The 4 Best Tennis Games On PS4

Tennis on the PlayStation 4 does not have quite the same options as some other sports. That is not to say that there are not some great tennis games, but no huge production companies decided to make a major splash on this platform.

What are the best tennis games on PS4 out right now? Whether a person is looking for simulation, arcade, or even immersion, these stand out as the best of the best currently. With the focus shifting to the PS5, this likely remains the definitive list for tennis fans on the PS4.

1. AO Tennis 2

When Big Ant Studios first released AO Tennis, many people thought it instantly became the best video game on the PlayStation 4. It was definitely a great option in its own right, and might even technically be #2 if it were included on this list.

However, AO Tennis 2 is even better. They made some slight adjustments here and there, adding new players and several other customization options to make it a more robust game overall. They also listened to fan feedback, and it certainly paid off.

It is not a perfect game by any means, but it does have just about everything a pure tennis fan would like. It has the Australian Open license for real play on the real courts in Melbourne, but people have to use heavily customized options for all the other major tournaments. The community does a good job of creating these lifelike venues, as well as players to use in the game as well.

The career mode is pretty bare-bones, but can capture the attention of people who want to rise up in the ranks. It takes a little bit of time to get to the top, but it is interesting to face off against created and real players. There is an online community that is pretty challenging as well, and to this day, the best competition is found there.

It will be interesting to see if a new version of AO Tennis comes out in the future. There are still some minor gameplay issues that could be fixed, but other than that, It seems like a great step towards a truly revolutionary game on either the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5.


  • Solid player lineup as well as the Australian Open license
  • Tons of customization options for just the right look
  • Top levels are extremely challenging


  • Net play is a little shaky
  • Not a ton of major improvements noticeable when jumping from AO Tennis

2. Tennis World Tour 2

There is certainly a bit of a rivalry between Tennis World Tour and AO Tennis. Both released follow-ups of their initial games, and while Tennis World Tour 2 closed the gap a bit, it is still lagging behind.

Some of the graphics look more impressive, and they have improved the player roster as well. However, the game is a little sluggish and does not feel as realistic as AO Tennis.

Another thing that is lacking with Tennis World Tour is the customization options. Many would like to see more customization options so that it can look like the real thing. Too often, people are stuck playing against made-up, unrealistic characters. 

It is hard to recommend Tennis World Tour when AO Tennis does so many things better, but tennis enthusiasts might be wanting to check out both on their own. It is still a solid game, and when messing with sliders, the play changes enough to look a lot like real tennis.


  • Great graphics
  • Commentary
  • Improved rosters


  • Lacks realism overall compared to AO Tennis 2
  • Customization is not great

3. Dream Match Tennis VR

Dream Match Tennis VR is the perfect option for players who want to feel like they are actually playing the sport. It is a virtual reality PlayStation 4 game that requires the necessary equipment to get a feel. Having a first-person perspective can be very entertaining, and it works well.

The company did a great job of getting the ball physics down, which adds to the realism overall. There are different levels of challenges, so players will not get bored all that easily. They also have a few sponsorships to go along with the game, which helps to add to the immersion.

Some people do not want to get out there and actually move around when playing a video game, as that is what real tennis is for. With that said, plenty of people are looking for different challenges with a virtual reality setup.

This might be the perfect option as one of the sports that translate well. The controller feels like an actual racquet, and it shows just what potential VR has in the sports gaming world.


  • First-person tennis video gameplay works well
  • Capable of getting a decent workout
  • Continually provides a challenge


  • Must be up and active to play
  • Limited game modes

4. Super Tennis Blast

If the first three games focus on realism, Super Tennis Blast is a very simplistic game that will feel a bit more like an arcade-like game. There are many real types of strokes, but they just might not be looking the best on-screen.

The developers did not spend much time on getting the design just right, but everything else plays as it should.

Not only is the game inexpensive, but it can be very addicting since the gameplay is fast overall. Tennis matches can sometimes take a long time when it is too much like a simulation, which is frustrating for gamers who might not be fully immersed.

This is more of a game that can fit into just about any type of schedule. There is even the opportunity to play very short matches by using different scoring systems.

Think of this game more for casual tennis fans instead of those really into the sport. More intense tennis fans will want a little more licensing and realism to the game, but those who want to battle it out as a fast-paced alternative will be very happy with Super Tennis Blast.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to learn
  • Challenging for all types of players


  • No real licensing
  • Feels a little cheap to some

Top Pick: AO Tennis 2

There is just too much to like about AO Tennis 2, which is why it is the best overall game for the PlayStation 4. While it is a simulation game, there are different levels so that people are never overwhelmed.

There is a challenge for really good players, as well as those just starting. Having a chance to play with licensed pros, or custom-built ones downloaded from the online servers, adds to the overall feel. It is a game worth trying, especially with the different pricing over the years.

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