Johanna Konta’s Tennis Racquet

Johanna Konto is a british tennis player that I would call a late-bloomer. She have always been a good tennis player, but in the recent years, she have stepped up her level and been one of the strongest contenders at the grand slam tournaments. She haven’t yet been crowned as a grand slam champion, but with her improvements in recent years, she have good chance of becoming one in the near future.

Konta is currently one of most consistent players on the WTA Tour. She have only own 3 titles so far in her career, but I would be very surprised if that amount won’t double just in a year or two. She is not only one of most consistent players one WTA Tour, she is also one of most popular, especially during Wimbledon that is played in her home country.

With all the popularity and success on court, many asks what racquet she uses to compete at the highest level. That’s what we will go through in this post.

What racquet does Johanna Konta use? Johanna Konta currently plays with Babolat Pure Aero racquet. Konta have used this racquet during most of her career and doesn’t seem to be changing her racquet setup in the near future. She strings her racquet with Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast.

Johanna Konta Racquet Specs

The Babolat Pure Aero Racquet Specs

  • Head size: 100 sq inches
  • Length: 27 inches 
  • Weight: 11.3 oz /320g (Strung)
  • Balance: 4 Pts HL
  • Beam width: 23/26/23 mm
  • String pattern: 16×19
  • Stiffness: 67
  • Swing weight: 323

Can You Buy Johanna Konta’s Racquet?

The Babolat Pure Aero is not just one of the most popular racquets on the Women’s and Men’s Tour, but also at the recreational level. The Babolat Pure Aero is a good racquet for all levels. It’s one of the most spin-friendly racquets on the market, while it doesn’t lack power and control.

As I said, the Babolat Pure Aero is one of the most popular racquets in tennis. So, it’s pretty much available everywhere. The price differ a lot depending on where you buy it, but as I’m writing this, I found the best price on Amazon.

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