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People consistently look at Roger Federer as one of the classiest players not only in tennis, but all of the sports. Not only does he make playing the sport look effortless, but he always seems to have a sense of style that seems rare in tennis from other players.

Sticking with that personal brand, it surprises very few people that he wears a watch while playing tennis. Many of the top players do this, so it should come as no huge surprise. Still, many people are curious as to what watch is on his wrist during every match.

What watch does Roger Federer wear? At this time, the watch of choice must come from his sponsor, Rolex. Online, he heavily markets the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II, and he’s worn it at several tournaments in the past. He has also been spotted wearing anything from an Everose Day-Date, to a Sky-Dweller. He wears lighter models during matches, and might put on a heavier, more luxurious option during press conferences.

Federer’s Lucrative Contract With Rolex

Dealing with a luxury brand like Rolex has been an excellent partnership for the Swiss legend. He first partnered with the company in 2006, and he has been with them ever since. When he first signed, he made $1.5 million per year to be with the company. His current deal pays him $8 million per year, with unknown bonuses and increases as time goes on. Many speculate (although not confirmed) that he has what is essentially a lifetime partnership with the brand.

The partnership with Rolex is not a forced one either. Going back to the early days of his career, Federer has always had some connection to luxurious watches. He was briefly with Maurice Lacroix right before Rolex, but he was spotted wearing Rolex watches on and off before signing a deal. As his career progressed and the prize money started coming in, Rolex became part of his individual brand.

The Most Memorable Watches Of Federer’s Career

Below, we look at a few of the most memorable Rolex watches found on the wrist of Roger Federer. He has such an extensive collection that he often switches them up, even if he has a few favorites.

Rolex GMT-Master II – The Batman Watch

Roger Federer seems to love this model, wearing this Rolex quite a few times in his career. He was most excited about showing it off during the 2017 Australian Open, and specifically, during the trophy ceremony.

Known as the Batman watch, it is flashy enough to catch the attention of any age, but still a classy pick for any occasion. It seems to really be a true favorite of Federer’s, since it isn’t as rare as some of the other choices out there.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

For one of the rarest watches in Federer’s collection, the Cosmograph Daytona might be his favorite. He wears it pretty frequently for such a rare piece, not shying away from flexing on people every once in a while. It is mostly only seen off the court, and usually during Grand Slam events. 

One reason why it has a special link to Federer is that it was released in 1981, which is Federer’s birth year. His particular watch came as a gift from his wife Mirka for his 30th birthday celebration.

Even non-watch fans will have their eyes drawn to the standout features on the face of the watch. It comes in a simple black-and-white, but it still grabs the attention when he decides to put it on his wrist.

Rolex Datejust

As the most popular model of Rolex watches, it makes sense that Federer owns his fair share of options. He has worn several variations, in particular at Wimbledon. The most recent version spotted on his wrist was the Rolex Datejust 41 mm. Rolex made an effort to reduce the weight of this watch to allow their ambassadors to wear it more often.

The gold color often pairs with the whites worn at Wimbledon every year. It is the one time of the year where Federer seems to favor gold over a silver-based watch.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

This is another model of Rolex where Federer has several to choose from in his collection. The Sky-Dweller seems to be a classic go-to option for the champion, as he’s worn it during several major tournaments.

His last major championship at the Australian Open in 2018 capped off during the trophy celebration with a rose gold variation. It is a modern watch from the classic brand, only making a splash within the last decade. Part of the appeal obviously links to Federer’s push to showcase the new release by Rolex to a degree, but he genuinely seems to enjoy wearing them as well.

Does Federer’s Watch Change How He Plays At All?

One of the advantages Federer has over several other players, from a watch standpoint anyway, is that he has a one-handed backhand. That means that he doesn’t rely on his left hand for shotmaking. Yes, he still uses it to toss the ball on serves and to move around the court, but it is nothing compared to players with two-handed backhands.

Federer, therefore, does not wear a sweatband on his left wrist. It is a move that not only helps ensure that his game is not affected, but also a move Rolex fully embraces. Instead of having to compete with his clothing brand sponsorship, the left wrist is clear for Rolex to market their watches.

Other Pro Players Wearing Rolex Watches

Other players with a Rolex sponsorship include Stefanos Tsitsipas, Milos Raonic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Juan Martin Del Potro, Dominic Thiem, and several others on the ATP Tour. Garbine Muguruza, Angelique Kerber, Sloane Stephens, and Caroline Wozniaki are just a few headliners on the WTA Tour.

Since Rolex is the official timekeeper of Wimbledon, and has been for several years, they have a long partnership with tennis that goes back for decades. Some tennis players opt to wear Rolex watches on and off the court without a sponsorship deal.

Other Tennis Players Watches:

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