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During his peak, Bjorn Borg was considered the standard in tennis. His 11 Grand Slam singles titles were extremely impressive, and he dominated in the sport before retiring at an early age of 26. His success led to some pretty great paydays back then, but how does his net worth look in today’s world?

What is Bjorn Borg’s net worth? It is hard to pinpoint exactly how much money Bjorn Borg is worth these days, but it is estimated to be around $30 million-$40 million. He was only able to win $3.6 million in earnings during his career, but he has stayed active in several ways to grow his wealth since then. He is still considered tennis royalty, and appearance fees alone help him financially.

Career Prize Money Earnings

For such a short career, Borg was able to win 11 Grand Slam singles titles. Six of them came at the French Open, and he won five consecutive Wimbledon titles as well. He didn’t participate much in the Australian Open, and he lost in the finals four times of the U.S. Open.

All of these years on the pro scene adds up to a total of $3.6 million earned through tournament prize money. In today’s world, he would make a lot more money for all those titles. However, the most money he ever earned for winning a title was 20,000 pounds at the 1980 Wimbledon Championships.

Fortunately, he had success in a lot of tournaments during his short career, winning a total of 64 titles. That helped him maximize his earnings in such a short career. He was seen as a player that was ahead of his time, mostly playing from the baseline with solid groundstrokes off of both sides. On top of some outstanding physical attributes, his mental approach was always viewed as a big reason why he was able to have success as well.

Outside of Grand Slam titles, he was able to win three season-ending championships, as well as 15 Grand Prix Super Series titles. He was able to perform well on any surface, which was a bit rare out of players at a time.


Borg had the game and looks to be a very solid endorser during his career, and that even carried over to his post-career He has always found some endorsement opportunities, which has helped him grow his net worth.

Racquet Sponsors

For most of his career, Bjorn Borg used Donnay racquets. He signed a deal with them in 1975, and his renewal rate in 1979 was $600,000 per year. He also received royalties from Donnay at the time, and that lasted until his retirement in 1983.

Before this deal, Borg played with Bancroft racquets in the United States. It seems crazy to think that he switched racquets depending on where he was playing, but the companies worked together in some ways to produce similar racquets.

Clothing Sponsors

Borg’s deal with Fila sticks out to tennis fans, as they put together some memorable looks for him over his career. To this day, it’s one of the more memorable looks in tennis history, and the logo was pretty front and center for the most part.

He wore a few different shoes throughout his career, ranging from Tretorn in the United States to Adidas in Europe. He was one of the first pro players to wear shoes from Diadora during his career as well. Shoe deals were not as locked in as they are now, so it is a bit hard to pinpoint exactly how much he was being paid by each company. He was still making roughly $50,000-$75,000, depending on the endorsement deal.

Other Endorsements

Borg is one of the first players to really embrace finding as many endorsement opportunities as possible. Some people were resistant of this at the beginning, as they turned into walking billboards in a lot of ways.

He would go well beyond tennis related products, as Borg had deals with companies like Tuborg (a Danish brewery). They would put their name right on his headband. There were also deals in his past ranging from Saab automobiles to Nutriment food supplement.

Other Wealth Contributors

There was no doubt that Borg turned into a pretty savvy business mind during his tennis career. Did that transfer over to his post playing career?

It is a bit of a mixed bag. There are still endorsement opportunities for him out there, but a few failed businesses almost led to bankruptcy around 2006. He was forced to sell some of his trophies, which alarmed many fans around the world who could not believe their beloved star was struggling.

Perhaps his best business venture to this day has been the Bjorn Borg Fashion brand. The company officially launched as World Brand Management, but took over the name later on. It has evolved into one of the most successful clothing lines in Sweden, and has pretty good representation around the world as well.

He makes appearances here and there to stay in the limelight a bit, but part of the reason he retired so early is that he was worn out from it all. The grind of traveling around the world and playing at a high level is tough, even if he made it seem incredibly easy.

Future Outlook

All signs indicate that his bankruptcy scare about 15 years ago is in the past. He does not have to be married to the game of tennis, but he will always receive support from that community if he needs it. He’s refrained from coaching or commentating much, but that might change as his youngest son Leo attempts to make it as a pro.

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