14 Best Tennis Bags

Having a tennis bag is pretty much an essential part of playing a game of tennis. A person needs to be able to carry everything with them that they need all the time, and maybe more than just racquets altogether.

The good news is that there are racquet bags for virtually any occasion imaginable. These are the best of the best, broken up into the most common categories.

3 Racquet Bags

These bags are great for people who want to travel relatively light wherever they go. Most people only need to carry three racquets with them at a time, especially if they are more casual players. They are always affordable, and many companies have at least one that fits in this category.

1. Babolat Essential Club 3 Pack

Pound for pound, this might be one of the most valuable bags out there right now. Babolat offers so many different bags, but this is the latest option for carrying a few different things.

They have a few different colors to pick exactly what they want, and the branding is not too crazy that people will shy away from it all.


  • Excellent price
  • Accessory side pocket is very big
  • A few different color choices to choose from


  • Might stick out if a person does not use a Babolat racquet
  • Feels a little flimsy

2. Head Tour Team 3R Pro

Those who have Head racquets are more likely to gravitate towards a bag from this brand. Their best racquet bag for three is the Head Tour Team 3R Pro. It is available in a few different colors, and provides a way to travel pretty lightly overall.

The main compartment is pretty spacious that even four racquets could fit in if needed. There are also different pockets for other accessories, so people do not feel like they are without too much space.

Some people will find it light enough to carry it by a handle, while others will use a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is removable if a person does not want to use that, and it might just get in the way if that is the case.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Storage

3. Wilson Roger Federer Team 3 Pack

Very rarely do people have the opportunity to buy a signature athlete bag at such a low price. It is usually reserved for the more expensive options, but this three-pack endorsed by Roger Federer might be the best overall option in this category.

First off, this is a quality bag that feels much more expensive than the price tag. They keep things relatively simple by not making the color too crazy, and about the only real branding for Federer on the bag is his signature.

Even if a person is not a Roger Federer fan, this bag is hard to beat for the price right now. It is very comfortable when walking around, there are plenty of pockets, and it does a great job of holding up over daily use.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quick grab handle works well


  • A little more expensive than other three packs
  • Only one color choice

Six Racquet Tennis Bags

Having two racquet pockets on either side of the bag makes up the designs of the best bags. It might seem like a bit overkill for some, but there is ample storage for just about anything a person brings to the courts.

4. Head Tour Team 6R Combi

For many, this is a very affordable option for people who want a pretty neutral bag overall. They provide all the essentials a person can ask for, without having to break the bank.

There is a small amount of labeling overall, which is good news for people who might not necessarily be crazy about the Head brand. Even those who use other racquets can end up going with something a bit different if they want.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight for a 6 racquet bag


  • Sold out on many sites

5. Head Gravity Sports Bag

For a slightly more premium bag, the Head Gravity sports option is one worth considering. Not only is it capable of holding up to six racquets, but is versatile enough not to be used for any athletic endeavor.

It looks and feels more like a duffel bag than anything, but there are some specific compartments for tennis players, so they get exactly what they need.

Everything from shoes to sweaty clothes is protected so that a person keeps their equipment the way they want it. It can be tough coming out after a match and having to deal with clothes lingering in sweat, but this bag has enough room for everything.

It is also very minimalist as far as branding is concerned, which is well accepted by a lot of individuals.


  • Versatile enough to use for any sport
  • Separate compartments for everything
  • Can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder


  • Expensive
  • Can feel a little bulky compared to other bags

6. Yonex Pro Racquet 6

Yonex has a few bags out that are very high-quality, and this six-pack option is available in a few versatile colors for people to invest in if they wish. The logo is slightly bigger than some of the other bags out there, but most are fine with it if they play with Yonex racquets already.

The first thing that people notice with this bag is that it is very heavy duty. There are two very large compartments for racquets and extra gear.

While other bags offer great separation, this goes to another level as far as protection is concerned. That means no lingering smells or wetness will get from one part of the bag to the other.

Anyone looking for a long-lasting bag that hovers right around this price range will not find a much better option than this.


  • Heavy duty
  • Large compartments work for other types of storage
  • Great separation within the bag


  • Gets dirty easily

7. Wilson Roger Federer Team 6

Known as one of the cleanest looking tennis bags out there, this bag had to be included. Much like the Roger Federer option for the three racquets, this Wilson Roger Federer Team 6 is perfect for those trying to stay on a budget and still get something that is very high-quality.

