Mario Tennis Aces – Review

At some point in time, nearly every person who has played video games in their life has given Mario Tennis a chance. Several games have been released with the same general theme, and Mario Tennis Aces looks to build off many of those major selling points.

Is it one of the best games out for tennis fans? While it might not have the realism that some people are hoping for out of a tennis game, it certainly helps to have something very enjoyable to play that can also be competitive.


The gameplay of Mario Tennis Aces is very similar to games in the past. It might seem pretty basic at first glance, but it becomes more complicated to really start to have success.

Not only do players need to have more shots in the arsenal than ever before, but learning how to trigger and use the power meter, trick shots, and more all take strategy. There is a bit of a gambling aspect overall on when to use power ups and when to stay with a normal shot, which is part of the game in general.

The best way to describe the game’s strategy is to compare it to a mix of a tennis simulation and a fighting game. A set of combos can change the way the match is going pretty quickly.

Every player has a different skill that might make them better in certain matchups. It is up to individuals to either play with the same players all the time, or learn all the different skills of the characters.

Single-Player Story Mode

If a player is looking for Mario Tennis Aces to provide a compelling single-player mode, it is probably not the right game. Nintendo has done that with some of their games in the past, but Mario Tennis Aces is not filled with a compelling story mode.

It is more or less something that allows people to learn the game and face off against some interesting opponents, but it lacks any real intriguing storyline. It feels a bit stale, going up against opponents without any significant meaning.

That is not to say that a tutorial-like storyline is not helpful in some ways. Since many people are going to end up playing friends or opponents online in Mario Tennis Aces, it helps to learn all of the different types of shots and tricks that a person can pull. It helps to teach some of the strategy that goes into Mario Tennis Aces, as there is quite a bit in order to win consistently.

Yes, Mario travels through a few different kingdoms with different courts, and there are challenges along the way. There are even boss fights that make people believe that Nintendo put at least some effort into making this a game with a compelling story mode.

However, in the end, it does not seem to be the type of role-playing game that some were hoping for when it was initially released.

Playing story mode is a bit inevitable if a player wants to start gaining XP and picking up rewards. This is one of the best ways to compete against someone else, so the story mode is a necessity for better or worse. Just do not expect to rush through it because it is such a hook.

Playing Online & With Friends Locally

Like many Mario games throughout the years, playing against another human is where the fun really starts to set in. There are so many different ways to do battle against someone else, which will really extend this game’s life in general. Players can use motion controls or standard controls, and each battle is very compelling.

There will always be some level of exploit that players will rely on to win consistently, but there are no glaring holes in this game even a few years after release. That is great news for those who really want to actually do a battle, and not have to worry about losing someone who knows the secret to virtually guaranteeing victory.

Motion Controls

Those who fell in love with Wii Sports tennis will love the fact that motion controls are supported and work well with Mario tennis aces. Players can get a bit of a workout swinging around their motion controller, and that is good news for people looking to stay a little more active.

The best way to play with motion controls is to go up against somebody else locally so that everyone has a fair fight. When trying to use them online, it will be a huge disadvantage when playing against someone traditionally. There will be some minor misreads in registering shots here and there, but the motion controls are much better than they ever were on the original.


As is the case with every Nintendo Switch game, many are happy that there is finally a portable version of Mario Tennis Aces for the current generation of consoles. Taking the switch on the road and playing can be a perfect opportunity for those who are limited on time. Matches are very fast-paced, and it is easy to fit in a game or two with some downtime.

Online play on the go is a bit choppy, but also dependent on internet connection. When playing someone else online, the game in general still does a great job of smoothing things out. That has long been an issue with many tennis games, since getting the timing down matters so much.

Long-Term Outlook

Since releasing in June 2018, there has not been a more thorough tennis game for players wanting a mix of simulation and arcade. Some of the tennis releases for other consoles that focus more on the simulation side of things have failed to live up to expectations, which is why so many people have continually gone back to Mario Tennis Aces.

Eventually, they will probably be some type of upgrade to go along with the series of games. Nintendo has shown no signs that they are releasing a new console anytime soon, so it will likely come on Nintendo Switch. The options to play this game on the Nintendo Switch make this a quality game, so they just need to build off of that continually.

After playing through the single-player mode, it becomes pretty limited as far as facing the computer is concerned. As long as the online servers continue to work well, there will be a community, but it seems like that slowly but surely dwindling as well.

Fans of the game are starting to feel like they are getting thirsty for a new release at some point. The good news is that two players facing off locally is still as fun and compelling as ever.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to please everyone with a video game, but Mario Tennis Aces is a hit for the most part. There were plenty of people hoping for a much more compelling storyline, but it is clear that the focus is more on individual matchups. There is still a healthy level of competition online, and people love playing this as a party game like all of the other Mario Sports options out there.

Prices have come down for the game, and the learning curve is pretty easy. Even those who do not consider themselves gamers by any means have started to play this game on a consistent basis. It is one of those games perfect for bonding, and it helps to get a little bit of exercise as well with the motion controls.

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