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The career of Roger Federer is not done just yet, but the Swiss tennis player is already a living legend around the world. Many consider him the greatest tennis player of all time, and statistics back that up with his record 20 Grand Slam titles.

Not only has he found success on the court, but off the court as well. With all of those earnings, just how much is he worth at this point?

What is Roger Federer‘s net worth? Roger Federer is closing in on $500 million for his net worth at this point in his life. The 38-year-old is the second all-time leader in career earnings in ATP history, but what puts him in a class of his own is his marketability. Some savvy endorsement deals and investments have really allowed him to capitalize on his remarkable career.

Career Prize Money Earnings

Tennis players can’t start building their brand until they win big tournaments. Roger Federer has done that throughout his over 20-year professional career, with 20 Grand Slam titles, 31 total appearances in Grand Slam finals, 28 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, and a grand total of 103 trophies since turning pro.

Here is a breakdown of how much Roger Federer have earned through tournament prize money each year during his career.

YearPrize Money

All these years on the pro scene adds up to a total of $135 million, which makes Federer the second highest earner in ATP history.

Since turning pro in 1998, prize money in tennis has skyrocketed. His very first Grand Slam championship game in 2003, and he only received 575,000 pounds for that win. Compare that to his most recent title in London when he took home 2.2 million pounds for winning the 2017 championship, and it is shocking to see the growth.

Consistency has always been a huge contributor in the amount of prize money Roger Federer has won throughout his career. This is a guy who has rarely dealt with any injuries throughout his playing career. He did not miss a Grand Slam tournament from 1999 all the way to the 2016 French Open. Other than missing every French Open from 2016 to 2018 as part of a strategic resting move on his worst surface, he was absent from the 2016 US Open as well.

Federer holds the record for most consecutive tournaments making at least the semifinals, as his run started at the 2004 Wimbledon, and ended at the 2010 French Open. That dominant stretch allowed him to enter superstar status, and it also increased the popularity of the sport. There’s a reason why prize money continues to go up, and Federer can receive a lot of praise for helping with that.

It would be unfair to not look at his success in ATP Tour Masters 1000 tournaments as well. He has 28 titles to his name, and 22 runner-up trophies. All of that prize money starts to add up as well, which is just part of The roughly $130, million he has to his name just from winning.


Federer has turned into a dream for companies that end up working with him. He is universally loved in tennis circles, and he has turned into one of the most recognizable figures in all of sports. It also helps that he can speak multiple languages fluently, which allows him to endorsed products in very unique ways. He is still the gold standard for marketability in tennis.

Racquet Sponsors

Federer is notorious for being very particular about his rackets. He played the first part of his career with a 90 square inch head racquet from Wilson that was a bit smaller than most of his contemporaries. He was very reluctant to switch, as he relied on pinpoint control and low margin of error while playing at the highest level.

It was not until he started to slow down that he decided to go up and head size to his current Pro Staff RF 97 racquet. He stuck with Wilson the entire time, and has a long-term endorsement deal with them. You can read more about Federer’s racquet in this post.

Anything can happen, but it seems like Federer and Wilson will be linked for life. They technically have a lifetime deal in place, but it is hard to find the specifics to see if there are any ways to get out of it on either side.

Federer does more than just sell his specific racquet, which is why people believe that the Wilson deal is better for the company than the individual. His racquet is very specific to his playing style, and it often considered a bit too small for most players. A typical player would be better off with a bigger racquet.

Clothing Sponsors

Nike saw early potential with Roger Federer, signed him to a deal during the very early days of his career. He was very loyal to Nike, and they eventually gave him his own clothing line under their umbrella. Some of his most iconic looks became huge sellers for the company, and it helped them grow their tennis line considerably.

Many assumed that he would stick with Nike much like his lifetime deal with Wilson. However, Uniqlo came in with an offer that was simply too hard to pass up. In 2018, they offered him a 10-year contract worth $300 million to be the face of their tennis line. No deal like that existed before, especially for a guy at the tail end of his career. Even though the company is not particularly well known for sports clothing, they felt that he could help sell products across the board for them.

Federer has not completely left Nike, and he still receives some money for wearing their shoes on court. Uniqlo does not make performance tennis shoes, which is why he had to stick with Nike.

There was a bit of an issue getting his logo back from Nike, but that is finally resolved. It remains to be seen just what Uniqlo and Federer will do with it, if anything.

Other Endorsement Deals

It would be impossible to name all the different endorsement deals that Roger Federer has signed throughout his career. He’s found a way to turn into a global icon, and a lot of that comes down to being very strategic about what companies he worked with.

Some of the most lucrative endorsement deals include working with Rolex, NetJets, Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, and numerous Swiss companies. He routinely makes lists for highest paid athletes in the world, as well as those with the most lucrative endorsement deals.

It’s not always about money for Federer either when it comes to signing deals. He has become a lot more selective later in his career, focusing on companies he is truly passionate about in the end.

Other Wealth Contributors

A lot of the other well contributors for Federer at this time includes partnering up with companies that give him a steak. He has been very smart with his money so far, and it seems like he will really start to put more effort into other endeavors once he decides to call it quits from playing tennis at the highest level.

Instead of focusing solely on growing his money, he’s very passionate about working with different foundations to give back to the less fortunate in the world. The Roger Federer Foundation is the most recognizable, but he works with many others to do what he can.

With a net worth that is hovering right around half $1 billion, he does not have to worry too much about taking risks right now. He has a strong support team that helps him be smart with the money coming in.

Future Outlook

It seems as though Federer has been on the verge of retiring for the last few years. He is indeed becoming slightly less of a threat in the major tournaments, but he still seems to really enjoy playing the sport.

Eventually, the 38-year-old will have to step away from the game, and move into another role. He will have plenty of opportunities to do whatever he wants in tennis, or step away from the sport altogether. Many believe that he would make an excellent commentator if he wants to go down that route at all, but he might end up merely focusing on his growing family.

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