Roger Federer’s Tennis Racquet

Many consider Roger Federer one of the best tennis players in the history of the sport. When he is playing at the highest level, he makes the game look completely effortless. His ability to hit clean balls on both wings, not to mention his beautiful serve, is the envy of many.

After watching a match of his, many players themselves wonder, what racquet does Federer play with? That’s what I will go through in this post.

What racquet does Roger Federer play with? Roger Federer currently plays with a pro stock version of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Federer strings his racquet with Wilson Natural Gut in the crosses and Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the mains.

Is The Racquet Actually What It Looks Like?

Most people who follow tennis understand that every single player is extremely specific about their racquets. That means that minimal changes are made all the time, and players might not use exactly what they are advertising to the public.

When Federer announced that he would be changing racquets and using a 97 square inch racquet head instead of a 90 square inch racquet head, many were skeptical if this was the truth.

Some thought this was a marketing ploy, simply because sales were starting to drop off at Wilson. It was getting tougher and tougher for a company to sell what was essentially an outdated racquet. The good news is, Federer finally realized the out of date racquet was not doing him any favors either.

Federer’s Racquet Compared To What Is On Sale Online

Now that it has been a few years, there have been plenty of actual racquets floating around that people have examined thoroughly.

What they have found is that Federer’s racquet is actually pretty close to what a customer can buy online. There are some slight customizations to the frame, as Federer’s actual racquet has a little more mass, as well as a higher swing weight. Everything else plays pretty much exactly the same.

Of course, having his racquet is not going to instantly make a player better. For starters, he has the best string, and he doesn’t play with string long before it is cut out.

The ability to switch racquets throughout a practice or a match also helps. Of course, there is also the fact that he is one of the greatest tennis players in the world, but that’s beside the point.

Wilson should be commended for keeping their retail version pretty close to what Federer uses. Not every company comes this close to the racquets they sell. 

Specs Of Roger Federer’s Racquet

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97, retail version, has the following specifications:

  • Head Size: 97 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight (strung): 12.6 ounces
  • Balance: 12.38 inches
  • Swingweight: 335
  • Stiffness: 68
  • Beam Width: 21.5 mm
  • String Pattern: 16/19

Federer’s Racquet Customization

For Federer’s on-court racquet, it varies depending on the time of the year, the tournament location and more. On average, he adds a little bit of weight to the frame, which increases the swing weight slightly. He uses a custom grip that is very close to a standard 4 3/8 grip size (#2). He also adds an overgrip to build up the size of the handle slightly.

While the frame is important, the string Federer uses also plays a major factor in his game. Right now, he uses Wilson Natural Gut 16 in the Mains of his racquet at about 59lbs, and Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L in the crosses at about 56-57lbs. He tends to switch this up a bit more depending on the surface, the humidity, the time of day and more. 

Most casual players will want to look for durable string, since they will not be able to afford cutting string out and replacing it nearly as often as Federer.

There are some really good options for people to mess around with, including the two Federer uses himself. Tension will also make the racquet play a little differently, so it might take a few string jobs to find the right setup.

How Does The Racquet Play?

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is one of the most popular racquets on the market today. It is designed for all players 4.0 and up, and it has a lot of benefits for different types of players.

The first two things a person will notice when they try out this racquet for the first time is that it is pretty heavy, and it provides excellent control. This is a racquet that takes some getting used to, but it rewards players who can handle the extra weight.


Players should expect great control with plenty of power using the RF97. The balance of the racquet does not make it appear to be too heavy, and the extra weight adds some heaviness to balls as they explode off the string bed.

In the beginning, there might be some general soreness from the frame, but that is to be expected. After a few uses, it fades away, and most people are more than satisfied with serving.


This racquet adds some depth and control to a player’s game. It allows for deeper shots, without having to swing extra hard to do so. The ball goes where a person wanted to go, and that’s a satisfying experience.

Maneuverability is a little tough sometimes with a lot of pace on the ground, and that hurts returns in general. Once a person is able to adjust accordingly, groundstrokes should be as solid as ever.


Many people who use the RF97 are very happy with their volleys. It has a certain level of stiffness to the frame that comes in handy when redirecting hard shots. The stability is second to none compared to other racquets out on the market, which makes this a great racquet to use in doubles.


As long as the person is fine with a slightly smaller head size at 97 square inches, this is a player’s racquet to check out. Not only is it officially signed off by Roger Federer, but it is just a great racquet that would be a favorite even without his name. You can read our full review in this post.

Who Should Use Federer’s Racquet?

The official Wilson racquet endorsed by Roger Federer is recommended for players rated 4.0 and above. It is a players racquet that can be pretty tough to handle for those beginners out there. Even casual players who have some basic understanding of playing tennis competitively will probably want to opt for something a little lighter and bigger.

For players who can consistently hit the sweet spot, this is a very rewarding racquet. It is one of the best racquets out right now as far as control is concerned, and it will not limit power at all.

Compared to other racquets out there, many like to compare it to the Yonex V Core Dual G 97 330g. It also plays a little similarly to the Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro.

As is the case with any new racquet, try to test it out before committing to a purchase. This is the only true way to get a feel for how it plays, and if it is going to be worth investing in.

Can You Buy Federer’s Racquet?

Every single major tennis website and store sells the Wilson Pro Staff RF97. Since it is so close to what he uses on court, people should feel confident with their purchase and tell people it is the racquet he uses.

He has been playing with a similar model for a few years now, after being one of the holdouts with a small 90 inch racquet in the past. The good news for players now is that this racquet is much more playable for someone of average skill. His racquet before was not forgiving at all for beginners, or even 4.0-4.5 players.

With Federer’s name attached to the model, the price is a little on the high side at around $240-260 retail. It is available in grip sizes 1 to 5. There are lighter models available with similar specs, for those people who might not be able to handle the 12.6 ounces of the official racquet. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts On Federer’s Racquet

Over the years, Roger Federer has evolved into one of the most beloved tennis players in the world. People love watching him play, and many would love to emulate him on the court. His Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is a racquet worth looking into for any tennis player who is a 4.0 or above. 

Wilson has done a great job making him a racquet that not only works for him, but works for the more casual player as well. Don’t be afraid to customize it a bit to get just the right feel. Some people will add some lead tape to the head and/or handle for some added weight. Others might simply go with some different string to get the perfect feel.

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