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With 20 Grand Slam titles and still plenty of top-level tennis left in him, Novak Djokovic is in the discussion as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The Serbian has dealt with some highs and lows throughout his professional career, but when he is locked in, few can challenge him.

That has lead to not only some significant paydays on the court, but some solid earnings from endorsement deals as well. He has evolved into one of the highest paid athletes in the world, and an icon in Serbia.

What is Novak Djokovic his net worth? Current estimates have Novak Djokovic at between $200 million and $250 million for his net worth. The majority of his earnings is from on the court success, as he is the all-time leader in prize money in men’s tennis history. Endorsement deals, sponsorships, and more have allowed him to increase his net worth each and every year while he is still in his prime.

Career Prize Money Earnings

Tennis is a sport that pays its players almost exclusively based on wins and losses. A few smaller tournaments offer appearance fees, but the only way to win prize money is to go deep in tournaments and win as many matches as possible.

Djokovic has done that at every level, with 20 Grand Slam titles and 35 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles to his name. He holds the distinction of being the only male player in tennis history to win all nine of the current Master 1000 series, showing consistency on any surface.

Beyond just outright winning tournaments, Djokovic is very well known for his consistency. Very rarely in his prime has he lost early in tournaments, meaning that he still takes home a good payday even without winning the title. For example, he has made it to at least the semifinals 37 times at Grand Slam events, and he had a streak of making at least the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam of 28 from 2009 Wimbledon to the 2016 French Open.

Here is a breakdown of how much Novak Djokovic have earned through tournament prize money each year during his career.

YearPrize Money

All these years on the pro scene adds up to a total of $144 million. Which makes him the highest earner in ATP history.

His largest paydays are all very recent, as he won the 2019 Wimbledon Championships, and the 2020 Australian Open. At Wimbledon, he took home 2,350,000 pounds for his five-set win over Roger Federer in the final, and then follow that up with a price check of AU$4.12 million for the 2020 Australian Open title over Dominic Thiem.

At this point, Djokovic has surpassed his main rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal when looking at total prize money. Considering that he is younger than them, it will likely be quite a while before anyone surpasses him on the list.

Djokovic will likely start to cut back his schedule a bit as he ages, but barring any type of injury, he should continue to compete at a very high level.


Being one of the top tennis players of all time certainly has led to quite a few endorsement opportunities. While he is not as marketable as his contemporaries Federer and Nadal, he still has found ways to make quite a bit of money.

Racquet Sponsors

Head has sponsored Djokovic for most of his professional career as his racquet of choice. He did briefly switch over to Wilson early on, but that only lasted a few seasons. Since 2009, he has used a few different paint jobs to represent the latest technology from the company. You can read more about his racquet in this post.

As the main brand ambassador for Head, Djokovic pulls in several million dollars a year with his contract and bonuses from them. He does not have a lifetime deal locked up with them, but it seems like they have a lasting partnership at this point. If he continues to win, they will have very little issue re-upping his deal when it runs out.

Clothing Sponsors

Djokovic has bounced around significantly with different clothing sponsorships during his pro career. Some of this has to do with brands having trouble financially, but Djokovic has never been able to match some of the other top players as far as marketability is concerned.

Djokovic has had deals with Adidas, Sergio Tacchini, and Uniqlo during his career, but he is currently with Lacoste. Since they do not put out performance level tennis shoes at this point, Djokovic has a shoe sponsorship deal with Asics. You can read more about his tennis shoes in this post.

Despite his success on the court, Djokovic has never really turned into a huge influencer with clothing. Part of it might have to do with bouncing around with sponsorship deals, but finding his gear is sometimes pretty difficult online and in stores.

Other Endorsement Deals

Other endorsement deals for Djokovic include Mercedes-Benz, Learjet, Seiko, Fitline, and more. He has a lot of smaller deals with Serbian-based companies that do not have the same global reach.

He has not spread himself too thin off the court just yet with other endorsement deals to this point. It will be interesting to see if he ever starts taking stuff on like that, but he does not seem too worried about it at this point.

One thing that does help with Djokovic’s marketability is the fact that he can speak multiple languages fluently. Companies have no problem putting him in front of American audiences from time to time, which will only help grow his brand even more. His sense of humor has been a little tough for some fans to read at times, but it shouldn’t be a major issue to dwell on.

Other Wealth Contributors

Djokovic has made so much money so far in his career that he has started looking for quite a few different investments. He runs a lot of his business ventures through family sport, which is the name of the entity run by his family members.

One of their biggest purchases came in 2009, when they purchased the Dutch Open and moved it to Belgrade to name it the Serbia Open. The tournament was held in Belgrade every year, and it officially became a 250 Level ATP event. Unfortunately, it only lasted four years, before being cancelled.

The Djokovic family has a background in restaurants, so a lot of their ventures have related to food in some capacity. When it is time for him to retire, look for Djokovic to spend more to on building out some of these business ventures as much as possible.

Future Outlook

The Serbian is in his early 30s, which used to be the age where most tennis players choose to retire. However, tennis players are spending more time at the top than ever before. He takes a lot of pride in his fitness, and that will likely lead to at least a few more years earning considerable money on tour.

It is largely assumed by the tennis community that Djokovic will one day be the all-time Grand Slam singles leader when it is all said and done.

Once Djokovic does decide to call it quits, he will have plenty of money to work with to explore many different type of business ventures. As long as he is smart with his investments, he should have no problem continuing to grow his wealth post career.

There is also a chance that he could have a commentating career if he wants to go down that route. He has shown quite a bit of charisma in interviews in the past, and seems intrigued to entertain down the road possibly. With as much money as he is pulling in, it might be hard to convince him to do that without getting quite a bit of money.

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