The Four Best Tennis Games On PS5

With the PS5 still being a relatively new video game system, there aren’t a lot of choices out there for tennis players to hit the virtual courts.

However, those who enjoy the sport are still getting their fix with a variety of options that were released either exclusively for the system, or the PS4. The backward compatibility with the PS5 makes it a versatile console.

What are the four best tennis games on PS5? This list will undoubtedly change through the years, but this is a guide for tennis fans as of right now.

1. Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition

Tennis World Tour 2 has been one of the top tennis games for quite some time now. The first Tennis World Tour game was released as something pretty rough around the edges.

No one was quite sure just how much they could improve with Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition, but they have done a pretty good job of listening to customer feedback and making some changes.

The game plays a lot more realistic, and the lineup looks pretty real as well. They have many different modes players can take part in to see if they have what it takes online and offline. Best of all, they are one of the first companies to take advantage of the PS5 graphics a bit more.

Maybe the best way to put it for Tennis World Tour 2 is that it’s not terrible, but there’s a lot of room left for improvement. It’s not easy to play when learning, as players will need to get their timing just right to succeed.

It gets a bit boring at times to progress in career mode, but those who enjoy tennis will find it worthwhile in the end.


  • Points can play a lot like real tennis
  • The campaign mode is fairly in-depth
  • Rewards skill


  • Takes time to learn and play consistently
  • Unrealistic shots and animations kill emersion

2. AO Tennis 2

A lot of people still believe that the best-looking modern video game for tennis is AO Tennis 2. They have the licensing from one of the four majors, a superstar in Rafael Nadal as their marquee athlete, and so much more.

As the title of the game implies, it centers around the Australian Open. This is a great game for players who love having authenticity, because that’s exactly what it provides. There are several real players in the game, and the team spent a lot of time making sure they look realistic.

Maybe the most underappreciated feature is that there is online sharing for created players and stadiums. A lot of people have put in the time to share their take on players and stadiums not in the game.

With a few downloads, people get a very realistic look at an actual tennis tour. It might not be officially licensed, but it’s as close as anyone’s going to get.

AO Tennis was pretty good on its own, and AO Tennis 2 made some slight improvements that players have enjoyed. There are still some rough edges around the game that frustrate tennis enthusiasts, but it’s overall worth trying out.

Big Ant Studios has talked about possibly releasing other games in the future as well, which could lead to even more excitement.


  • Officially licensed Australian Open and pro players
  • Sharing feature allows for downloadable content
  • The spin and power on balls are very realistic


  • Volleying and other fine-tuning could use some adjustments
  • Slow loading times

3. Matchpoint Tennis Championships

There are plenty of tennis fans optimistic that the Matchpoint Tennis Championships will be a great option on the PS5. It’s an indie game that has a demo out so far, and people think that it might just be able to provide a simulation that many are looking for.

For its first-ever foray into creating a tennis game, Torus Games seems to be very optimistic that they have taken some of the great attributes from Top Spin Tennis and Virtua Tennis.

Early reviews have shown that the computer might make a few too many unforced errors, but that could be tweaked pretty easily with future updates.

The actual pro roster isn’t the best, but they do have some licensed players making an appearance. For any tennis game to have mass appeal on the PS5, it will need to have some actual pros for players to use in quick games or face. There are only so many times a person can go up against fictional players and not feel bored.

Since this is the first PS5 game built specifically for the console for tennis fans, a lot of people are going to end up giving it a try. The high expectations might not be there entirely, but it could end up being a sleeper choice.


  • Focus on simulation
  • Pro list has a chance to grow
  • Different strategies work well


  • Limited real player base
  • Computer makes too many unforced errors

4. Dream Match Tennis VR

Virtual reality is still a very big thing with the PS5. After making its debut on the PS4, Dream Match Tennis VR is still the best option for VR enthusiasts.

Playing this game does require a bit more of an investment, as every player needs a VR headset to get the first-person perspective.

After they have everything set up, they can start to play the ball the same way they would in actual tennis. All physics are pretty much the same, and there’s enough challenge to push all skill levels.

There isn’t any official licensing with this game, but that’s not going to be that glaring of a weakness because of its originality. Being able to bring a different type of playstyle to the video game world is perfect. It would be nice to face actual pros in the future, but that technology is probably still on its way.

If a person still owns a PS4, it’s probably best to play this on that console. However, PS5 still works well, and Sony is embracing the VR world and hoping more games hit the market.


  • Very realistic movement
  • Easy to get a workout
  • Has many different skill levels


  • Limited game modes and opponents
  • Works just as well if not better on PS4

What’s the Future of PS5 Tennis Games Look Like?

Unfortunately, there have been no major announcements from a huge development team about making a tennis game at this point. The consensus is that AO Tennis 2 might see another release on the PS5 at some point.

What many are hoping for is a major gaming company jumping back into tennis again. Whether that be another Top Spin or Virtua Tennis, this could get people back into the sport.

As simple as video game tennis might seem, there are a lot of intricacies that go into making something that’s realistic yet fun. Tennis’ lack in popularity compared to a lot of other sports out there also hurts them a bit. Technology is there to make a great game, but it takes effort to reach the masses.

Tennis fans might still be waiting to get that blockbuster option, but a lot depends on how well other games are supported. The four games above are great starting points, showing that there is a fanbase worth catering to in the end.

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