mind that how Asics shoes feel out of the box is different than how they feel after extensive use. Allow for a break-in period so that the shoes work as they should.

Here is the full list of the best Asics tennis shoes

  • Asics Solution Speed FF 2
  • Asics Gel Resolution 7
  • Asics Gel Resolution 8
  • Asics Court FF Novak
  • Asics Gel Challenger
  • Asics Gel Game 8
  • Asics Gel Dedicate 6

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