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When John Isner finished his college career at the University of Georgia, no one knew what to expect out of his professional career. The four-time All-American wrapped up his remarkable career by leading the Bulldogs to a national title as a senior, but would his game translate to the pros?

It is safe to say that he has made one of the best transitions from college stand out to consistent winner on tour in recent memory. That has led to quite a bit of prize money, and some solid endorsement deals as well.

What is John Isner’s net worth? John Isner is estimated to be worth around $30-$40 million at this point in his career. The 34-year-old has won $19 million in prize money, despite not starting his professional career until he was 22 years old. His success has led to endorsement deals and other opportunities to help round out his earnings.

Career Prize Money Earnings

John Isner might have started on the ATP tour a bit late compared to other tennis players, but he wasted no time becoming a legitimate threat at that level. He made the most of a few wildcard entries early on, but his biggest break came at the Washington Open in the summer of 2007.

A late withdrawal allowed him to take a wildcard spot, and he beat four top 100 players on the way to an appearance in the final. Andy Roddick ended up beating him, but with just one strong week, his ranking jumped to 193rd in the world.

A solid summer and fall led to his nerve finishing just outside the top 100 at the end of 2007. He broke into the top 100 the following February, and has not looked back since. In fact, he has been one of the most consistent players on tour, missing very little time due to any injuries.

Here is a breakdown of how much Isner have earned each year in prize money.

YearPrize Money Earnings

Isner has earned solid paydays throughout his career, but 2018 was definitely his most lucrative year. He reached the fourth round at the French Open, the semifinals of Wimbledon, and the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. Not only that, but he won his only Masters 1000 final at the Miami Open that year as well. It should come as no surprise that his highest ranking of his career happened in 2018, as he reached number eight in the world.

The North Carolina native has 15 titles to his name in singles, and another five in doubles. Staying healthy means having the ability to show up to tournament after tournament, and he usually lasts a while before bowing out every time.

Many people look at his serve as the reason being why he is always a very tough out no matter where he is playing. He gives players a ton of trouble trying to break his serve whenever they go up against him. Most of his matches include at least one tiebreak to determine a set. His first serve has allowed him to pick up over 12,000 aces, and that is a lot of free points with relatively little stress put on the body.


Isner gained a pretty big following when he made that run in 2007 right out of college, but the general public did not know him too much until he participated in the longest professional tennis match in history.

At the 2010 Wimbledon championships, he ended up defeating Nicholas Mahut in a match that took 11 hours and five minutes to complete. The three-day event became one of the biggest sports stories around the world at the time. He had endorsements at that time, but Isner’s name became a lot hotter after that match.

Racquet Sponsors: John Isner has been with Prince racquets throughout his professional career. He was a major signing for them right out of college, and his early success helped them with marketing quite a bit. It also helps that he has one of the most devastating serves in the game, showing people that Prince is a racquet worth investing in outside of some of the other more well-represented brands in the tennis world. You can read more about Isner’s racquet in this post.

Clothing Sponsors: Isner has been with a few different clothing sponsors throughout his career, including Nike and Lacoste. He switched to Fila at the beginning of 2016, and has been with the company ever since. Much like with his deal with Prince, Isner is featured a bit more with Fila compared to other companies out there.

Other Endorsements

It seems like Isner has really decided to look outside the box when it comes to other endorsements. He is not with traditional brands that sponsor tennis players, but he has found ways to get his name out there nonetheless.

Tamco building products is a very large roofing manufacturer, but most people would not associate them with tennis. Isner relied on his father‘s history as a building contractor in North Carolina to land a deal with the company.

He also made a little bit of history by signing the first CBD sponsorship with a company called Defy. They make a performance drink that has hemp extract in it, and Isner has been a strong supporter of the brand since release.

Finally, in one of the oddest endorsement deals out there for tennis, Isner has a deal with Bass Pro Shops. He is someone who has always enjoy the outdoors, and it seems like a perfect fit for him when given the opportunity.

Future Outlook

John Isner is now in his mid-30s, and one has to wonder just how many years he has left at the top of the game. What works in his favor is that tall players mainly relying on their serve have had long careers in the past. As long as he is making serves, he is going to be a threat to win every match. It usually comes down to performance in a tiebreak, and a loose point or two from the opposition could lead to a loss.

He may never be a huge earner like some of the other top players and tennis, but he has put together an incredibly successful career post-college.

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