Wilson vs Head: Which Tennis Brand Is The Best?

It’s very hard to go long in tennis without hearing the words Wilson or Head. These are two of the leading manufacturers in tennis right now, putting out everything from racquets to apparel.

There are fans of both companies, but which brand is the best of the two? While there might not be a definitive answer, this is a look at how they do in several different tennis categories. Ultimately, it will come down to what the person is looking for the most.


Wilson seems to be the clear-cut favorite right now when looking strictly at clothing. Head definitely had options available at stores, but they have never been able to break into the limelight as one of the best. Wilson is more widely available, and also tends to be a little more affordable.

Clothing from either company mostly sticks to the basics. People who invest in either company for clothing just want consistent performance without too much flash.

They are both generally cheaper than giants like Nike and Adidas, and the logos of both companies are never too flashy. It’s pretty much a tie with quality, but Wilson wins by just having more and being more available in stores and online.

Winner: Wilson

Tennis Shoes

Wilson and Head aren’t known for creating shoes that are seen a ton on tour, but they are pretty popular at the recreational level. They offer both cheaper options for casual play, or options with durability guarantees for players trying to get the most out of their shoes.

Head seems to offer more high-level tennis shoes right now, including the Revolt Pro and Sprint Pro. They come at a pretty big price, as some Sprint Pro options retailed for $185 when they were first released. They come with a durability guarantee, which is nice, but some players might not need this much shoe to play with.

For Wilson, they are a bit more budget-friendly, although they do have some high-end options that get up there in price as well. For example, the Rush Pro and Kaos Mirage are just as solid as any high-end shoe options out there right now from other companies, but they come in a little bit cheaper, which is nice.

Wilson really seems to find a market with their shoes by offering those affordable options right around $100. These might not have the best in technology, but they are good enough for the average player. Saving a little bit of money helps, and offering a few solutions in this range makes it nice for shoppers.

Head is probably the choice for shoes if a person has no particular budget in mind. For a little bit more variety and slightly cheaper solutions, Wilson is the better bet.

Winner: Head

Tennis Racquets

This is the category that the two tennis companies go head-to-head at the most. Racquets can really come down to personal preference, and both offer some high-end options for players with all types of different strengths and weaknesses.

First, a look at what Head offers. They are big on putting their different racquets in categories right now, as they have the Gravity, Speed, Radical, Prestige, Extreme, and Instinct for advanced players. They also have racquets for beginners, juniors, and those wanting a more classic feel.

All the racquets are high-quality and have a type of different features to allow players of all levels to find exactly what they want. They tend to be priced pretty much the same as Wilson, so no one‘s going to have too much of a problem with that. Durability is pretty much the same, and even the molds used for Wilson and Head are extremely similar.

Speaking of Wilson, they have been a little bit more innovative with their line of racquets. A lot of people have been talking about the Wilson Clash, as it brought new technology to make it the most comfortable modern racquet on the market. A lot of companies are playing catch-up to match that level, but Wilson had a bit of a head start.

From a classic standpoint, Wilson wins as far as racquets are concerned. Players can go with the long history of the Pro Staff for a classic feel, or they can jump up to the Clash or Blade to feel something that is much more modern. Customization options on Wilson’s website are also an added feature that many people have been taken advantage of.

Which Company Is The Best For Racquets?

It’s hard to pick a true winner here, but Head actually has a little bit more variety right now at the top level. Wilson is currently selling just five distinct categories of racquets for competitive players, while Head is offering six.

That might not seem like too much of a difference, and they’re very close, but there’s a better chance of somebody find exactly what they are looking for with Head. Giving both a shot when trying out racquets is the best way to go, as it just opens up more opportunities.

The two companies have so many similarities, that what one company offers will only be very slightly different from the other for specific play styles.

Winner: Head

Tennis Balls

It’s a pretty dominant win for Wilson when it comes to tennis balls, but that’s mostly because Head doesn’t seem to be all that focused on producing them at this point. They do have Pro, Team, and Championship balls that are pretty dependable, but they just aren’t readily available in most locations.

Their Head Tour and Head Tour XT balls are the premium versions, and while they have a lot of technology behind them, finding them is a little trickier than most realize. There’s also the lettering on the balls that some people don’t like, as it’s too bold and distracting from the ball itself.

Wilson produces just about the classic type of ball that everyone is looking for. Maybe it has to do with brand recognition and seeing it on tour at so many locations, but everything they offer is great with outstanding reviews.

The new Wilson Triniti balls are getting a lot of traction for their durability and high performance, as the company is trying something brand new with tennis balls that haven’t been seen in a long time. Of course, people can never go wrong with the U.S. Open balls for hard courts, or the Roland Garros balls for clay courts. Wilson takes this round without too much of a fight.

Winner: Wilson

I listed my up-to-date Wilson tennis balls recommendations in this post.

Final Verdict: Wilson or Head?

The two companies might be the most similar out of tennis brands at the highest level. Both seem to do a lot of the same things, with just slight variations here and there to make them unique.

Head might have a slight advantage in racquets, but Wilson is the winner in tennis overall. They just offer more options in the important categories, and it’s not like they are far behind at all with racquets.

For casual players, there’s really no reason to pick and choose between the two companies. Try them both out and see what ends up as a better fit. Some people become very loyal to Head, while others won’t buy anything else but Wilson racquets. As long as all the equipment works and the person is satisfied, that’s what matters at the end of the day.

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