The Best Tennis Games On Xbox One

There is an extensive range of tennis video games out there for tennis fans to explore on the Xbox One. Some people are looking for the closest thing to the real sport, while others want a bit more of a laid-back affair. The good news is, there’s something for anyone who is a fan of the sport.

These four are the best of the best, and worthy of an investment for people who want to play tennis on the Xbox One. They are priced affordable these days, so there is even an opportunity to buy a couple of them to cater to any playing need.

1. AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2 is a sequel to the very popular AO Tennis series launched by Big Ant Studios. There were some minor tweaks to gameplay and visuals overall, and there were additional pro players added to the mix as well. That built on an already strong option for people looking for a true tennis simulator on the Xbox One.

As the name suggests, the primary licensing for playing on an actual court is the Australian Open. Not only is Rod Laver Arena featured, but some of the secondary courts as well. Everything else is generic, but there is an editor for stadiums so that people can get just the right look.

Players can choose pro tennis stars like Rafael Nadal, Ashleigh Barty, Stan Wawrinka, and more. Just like there is an editor for the courts, people can create or download players who look like some of the missing pros as well. It is something that people enjoy messing around with to create their own tennis friends as well.

Gameplay is where AO Tennis 2 really shines when compared to other Xbox One titles. It isn’t perfect, but it plays about as smoothly as one can expect on this generation of consoles. There are many sliders to mess around with as well if a person feels like they are not getting a true replication of the sport. For a smaller studio, it’s pretty amazing seeing all that they put together.


  • Excellent customization
  • Solid list of pros
  • Improved physics during gameplay


  • Netplay is frustrating
  • AI is a bit frustrating to play against on higher levels

2. Tennis World Tour 2

The rivalry between AO Tennis and Tennis World Tour continued with the second release of both games. Just like with the new release from AO Tennis, Tennis World Tour made some pretty big improvements between the first and second game. They listened to as much feedback as possible from fans and tried to provide a more realistic experience for everyone.

The frustration still is there for people who feel like the game is not exactly smoothed out and finished. Gameplay is choppy at times, especially online. The game looks and plays well on certain shots, and then looks completely lost in other situations. There is just too much inconsistency to push it past AO Tennis.

That is not to say there are not some positives. The graphics are better, some players are on Tennis World 2 and missing from AO Tennis 2, and there is (limited) commentary. Tennis lovers will have fun with either option and with a lack of simulation choices, both make this “best of” list.


  • Features Roger Federer
  • Commentary
  • Improved graphics


  • Gameplay is unrealistic with certain shots
  • Lack of licensing kills emersion some

3. Super Tennis Blast

Super Tennis Blast was released on several platforms in 2018, but it particularly caught on with Xbox One players. Many were looking for a game that had an old-school feel to it, while still being very addicting. The premise is simple and very easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be challenging.

Instead of being like the first two games on this list aiming for simulation, Super Tennis Blast mostly focuses on gameplay. This means that the venues will look very rudimentary, and the players don’t exactly resemble any actual pros.

The ball bounces as it should, and the game can be addicting once a player starts to master the different types of shots. It would be nice if this were a game playable online, but there are still ways to challenge people locally if a person gets sick of playing against the computer all the time.

Game modes are something that many people are impressed by once they start to really dive into Super Tennis Blast. For a pretty low-key game, it’s surprising how many details go into making this as non-repetitive as a tennis game can be. It’s not perfect by any means, but when considering the price and the amount of enjoyment someone can get, it’s a no-brainer.


  • Very easy to learn
  • A ton of different game modes
  • Precision on certain shots makes it realistic


  • All the players and venues look very generic
  • No online play

4. Smoots World Cup Tennis

Another casual take on tennis that is pretty enjoyable on the Xbox One is Smoots World Cup Tennis. Priced at $10, it is a game that looks casual and over the top, but it actually performs very well. Players can customize the character quite a bit, and then they can play either a single-player mode or go online.

A lot of people will compare this to Mario Tennis, or other arcade options on different consoles. While there are some similarities, obviously the well-known made-up characters are not there. Kids and adults can enjoy the addicting gameplay and fast matches for hours of entertainment.


  • Very simplistic controls
  • Gameplay catered to children
  • Solid ball physics


  • Online play is a bit hit or miss
  • Computer doesn’t compete that well at the toughest setting

Final Verdict On Tennis Games On The Xbox One

There are few options available that perform well, so tennis players might initially be frustrated with all of the bad games that pop up during an initial search.

However, the best overall game on the Xbox One for tennis lovers is AO Tennis 2. There are enough slider options that a person can get an arcade-feeling game if they want. It also simulates the actual game of tennis and can prove to be a pretty big challenge.

With online play and plenty of customization, AO Tennis 2 has a very long shelf life. With its current price, it is a no-brainer to invest in the game and try it out. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

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