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The highs and lows of Andre Agassi throughout his career have certainly grabbed the attention of the sports world. At his peak, he was the best tennis player in the world, but during his lows, he was viewed in many ways as a failure. Life is back and as good as ever these days, as he has teamed with his wife Steffi Graf to form the most powerful couple in tennis history.

Through everything, how much is Andre Agassi worth? It might be hard to pinpoint exactly, but many people are interested in his story and how he’s achieved success.

What is Andre Agassi‘s net worth? Andre Agassi’s net worth is around $175 million-$200 million at this point in his life. Not only did he win considerable prize money during his playing career, but advertising and endorsement revenue also helped him significantly. Since retirement, he’s focused on some solid business decisions that have helped him continue to build a very successful life financially.

Career Prize Money Earnings

As one of the most talented all-around players in tennis history, Andre Agassi had a lot of success throughout his career. He finished with eight Grand Slam titles, and a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics.

Here is a breakdown of how much Andre Agassi have earned in prize money each year during his career (according to ATP).

YearPrize Money

His consistency when he was healthy allowed him to earn over $31 million throughout his career, which puts an eighth on the all-time leaderboard in earnings. At his time of retirement, he was second on this list, only to Pete Sampras.

Two things held him back a bit as a player. The first is that he skipped the Australian Open every year until 1995. Once he actually showed up to the tournament in Melbourne, he won it all. He would end up winning four Australian Opens in total, giving him an astounding overall record at the tournament of 48-5.

His tough stretch from 1987 to 1998 also left him in a very tough spot. He had a wrist injury that led to him only playing 24 matches during the 1997 season. This is also when he started using crystal meth at the time, and had a failed marriage with Brooke Shields. Some thought that he would fade away from the sport forever, but he was able to bounce back by the end of 1998.

Not only was Agassi very good at the Grand Slam events, but he played extremely well at the level just below as well. He finished his career with 17 Grand Prix Super Series/ ATP Super Nine/ATP Masters Series titles. He could win on any of the surfaces, taking titles on hard, carpet, clay, and grass.


Agassi’s legacy as a tennis player goes beyond just success on the court. He was one of the most marketable tennis players of all time, and he became the first true superstar for Nike. His unique style of play, plus his look, lead to plenty of opportunities.

Racquet Sponsors

Agassi started his career with Prince, and then moved to Donnay with his racquet sponsorship. However, most people remember him for his endorsement with Head racquets. He has a lifetime agreement with Head at this point in his life, and he tends to use some form of a Radical when he plays to this day.

Clothing Sponsors

The relationship between Andre Agassi and Nike lasted 17 years, and it led to some very memorable looks. Early in his career, he had some of the best hair in the sport, and his rebel reputation made him a perfect marketing tool for Nike in general. They would give him colorful looks, pushing the envelope as much as possible from a tennis fashion perspective.

His look with clothes was so iconic that he wore a wig for a while to preserve the younger appearance, as well as a Nike headband to keep it in place. It is unclear how much of a role Nike played in pushing for that look, but Agassi was conscious about his appearance as well.

For roughly eight years, Agassi left Nike to sign an endorsement deal with Adidas. Agassi has stated that he left Nike because they would not donate to some of his charities, and Adidas would. Eventually, Agassi would re-join Nike in 2013, and he still has a solid partnership with them to this day.

Other Endorsement Deals

Agassi has dealt with a lot of different companies throughout his tennis career. During his playing days, he had sponsorship deals with Dupont, Mountain Dew, Mazda, American Express, Deutsche Bank, and more.

Since retirement, he’s also worked with companies like Longines, Nintendo, Canon, Genworth Financial, and more. A lot of his sponsorship deals at this point in his career are also with his wife, tennis legend Steffi Graf.

Other Wealth Contributors

Legacy has stayed very active not only in tennis, but outside it as well since retirement. A lot of his focus has been on philanthropy, but he has also explored some business ventures. Some of them have done very well, while others, such as the Official All-Star Café with several other prominent athletes, ended up failing.

His autobiography made quite a few headlines once released, and it became a number one on the New York Times bestseller list as well. It has won awards for its openness, and fittingly, it’s titled: Open: An Autobiography.

With the wealth of both Agassi and Graf, they like to focus on philanthropy more than anything. He opened the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in 2001, and in general, he has a large focus on education over everything.

Future Outlook

Agassi made enough money from playing and endorsements during his career to be set financially for a long time. Couple that with his wife’s money, and he can pick and choose which tennis related things he ends up doing. It’s good to have options as a retired tennis player, and he has set up everything nicely.

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