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Despite still being relatively young on tour, Nick Kyrgios has had an interesting career to this point. The Australian is considered one of the most talented players in tennis right now, and he has reached a high of number 13 in the world.

While he has had success, many fans are distracted by his lackluster effort at times, his outbursts, and his outspokenness on and off the court. He can be polarizing at times, which actually works in his benefit from an earnings perspective off the court. 

What is Nick Kyrgios’ net worth? It is estimated that Nick Kyrgios has a net worth somewhere around $10 million at this time. Although he has only won $8.5 million in prize money throughout his professional career, he has some solid endorsement deals that help boost his earnings.

Career Prize Money Earnings

It has been a career of highs and lows for Nick Kyrgios up to this point. The Australian is one of only three players to beat Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic the first time playing, and the only want to do so when all three were in their relative prime. That allowed him to build up a solid reputation, and his skill on the court makes him a threat in every tournament he enters.

Tennis players make the most money at Grand Slam events, and unfortunately, Kyrgios has not been doing well lately. He reached his only two quarterfinals at Wimbledon in 2014, and the Australian Open in 2015. Since then, he has not made it past the third round, and some are starting to wonder if he has what it takes to win in a best of five set.

Here is a breakdown of how much Nick Kyrgios have earned each year in prize money.

YearPrize Money Earnings

In small tournaments, he has had relative success so far in his career. He made one ATP Masters 1000 final, when he lost to Grigor Dimitrov at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters. He is 3-1 in ATP World Tour 500 Series finals, and 3-1 in ATP World Tour 250 Series finals. This includes a pretty good run at the Mexican Open and Washington Open in 2019.

Fans and fellow players see the skill Kyrgios has and considers him an unfinished product at this point. Even though he is starting to get up there in age as far as breaking out is concerned, it is not out of the question for him to put it all together at some point. He has a very aggressive approach to the game, and when his serve is on, he can dominate anyone.

Why Kyrgios Haven’t Earned More

One of the reasons why people believe he has been held back a bit is due to his lack of passion for the game. He has even stated at times that he is not a player who loves tennis as much as other players on tour. It takes a lot of dedication to consistently win on tour, and he has not been able to put it all together just yet.

Eating into his net worth a little bit are all the fines he has received so far throughout his career. He has picked up numerous code violations for anything from audible obscenities to smashing racquets. He set an ATP record with a $113,000 fine at the 2019 Cincinnati Masters tournament, mostly picking on umpire Ferguson Murphy and abusing him verbally.


Kyrgios might be a bit polarizing, but it has not hurt his endorsement deals too much. Although he has lost deals with underwear and clothing brand Bonds and Malaysia Airlines due to his actions, he is still making a considerable amount of money with a few other big brands.

Racquet Sponsors: The Australian is one of the most prominent pro athletes endorsed by Yonex. He has been using the company for a long time now, and that will likely continue as long as both sides are happy. Yonex does not have too many top players on tour right now, so they are looking to hold onto as many as possible. You can read more about Kyrgios’ tennis racquet in this post.

Clothing Sponsors: Nike has been the clothing and shoe sponsor of Nick Kyrgios for a long time as well. He has been very loyal to the company, even when he was not nearly as highly regarded as he is now. Nike went as far as to give him a shoe collaboration with fellow Australian native Kyrie Irving to help grow his brand. You can read more about Kyrgios’ tennis shoes in this post.

Other Endorsements

The most notable additional endorsement for Nick Kyrgios is with Beats by Dre. He comes out to every match with Beats on his ears, listening to his particular music that gets him ready for the match. He has stated in interviews how passionate he is about music in general, so the endorsement deal is a perfect fit.

Future Outlook

Most tennis players are starting to reach their peak by mid-20s in tennis. Even though the top players in the world are playing at an advanced age more than ever before, it is hard to take the next step if it is not done early in the career. This does not bode well for Kyrgios, who has never experienced a breakthrough into the top 10 in the rankings. Not only that, but not making it to a quarterfinal since 2015 in a Grand Slam is going to limit his overall earnings.

There is no doubt that he is still polarizing, but his reputation did get a bit of a boost thanks to his leading role in helping out with the bushfires in Australia in 2019. He not only donated money, but set up an exhibition to help raise funds for victims as well. If he can grow into a player who focuses more on tennis and less on outbursts, there is still plenty of time to grow his net worth.

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