4 Best Tennis Games On Nintendo Switch

Since the very early days of video games, tennis has always been at the forefront. It seems like some variation of tennis has been around since Pong, but graphics have increased significantly.

For the Nintendo Switch, there are a few games that have hit the market that has captured tennis fans’ attention. These are the best tennis games on Nintendo Switch right now, ranging from fun and casual to simulation.

1. Mario Tennis Aces

There have been more than a few tennis games launched with Nintendo characters at the forefront. Mario Tennis Aces play off of that, allowing people to have quite a bit of fun with some level of absurdity as well. Nintendo fans, in general, are going to love playing with their favorite characters, and there are plenty of modes to give tennis purists a bit of fun as well.

If the plan is to take part in a story mode, this is the only one that really offers something this unique. There will always be power-ups and special abilities people can use to make it really enjoyable, which is perfect for casual play.

To add to everything else, this game is usable with motion controls, so people can get a tennis workout in a lot of ways while playing. Not everyone will be a fan of playing with Mario and company, but it is a video game after all. It is meant to be a great option for players of all ages.

You can read our full review in this post.

  • Who should buy? Nintendo fans and casual tennis players.
  • Who should avoid? Those frustrated with over-the-top animations and unrealistic tennis gameplay.

2. AO Tennis 2

There was some good and bad with the release of AO Tennis, so people were not exactly sure what to expect with AO Tennis 2. Most people agree that it is a more refined version, but some issues still keep it from being perfect.

As far as pure tennis is concerned, this is probably the best of the best. People can use their many licensed pros in the game, and they can play on real courts as well. There is also a very detail-oriented community sharing option that allows people to download venues and players they want to use as well.

When looking at actual gameplay, it is a little clunky with netplay, but most people are fairly satisfied. If they could refine the mechanics a bit, this could be close to perfect in video game form. It is still the best of the best as far as realism is concerned with all that said.

  • Who should buy? Anyone wanting the most realism and customization in a tennis game right now.
  • Who should avoid? Players not wishing to learn all the challenges and intricate buttons to win consistently on high levels.

3. Tennis World Tour 2

Tennis World Tour is a pretty much direct competitor with AO Tennis 2. During its initial launch, many people were very frustrated with Tennis World Tour, as it failed to live up to any expectations whatsoever. It felt like a very unfinished game that turned people off right away.

For those who did not really give it a chance after that, they have made some improvements with the patches that have people singing their praises. They offer many of the same gameplay options as AO Tennis, but there still seems to be a little more limitation overall.

It looks like they will probably need to release a brand new game down the road if they want to get everything right. But, because they have patched it so much that some are wondering how much more they are capable of doing.

  • Who should buy? Fans of tennis who want outstanding graphics, commentary, and more.
  • Who should avoid? Players who already have and enjoy AO Tennis 2 will see a slight step back.

4. Instant Tennis

Finally, the cheapest option of them all is Instant Tennis. It is designed to be a pretty fun and casual game for people who might be somewhat into tennis, but it gets the job done to scratch that itch. People who want to play traditionally or with motion controls can feel like they are in control of the racquet and put the ball where they want to in various ways.

People who own this game will get a lot of Wii sports tennis vibes from this game overall. It is not going to necessarily please people who really want to have realism, but it is still something worth checking out because of overall simplicity.

People do not necessarily have to know much about tennis or any tough controls to become solid at the game. This makes it great for parties, as the matches are fast-paced as well.

  • Who should buy? Gamers on a budget with a little bit of a passion for tennis.
  • Who should avoid? Anyone unable to look past the graphics.

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