15 Richest Tennis Players In The World (2022 Rankings)

For the best players on the planet, tennis is a very lucrative sport. Apart from collecting trophies and making history, the prospect of earning large sums of money is a great motivation for all players. 

The top earners mainly make their fortunes through prize money and endorsement deals with famous companies. In this article, we will have a look at the 15 richest tennis players in the world who are still active as of 2022. 

15. Victoria Azarenka $20 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $20 million 
  • Prize Money: $34 million 

Victoria Azarenka is best known for being a 2-time Australian Open champion in singles. In mixed doubles, she is a 2-time Grand Slam winner and an Olympic gold medallist. Her other notable accomplishments include 10 WTA 1000 trophies and a year-end number 1 finish. 

Azarenka has been a very successful player in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Altogether she has 33 titles from 66 finals and a hefty sum of prize money to match. 

Azarenka is sponsored by Nike and Wilson, whose clothing and equipment she sports during matches. Some of her non-tennis contracts are with American Express, Red Bull, Citizen Watch, and others. These partnerships have helped to increase her net worth.

14. Stan Wawrinka $20 Million

The only Swiss player to ever come close to matching Roger Federer is Stan Wawrinka. Wawrinka shocked the world by beating both Djokovic and Nadal on his maiden Grand Slam title run at the 2014 Australian Open. He backed up his status as a Grand Slam champion with two more majors in the following years. 

Wawrinka is an Olympic doubles champion, Davis Cup winner, and former world number 3. With 16 titles from 30 finals, Wawrinka has collected $35 million in prize money in his career thus far. 

Wawrinka is sponsored by Yonex, which provides him with rackets, clothing, and shoes. He also has lucrative deals with companies such as Evian and Audemars Piguet

13. Juan Martin Del Potro $20 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $20 million 
  • Prize Money: $26 million 

The Argentine giant made his big breakthrough by beating Roger Federer in the 2009 US Open final. He reached the final of the same tournament 9 years later but fell short. Apart from his 22 singles crowns, he has two Olympic medals and a Davis Cup trophy in his collection. 

Though lots of time in his career has been lost due to injuries, Del Potro has made a real impact on men’s tennis and become one of the more popular players on tour.

His powerful groundstrokes and possibly the best forehand in tennis history have earned him many high-profile victories as well as $26 million in prize money. 

Del Potro is not only popular among fans ― brands have taken an interest and formed partnerships with him too. He has endorsements from Rolex and Peugeot as well as Nike and Wilson, which provide him with equipment.

12. Petra Kvitova $24 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $24 million 
  • Prize Money: $33 million 

The Czech double Wimbledon champion has claimed a total of 28 titles throughout her career so far. Kvitova has been ranked as high as world number 2 and also has a World Tour Finals title and Olympic bronze on her resume.

Thanks to her fantastic level of play over the years, she has become the 7th all-time earner in women’s tennis. 

She wears Nike clothing and uses Wilson rackets, and therefore has sponsorship deals with both companies. Petra Kvitova also earns money through partnerships with Audi, IMG, and Unicredit Bank. 

11. Kei Nishikori $24 Million

The extremely talented Japanese sensation Kei Nishikori made his first major final appearance at the 2014 US Open but is yet to win a title at this level. He has won 12 career titles and has reached the quarter-final stage (or beyond) of every Grand Slam on multiple occasions. 

Despite his lack of majors, Nishikori’s many match wins at the most prestigious events have rewarded him with a sustained high ranking and a massive $25 million in prize money. 

Kei Nishikori is an extremely popular figure in Japan and, as such, is partnered with the Japanese company Uniqlo for his on-court clothing. He plays with Wilson rackets, and also has contracts with other brands such as Tag Heuer and Japan Airlines. 

10. Svetlana Kuznetsova $30 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $30 million 
  • Prize Money: $26 million 

Russian professional player Svetlana Kuznetsova is a four-time Grand Slam winner ― twice in singles and twice in doubles. She reached a career-high of number 2 in the world and has claimed 34 top-level titles in total. 

In singles and doubles, Kuznetsova has reached 11 major finals as well as 19 WTA 1000 finals. With such consistent results over the years, it’s hardly surprising that Svetlana has amassed such an impressive amount of prize money (the 10th highest of all time). 

Kuznetsova uses Head rackets to play and wore Fila clothing for a long time. She later switched to the Chinese brand Qiaodan.

9. Angelique Kerber $30 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $30 million 
  • Prize Money: $31 million 

Angelique Kerber is one of the most successful German tennis players since Steffi Graf. She managed to win the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open between 2016 and 2018. During that period, she rose to number 1 in the world rankings and secured an Olympic silver medal too. 

In singles, she has reached 30 finals and has 13 titles to her name. This, combined with her numerous strong performances at Grand Slam and WTA 1000 tournaments, has made her the 8th all-time earner in women’s professional tennis. 

Along with prize money, Kerber’s deals with her clothing and racket manufacturers (Adidas and Yonex) have added to her net worth. She has also signed contracts with well-known brands like Porsche and Rolex. 

8. Simona Halep $30 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $30 Million 
  • Prize Money: $38 million

Simona Halep has been one of the most dangerous players on the women’s tour in recent years. After losing her first three Grand Slam finals, she put her name in the history books with the 2018 French Open. Halep repeated this major success with her 2019 Wimbledon triumph. 