There are quite a few features with this bag that normally are available at this price point, but it is always nice to find something that lives up to expectations.

Being able to wear this bag in a variety of ways helps tremendously. Many people do not want to be in a situation where they always have to wear it a certain way, especially if there is not much inside. This helps tremendously with that.


  • Roger Federer branding
  • High quality materials throughout
  • Multiple ways to wear the bag


  • Runs slightly expensive
  • Sticks out when people do not use Wilson racquets

Eight Racquets or More Tennis Bags

These are for the serious players, or those who plan on traveling with a lot of equipment. Only professionals tend to have more than eight racquets with them at a time, but that extra storage can really come in handy for carrying anything and everything.

8. Head Extreme Tour Team 9 R Supercombi

This is a nice, solid nine-pack bag that most people will find some type of used for. It is affordably priced, has pretty minimal markings, and will hold up as long as a person takes fairly good care of it.

The first thing a person will notice is that there are two main components, which can hold as many as three racquets each. There is also a compartment for an additional three racquets if a person needs to use it, but many people use that department for other gear.

With an exterior accessory pocket to keep any small items isolated, this has everything a person could need when heading to court and carrying a lot with them.

As is the case with a lot of Head bags out there, they like to have versatility as far as carrying the bag around is concerned. That means not only offering shoulder straps and grabbing certain parts of the bag in that way, but a padded handle as well that can be used to grab in the middle.

All in all, this is pretty lightweight for a bag that carries up to nine racquets. For those who need the extra space, it is there, but it can shrink down in size a bit if a person does not need it.


  • Very simple design with minimalist dimensions
  • Hold up to nine racquets in three separate compartments
  • Multiple ways to grab the bag


  • To carry nine racquets, a person has to sacrifice gear space
  • Could use an extra pocket or two

9. Yonex Pro Racquet 9 Pack

Yonex is another company that makes pretty consistent bags across-the-board, and this nine pack is certainly no different. Available in a few basic colors for people to enjoy, there are a total of three racquet departments in the bag that have climate protection technology.

That means a person can store their racquet without having any fear that something will happen, which is great news for many people out there.

The bag seems very heavy duty, which is great news for people who might not take the best care of their bag overall. It is built to last a long time, and it comes with all the separate compartments for everything a person can think of.

The shoe compartment is nice, and the extra pockets are great to make sure that people have their valuables protected as much as possible. It is a well put together bag with everything a person can ask for, and it remains one of the best sellers in this range.


  • Three climate protected compartments for racquet storage
  • Material is heavy duty
  • Shoe compartment is solid and dependable


  • Can get a little bulky when filled up
  • Yonex could offer a few more options for color choices

10. Babolat Pure Aero 12 Pack

The 12 pack option is not going to be needed by too many people out there, but it comes in handy for those who like to carry a ton of stuff with them at all times. There is room for a total of 12 racquets, but most people are going to use the different departments for other gear. Think about carrying some bulkier items to the court, and this type of bag will come in handy.

There is a lot of technology that goes into the bag, which is good news for people who want to make sure they have everything protected. For example, dirty and moist gear will not contaminate other parts of the bag as long as everything is stored in the right compartment.

There are two separate accessory pockets for people outside so that they do not scratch anything up and lose anything along the way.


  • Excellent option for people who carry a lot of racquets with them
  • Two separate accessory pockets for storage
  • Multiple carrying options


  • A little bulky for some who do not feel the bag up
  • Limited color choices

11. Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack

Finally, the biggest bag of them all that makes this list. While there are probably bigger tennis bags out there, the Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack bag is about all that anyone could ever ask for. There are two main racquet departments, and they both have Thermo guard technology, holding five racquets each.

There is also another compartment for additional five racquets if a person needs it, but that is usually reserved for gear.

The Thermo guard technology does not stop at the main racquet department. Some pockets protect valuables and smaller accessories if a person needs that. They are also lined with felt, which means that it will be a very gentle experience inside.

Some people will still be able to throw this over the shoulder and carry it to the court, but there are adjustable grab handles for people to use as well. Since it is so big, it can even be worn like a backpack so that there is not too much stress on a person’s body.

This is a fairly expensive bag, but with so much room, that is to be expected. Those who need the space might be better off investing in this than trying to carry two or even three bags at a time.


