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Andy Roddick is considered to be the last great United States born male tennis player by many experts. The former number one player in the world only found a way to win one major, but he had a long, successful career many would be incredibly proud of. His success led to some substantial prize money, although it might not be as much as some people would imagine.

What is Andy Roddick’s net worth? Andy Roddick is estimated to be worth approximately $30-$35 million at this point in his life. He earned just over $20 million throughout his playing career, and endorsements associated with his tennis make up a huge part of his earnings as well. Since retirement, he has transitioned into several different types of media, which has allowed him to grow his earnings. He also has a ton of endorsement deals to this day.

Career Prize Money Earnings

As a player known for his power, especially on serve, any Roddick was one of the most challenging opponents players could face at the peak of his powers. He had one of the fastest serves in the game, sometimes reaching over 150 mph. His second serve was also devastating, as it had a heavy topspin on the ball that made it tough for players to creep up on and hit cleanly.

Unfortunately, the rest of his game was not as consistent as his serve. He had a really good forehand, but his backhand and movement was average. This is what kept him from a level of consistency that would have allowed him to earn more money throughout his career.

Here is a breakdown of how much Andy Roddick have earned in prize money each year during his career.

YearPrize Money

All these years on the pro scene adds up to a total of $20 million earned through tournament prize money.

His one Grand Slam win came in 2003, when he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in the final at the U.S. Open. Since his win came so early in his career, he actually made similar money for finishing as the runner up at Wimbledon in 2009. He had two other Wimbledon runner-up finishes, plus one U.S. Open runner-up. All four times, he lost to his biggest rival, Roger Federer.

Roddick found a way to win five Master Series finals, including two titles each in Cincinnati and Miami. His other win came in 2003, when he won the Canadian Open.

In total, he finished his career with 32 titles, and a lot of long runs in major events. He probably could have played a while longer and hung around the top 30 or 40 in the world, but he retired relatively early in 2012.


Roddick had a pretty consistent look throughout his career, and that led to some pretty good endorsement deals. He has stayed pretty active post-retirement, making sure that he stays relevant enough to earn some solid money.

Racquet Sponsors

Babolat used Andy Roddick as their main endorser for their Babolat Pure Drive line. It is a racquet known for helping with a strong serve, so it made perfect sense for him to be the face. The racquet went through some tweaks throughout the years, and Babolat released many different versions as well. It became part of his look, and the company sold many racquets thanks in large part to his popularity worldwide.

Post-retirement, he has been spotted with a blacked-out racquet at times. It is unclear if he still has a working relationship with Babolat, or if he is trying to look elsewhere.

Clothing Sponsors

The early part of Roddick’s career had him wearing Reebok apparel. They had him signed through 2005, when Lacoste came in with a five-year deal worth $25 million. After signing that deal, he then also agreed to wear Lacoste eyewear for an added million. Since Lacoste does not make performance tennis shoes, he switched to Babolat shoes, which became part of his signature gear. The company gave him a few signature shoes during his time, and he received good money for that.

Now that his playing days are over, he is an investor and ambassador for Travis Matthew apparel. He wears clothing from the company every time he takes the court in exhibition matches.

Other Endorsements

As a new face of American Tennis, Roddick landed numerous endorsement deals early on in his career. His personality allowed him to stay in the limelight, even when he was no longer winning Grand Slam titles or even competing for one.

One of his biggest endorsement deals off the court is with Lexus. He’s also had deals with the likes of American Express, Rolex, Microsoft, Arizona Beverage Company, Powerade, and more.

Other Wealth Contributors

Roddick always gave some of the most memorable interviews after matches, so it comes as no surprise that he has turned to media post-retirement. He has worked in radio and television from time to time, but doesn’t have anything super consistent just yet.

He is very focused on his personal life as of right now, as he has two younger children with his wife Brooklyn Decker. His wife is also an accomplished model and actress, so they have a solid amount of money to work with at the time to focus on other things.

Future Outlook

Roddick has the personality and the connections to do a variety of things in the tennis world if he wishes. There are also plenty of opportunities for him to branch out beyond the sport and start earning more money that way.

Whatever ends up happening, most people believe that we certainly haven’t heard the last of Roddick. He is still the last American male to win a Grand Slam, and that’s always going to matter to companies. Some think he would make a very good coach if he put his mind to it, but we are probably a few years away from seeing exactly what he has planned.

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