Her other notable achievements include two year-end number 1 finishes, plus 8 WTA 1000 titles. With 22 titles, Simona Halep has been a consistent player at the highest level and has been duly rewarded with $38 million in career prize money. 

Due to her popularity in Romania, Halep advertises for Vodafone and Mercedes Benz in her home country. She has previously worn Lacoste and Adidas clothing, though her current equipment providers are Nike and Wilson.

7. Naomi Osaka $45 Million

  • Total Net Worth: $45 million 
  • Prize Money: $20 million 

The young Japanese superstar Naomi Osaka stormed onto the elite tennis scene by famously defeating Serena Williams to secure the 2018 US Open title. She swiftly followed this up with the 2019 Australian Open crown and subsequently climbed to number 1 in the world. 

Although still a young player, Osaka has already collected four majors. These remarkable title runs have contributed hugely to her $20 million in prize money. With so many years ahead of her, this number will rise significantly. 

Even at a young age, Osaka has proven to be very marketable. This has enabled her to secure sponsorship deals with Nissan, Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer, and others. When competing, she wears Nike clothing and plays with Yonex rackets.

6. Venus Williams $95 Million

The older of the Williams sisters has 23 Grand Slam titles from singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Apart from holding the number 1 ranking as a singles and doubles player, she is a four-time Olympic champion. 

In her long and successful career so far, Venus Williams has earned 73 titles and an impressive $42 million in prize money, which is the 3rd highest amount in the history of women’s tennis. 

Away from professional tennis, Venus has earned significant amounts through sponsorships and business endeavors. She has contracts with Nike and Wilson for her on-court equipment. She promotes other brands too, including Ralph Lauren. 

5. Andy Murray $100 Million

The British/Scottish tennis hero is one of the few players who has consistently challenged “The Big 3” throughout his career. He ended the Grand Slam drought in British tennis by claiming the 2012 US Open. He followed this up with two Wimbledon crowns, as well as two Olympic gold medals.

Andy Murray broke another deadlock by becoming the only player outside “The Big 3” to finish as a world number 1 since 2003. His 46 singles crowns (including 3 majors) plus countless deep runs at tournaments have earned him a hefty $62 million in total prize money. 

On the court, Murray used to wear Adidas clothing but is currently partnered with Castore. He plays with Head racquets and has other sponsorship deals with companies such as the car manufacturer Jaguar and the investment firm Standard Life. 

4. Rafael Nadal $200 Million

One player who is no doubt in the race for the men’s GOAT title is Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard is tied with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on 20 majors and has been especially dominant on clay courts. Overall he is a fierce competitor and a tough matchup for anyone. 

Thanks largely to his 88 singles titles and 11 doubles titles, Nadal has amassed an impressive $125 million in prize money so far. He is the 3rd highest earner in the men’s game, but this figure is likely to increase in the coming years. 

The rest of Nadal’s wealth mainly comes from his lucrative sponsorship deals, most notably with Kia Motors and Santander. Like Roger Federer, he sports his own line of Nike clothing and shoes while competing. Rafael Nadal also plays with the distinctive yellow and black Babolat rackets in his matches. 

3. Novak Djokovic $220 Million

A man who has started to make his own case for the greatest male player of all time is Novak Djokovic. With his 20th Grand Slam title, he matched his two toughest rivals in the hunt for greatness. 

Djokovic has collected 86 singles titles in his career so far and has spent the most weeks at number one in the history of men’s tennis.

With such consistent performances at the highest level, he has also achieved the honor of the highest-ever earner in men’s tennis with a mind-blowing $155 million in prize money. He also holds the record for most earned in a single season with just over $21 million in 2015. 

Djokovic is also a very marketable athlete. This is proven by his numerous endorsement deals with companies like Peugeot and Seiko. On the court, he has partnered with several brands for his equipment but currently wears Lacoste clothing and Asics shoes. He plays with Head rackets

2. Serena Williams $250 Million

Serena Williams is the greatest female players of all time. Even at 40 years of age, she continues to push her limits by competing at the highest level. Her powerful and dominant style has made her one of America’s most recognizable athletes. 

With a staggering 73 singles titles and 23 doubles titles to her name, plus 39 Grand Slams, Serena has become the highest-earning player ever in women’s tennis. Her $95 million in prize money is second only to the money earned from rewarding sponsorship deals. 

While competing, Serena Williams wears Nike clothing and uses Wilson rackets. Other companies that sponsor Williams include Pepsi, Aston Martin, and Audemars Piguet.

1. Roger Federer $550 Million

It’s no shock that the person topping this list is the evergreen, Roger Federer. At 40 years of age, the Swiss maestro plans to continue his career. His elegance on and off the court has made him a fan favorite for many years. 

Owing to his masterful tennis skills, Federer has performed exceptionally at many tournaments over the years. This has earned him 103 titles, 20 of which are Grand Slams, plus $130 million in prize money. This is the 2nd highest figure for a male player. 

In addition to his incredible on-court earnings, Federer’s popularity has earned him sponsorship deals with some of the world’s most renowned brands.

He previously partnered with Nike but now wears Uniqlo attire for his matches, while he plays with Wilson rackets. Federer’s other major sponsors include Rolex, Mercedes Benz, and Credit Suisse. 

Disclaimer: Note that the figures quoted here are only estimates. After all, it is impossible to know exactly how rich a player is at any given moment. Sources differ on the exact net worth of players. Also, when considering prize money, you must take taxation into account. 

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