  • Capable of holding up to 15 racquets
  • Thermal guard technology keeps racquets safe
  • Every pocket for accessories are treated for great protection


  • A bit too big for most tennis players
  • Expensive

Tennis Backpacks

For a minimalist feel and easy moving around, a tennis backpack might be the best bag to go for. They do not tend to be that big, but most people do not need a bag that is huge if they are a casual player. It reduces the opportunity of people collecting more stuff than they need to, which might come in handy.

12. Wilson Super Tour 

Overall, this might be the best tennis specific backpack bag for people to opt for. Wilson has been in the game for quite a while, and this is a lightweight yet premium option that a lot of people can get behind.

Everything is design exactly for tennis, which is good news for those who may have settled for backpacks in the past that are more versatile. It protects racquets as well as possible, and has compartments for all types of gear.

The padding is put in place specifically to handle tennis gear inside, which is great news for those who do not want to have any extra pressure on their body.

Even if a person does not currently play with a Wilson racquet, this is a bag worth considering. It has pretty minor lettering on it, which many people seem to like so that they are not broadcasting a particular brand all the time.


  • Large main compartment that has padded dividers for each racquet
  • Side pocket options are gentle on any type of product
  • Numerous ways to grab and carry the bag


  • A little expensive compared to other backpacks
  • Some non-Wilson racquet users will not like a Wilson bag

13. Nike Brasilia XL

Although Nike advertises this bag as an option for many different types of athletes, it works well for tennis. There is enough size to put racquets in the bag, but people can also use it to carry around a laptop or something else like that.

With so many different pockets and compartments, a person never has to worry about any contamination either.

It is a pretty lightweight, minimalist option for those who want to travel fairly lightly. A person might have to pick and choose just what type of gear they bring with them, but it will work out for the best.

All in all, it is a good backpack that is affordably price, but people who are really into tennis and bring a lot with them might need to look elsewhere.


  • Very lightweight
  • Numerous compartments for all types of storage
  • Material is solid


  • Not built specifically for tennis
  • Might not be able to store everything a person needs on the court in one bag

14. Adidas Tour Tennis

This backpack is great for athletes who want to make sure they carry everything with them that they need in a pretty small footprint overall. With a main compartment that holds two or even three racquets, this is all that a lot of tennis players need when they are hitting the court.

What Adidas has done with this backpack is pretty remarkable. There is a lot of room for different items, such as a phone, wallet, keys, or even smaller devices. A person can keep all that separate from their tennis stuff as well, as there is still room for anything from extra grips to shoes.

With a durable build that seems to be up for handling different types of weather conditions, this is a bag that is built to last. As long as a person takes good care of it, it will hang in there for a long time.


  • Many different compartments
  • Handles all types of temperatures well
  • Big enough for shoe storage as well as racquet storage


  • Shoulder straps could be a little better
  • Dedicated shoe and dirty clothes compartment is a little flimsy

What To Look For In Tennis Bags

There are so many different tennis bags out there, and everyone is looking for something that fits exactly what they need. Since the vast majority of players are not carrying around 12 racquets, it might seem a bit excessive to go that big.

However, just because a bag can hold up to 12 racquets does not mean that it is only used for storage. Here is a closer look at how to pick the right tennis bag.

Number of Racquets

This is always a great starting point for people shopping around. If a person does not have room for all of the racquets that they want to bring to the courts, they will find it very tough.

The general recommendation is to buy something that will at least allow for one extra racquet if necessary. Maybe a person decides to buy another racquet, or they are demoing one to try things out. Having a little bit of extra space helps and makes a bag more future proof.

Additional Equipment

Racquets are not the only thing that a person brings to the court. Depending on what exactly a person wants to fit in their bag, they might need quite a bit of extra space to make it all work.

Shoes are always going to take up a decent amount of space, and many tennis players like to bring at least one extra pair. This can be for the chance of having a play on clay courts, or just to have a dry pair to change into.

Other larger items that go into bags can be training equipment, coolers, and more. Some people want to have every single thing easily fit into their bag. If that is the case, spend the extra money on a bigger option.

Wearing The Bag

Some people gravitate towards a tennis backpack or tote bag because of the ease of carrying it around. It is much less bulky, and that makes it very easy to pick up and go. With the bigger bags, they can feel bulky, even if there is a lot of room left.


As much as people try to take good care of their tennis bag, it goes through a lot when playing. Not only is it being picked up and thrown around multiple times a day, but the weather takes its toll as well.

Make sure the bag is built to last. Unless a freak accident occurs, a person should at least be able to get a year out of a tennis bag. Some people use the same tennis bag for years and years, and other than some mild fading, it still holds up.

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