7 Best Cheap Tennis Balls

One of those annoying expenses when it comes to playing tennis is purchasing new cans of tennis balls. No matter what level a person plays out, there comes a time where new tennis balls need purchased so that the game can go on. Tennis balls only have a certain amount of shelf life, and the more a person plays, the more expensive they become.

These are the cheapest tennis balls out there right now that still perform well. There might be cheaper options out there, but the best value is always the key. While there is not much of a difference in how much certain balls cost, saving just a little bit of money can go a long way for people who play frequently.

1. Penn Championship

Whether a person needs regular duty for clay, or extra-duty for hard, the Penn Championship series is one to check out. They are the cheaper options from Penn overall, as they make the more expensive Penn Tour and Pro Penn balls to choose from.

While these are not going to last nearly as long as the more expensive options, they are still a favorite for players at different skill levels. They are one of the most consistent balls out of the cheaper options, and they have a decent shelf life on a clay court as well.

Penn is known for being the number one selling ball in the United States, and this one certainly lives up to the billing. They are a little bit cheaper to purchase in bulk, bringing the price down a bit.


  • Available in regular and heavy-duty
  • One of the longest-lasting budget options
  • Keeps its color for a while


  • Hard court balls fluff up somewhat quickly
  • Drop in pressure comes fast when hitting hard

2. Penn Tour

Another variation of tennis balls from Penn are the Penn Tour options. They are actually used for a few professional tournaments, which is pretty impressive for something so affordable. The felt used is pretty durable, and there is a lot of technology in a pretty affordable ball.

The durability will not be as great as the Pro Penn options, but Penn Tour has just about everything else. The SmartOptik technology that Penn has used in the past once again makes its appearance here, and it is one of the brightest balls for vision.

They feel a little lighter to some people when they hit them, but that might have to do with how they collect dirt and wetness as time goes on.


  • Easy to see
  • Great technology overall
  • A nice middle option between Penn and Pro Penn


  • Collects dirt and wetness somewhat easily
  • SmartOptik technology fades faster that Pro Penn

3. Dunlop Grand Prix

A lot of people believe that this is the most durable budget tennis ball out there right now. It has a very loyal following in certain areas, and they are starting to expand the market a bit. They have many of the same qualities as the more expensive Dunlop ATP option, but they will not keep the amount of pressure inside for as long.

Players who do not plan on playing with tennis balls much more than one session will be just fine with these. They also work as nice practice balls after moderate use. Since Dunlop is trying to build up their brand as far as tennis balls are concerned, customers get a little bit of a discount for a nice quality ball overall.


  • Sanctioned for ITF and USTA tournaments
  • Dunlop keeps the price low to get into the market
  • Performs well on all surfaces


  • Only really good for one session
  • Hard to find in bulk

4. Dunlop ATP

As far as premium balls are concerned with the ATP label stamped on them, the Dunlop ATP ball is one worth checking out. It is starting to pop up in many different locations, and it seems like Dunlop is making a big push to make this a very well-respected ball overall.

Many people notice with the Dunlop ATP that it performs at a pretty high level, even compared to the previous Dunlop option in this article. That is why it makes a cheap list like this, because for a high-performance ball, it is one of the most affordable. For example, some people will double the use of these balls for just a little more money.

If there is one complaint that seems a little frivolous, the stamp on the ball seems a bit busy. It does not have that minimalist look that many other companies have, so keep that in mind.


  • Very durable
  • ATP-level ball
  • Becoming widely available worldwide


  • A little expensive upfront cost
  • Stamp on the ball is big

5. Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls

The Tecnifibre X-One is another ball that seems to get largely overlooked, but it is gaining traction as the brand expands. A lot of people like that it is fairly affordable, and it stays lively during a match. They make an option for both hard and play courts, which is always a nice bonus when playing casually.

This ball has really started to show up more and more on the ATP Tour, as several smaller tournaments have opted for the Tecnifibre X-One.

Even though Tecnifibre offers some more expensive options, the high-quality rubber used with these balls certainly makes it stand out in the crowd. The rubber is made from Bridgestone, and the felt from Millikan makes it one of the highest quality options one can find.


  • Does not fluff up too much
  • Durability is solid
  • Lively


  • Hard to find in some locations¨

6. Wilson Championship

The Wilson Championship tennis balls are something that seems to be sold all over in many different stores. Even general stores that carry tennis balls are likely to have something like this, as players can use them for more than just playing tennis. However, those who want something pretty good and not breaking the bank will not find a much better value out there.

Available in both a regular and extra duty option, the balls work for practice and even league play. They probably will not last that long past an actual match, but they can be saved for some practice if they do not worry too much about low bounces after a day or two of sitting around.

Durability is not the greatest, but most people know that going in when they buy a cheaper option.

Wilson uses Duraweave with their felt, which makes this the best option for people who get frustrated about balls fluffing up. Cheaper balls tend to do that quicker than others, but this keeps that from happening.


  • High-end felt with Duraweave
  • Available in regular and extra duty
  • Performs well out of the can


  • Does not last too long

7. Wilson Triniti Club

What is one of the most expensive balls on the market doing on a list like this? Before automatically dismissing Wilson Triniti tennis balls because of the price, it is important to consider the value and the specific reason why they might be a choice worth considering. Because, In the long run, they will be the cheapest balls you ever bought.

The first thing people will notice with Wilson Triniti balls is that they come in a unique packaging type. The can is made of recycled paper, and they perform on all different surfaces as well. There is new technology inside the ball, which leads to them lasting far longer and feeling better on contact for a long time. They use technology called engaged core and STR felt to make this a reality.

While the initial cost is a little higher than some of the other options out there, what people get is a little bit of savings with the ball’s longevity. This might not be that great for those who are constantly playing in tournaments because they want to use new balls every time.

However, for play at first, and then training later, it might be better to invest in one can of Triniti balls than two or even three cans of cheaper tennis balls.

The technology is still relatively new, but Wilson seems confident that there will be a market for these balls for years to come. They might feel and even sound a little bit different to some people at first, but they are worth checking into in some scenarios.


  • Longest lasting ball on the market right now
  • Feel is very high-quality
  • Eco-friendly


  • Very expensive initially (cheap in the long run)
  • Feels a little bit different than a standard tennis ball

Making The Final Decision

While all the tennis balls mentioned above are great options, there are one that stands out from the rest. That is the Penn Championship tennis balls. It’s hard to find a tennis ball that performs better for a cheaper price then this ball.

There is a reason why it’s the no.1 selling ball in the US. It’s hard to feel the differences between this ball and the more premium options, and you get it for a very affordable price. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

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