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For years, people have been waiting for the break out of Grigor Dimitrov at a Grand Slam event. Nicknamed Baby Federer, many thought that he would be competing for Grand Slam titles by now. It has not gone exactly as planned, but the Bulgarian stand out has been able to grow his net worth considerably in the last few years as a consistent top 20 player.

What is Grigor Dimitrov’s net worth? At this point in his career, many believe that Grigor Dimitrov is hanging around $30 million for his net worth, with $18.5 million coming from prize money earnings. It’s not quite at the level as some of the other tennis players with moderate success, but he still has years left in his prime to see an increase.

Career Prize Money Earnings

The majority of Grigor Dimitrov’s net worth comes from his success on the court. His prize money is roughly $18.5 million so far in his career, thanks in large part to his success at a few majors. He’s reached three semifinals at Grand Slam events, but has yet to break through beyond that at any of them.

Here is a breakdown of how much prize money Dimitrov have earned during his career, separated by each year.

YearPrize Money

His top titles at this point in his career both came in 2017. He won the Cincinnati Masters by taking out Nick Kyrgios in the final. Later, he would get the best of David Goffin in the ATP Finals. These wins helped pave the way to his highest career ranking of #3 in the world. Which all added up for his most lucrative year, with $5.58 million earned from prize money only.

Dimitrov has six other titles to his name, with the 2014 Mexican Open as the most notable. He has shown to be a solid threat in best-of-three tournaments, but can’t seem to get over the hump in best-of-five majors.


With Dimitrov’s popularity and success on court have made him a very appealing marketing figure for big companies. Below is a brief look at his main racquet and clothing sponsors that have supported Dimitrov during his career.

Racquet Sponsors

The beautiful strokes of Dimitrov make plenty of amateurs want his exact racquet. He is signed with Wilson, just like his idol Federer. He uses a relatively small head size right now, but his clean strokes do not make it too much of an issue. It also helps to go with a racquet that plays well with a one-handed backhand. You can read more about his racquet in this post.

Much like with Nike, Dimitrov is a secondary pro endorser for them. That leads to a smaller paycheck, but there are likely incentives in his deal if he wins majors, reaches a certain ranking, etc.

Clothing Sponsors

A clothing sponsorship with Nike is certainly one that a lot of people on tour are envious of, even if he is not pulling in the same money as the likes of Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams. They do not design anything specifically for him, but he does get an opportunity to wear a few things that are player exclusive colors. If he were to break out and take his game to the next level, they would slowly starting giving him more of his own unique look.

Other Endorsements

Outside of his racquet and clothing sponsorship, his biggest endorsement deal is with Rolex. He has been with the watch company for a while now, and has been spotted in a few different advertisements for the company. It seems like he is a genuine fan of the brand, so landing a deal that was reportedly about $500,000 per year back in 2014 is certainly lucrative.

He’s also has a deal with Haagen-Dazs, although it is unclear how much they pay him to be a global brand ambassador. Dimitrov seems to be very picky about what company is he works with, which is not always a bad thing.

Other Wealth Contributors

Since Dimitrov is still in the peak of his career, he has not had that much opportunity to expand his worth in other areas. There will be chances for him to make additional money down the road if he wants to be a coach or commentate. Both his parents were teachers growing up, so he could follow that path.

He could also get involved in certain endeavors that have nothing to do with tennis. One could guess that he will at least double his career earnings, given that he stays injury-free.

Future Outlook

It seems like Dimitrov has been around for a while, as he turned professional at just 17 years old. However, he is only 28, and he is coming off a solid 2019 season in which he finished the year with a semifinal appearance at the U.S. Open. If he can stay injury-free, he will have opportunities here and there to compete for a Grand Slam championship. Maybe the biggest win of his career will stay as the 2017 Tour Final winner, but there are very few players with the talent he has.

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