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The tennis career of Andy Murray took a terrible turn for the worst in recent memory, but he still out there grinding to get back to a competitive level. Whether he actually gets there or not, the first half of his career was pretty amazing. He was able to win multiple Grand Slam titles, reach number one in the world, and break the long losing streak at Wimbledon for players from the United Kingdom.

All that success on the court has led to quite a bit of money. Just how much is his current net worth? That number may surprise a lot of people, since he hasn’t had a chance to be a top-level player since the summer of 2017.

What is Andy Murray‘s net worth? It is estimated that Andy Murray has a net worth of roughly $100 million at this point in his life. With $54 million coming from tournament prize money. While that number could easily jump up, the British tennis player is 32 and battling back from a pretty severe injury. Most of his net worth comes from on-court earnings, but he also has some outstanding sponsorship deals with key brands.

Career Prize Money Earnings

During the early part of his career, Andy Murray was considered one of the best players never win a Grand Slam. He would consistently go deep in the tournament, often bowing out in a close match to a very tough player. That consistency gave him some solid money early in his career, but taking that next step would allow him to earn at a different level.

Here is a breakdown of how much Andy Murray have earned in prize money each year during his career.

YearPrize Money

All these years on the pro scene adds up to a total of $54 million earned through tournament prize money.

After multiple finals, his first major breakthrough was at the 2012 U.S. Open. This was the moment when he evolved from an exciting player to one of the best of the best. Winning the U.S. Open was nice, but winning at Wimbledon in the United Kingdom would take things to another level.

That happened the next summer, as he won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships for his second major. He would repeat the feat in 2016. Not only did he earn quite a big payday with prize money, but endorsements started rolling in once he finally got over the hump.

As good as Murray has been in majors, he is also a very strong player in the smaller tournaments. He has a total of 46 titles, and the biggest non-major victories include the 2016 Year End Championships, 14 ATP Masters 1000 titles, and two gold medals at the Olympics.


As the face of modern British tennis, Murray has parlayed that into quite a few endorsement deals. Even though he’s known for having a relatively dry personality at times, he’s also shown a lighter side and a sense of humor that has endeared him to fans all around the world.

Racquet Sponsors

The racquet of choice for Murray throughout his career has been some version of a Head Radical model. Of course, he has a slightly customized version from here, so it is not the same as what can be purchased at stores. He was known for having one of the heavier racquets on tour in the beginning of his career, but wrist problems have forced him to cut back a bit. You can read more about his racquet in this post.

Clothing Sponsors

The first major deal for Andy Murray was with Fred Perry. It seems like a fitting set up, as Perry was a talented British tennis player in his own right. However, in 2009, Adidas offered a deal that far surpassed what he was making with Fred Perry. He signed a five-year deal with a company, worth 30 million pounds.

After that deal ended, he signed a very similar contract with Under Armour that lasted for four years. Despite getting a lot of money for the deal, Murray was never heavily featured as much as one would think. Under Armour also failed to make a lot of specific items for him to sell the fans.

Currently, he is signed with Castore, and he says this will be his last deal before retiring. It is a fairly small company by tennis standards, but they are paying him well enough to keep him satisfied.

Other Endorsements

At his peak, Murray quickly turned into one of the most marketable players in tennis. A lot of that was connected to his home country, but he became an international star as well.

The Swiss watch manufacturer Rado has been with Murray since 2012, and he can be seen wearing their watches on and off the court. He also has deals with Standard Life, Jaguar, tennis mobile app Deuce, and more.

Other Wealth Contributors

With one eye on retirement, Murray is starting to pay more and more attention to other wealth contributors. He has made some business investments over his career, including with a foreign currency exchange firm and a company that focuses on employee wellness. As much money as he has made playing tennis, he seems to be very proactive about keeping that money over time.

Future Outlook

Murray is still in the middle of his comeback, and he is showing some promise as a decent competitor on tour. No one expects Murray to come back and be a Grand Slam champion late in his career, but he could still make some decent money simply playing the sport he loves.

He’s made so much money during his career that it would be very shocking to see him struggle too much. However, even if he is hurting for money, he can work in tennis very easily. His mother was his coach, and there is no reason he would not be in high demand if he goes that route. The same goes for any type of commentary job, as they are always looking for one of the all-time greats to join forces.

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