15 Best Tennis Tournaments In The World

With tennis being such a worldwide sport, there are fantastic tournaments going on around the globe.

Everyone knows about the four grand slams, but what are some of the other top tennis tournaments in the world? These 15 tournaments are all worth checking out in person if possible, but at least on TV.

15. Italian Open

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Rome, Italy

There are times when the Italian Open gets a little bit overlooked with all the other clay court events to go on during the year.

It might not be the biggest, but it draws a solid amount of quality men and women each year. Some of the top players will skip this in favor of other clay-court events, but that is usually not an occurrence every single year.

The Italian side in tennis has been really playing well the last few years, and they have some promising youth players who seem to be ready to go as well. A big part of that is inspired by the popularity of the Italian open, with young players seeing stars up close.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Italian Open event.

14. Shanghai Masters

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Shanghai, China

Shanghai Masters opens up a way to see top players in Asia. Not all the top players make the trip, which is why it can’t be one of the best of the best tournaments.

However, those who do make the trip feel like they are playing in a good spot overall. They always have nice things to say about the Shanghai Masters, and it has grown quite a bit in just a few short years.

With more Asian players rising up the ranks on both the men’s and the women’s side, there is a good chance that this tournament will continue to grow. They have a lot of financial backing to make this a very well-received event.

13. Canada Masters

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Toronto, Canada

The Canada Masters is one of the more unique tournaments held annually for both tours. It is unique because they are two host cities, with Toronto and Montreal alternating the ATP and WTA Tour.

This means that while not technically holding a tournament at the same venue each year, they do go on simultaneously across the country.

The positive is that matches feel much less congested going this route. It also gives people an opportunity to watch tennis in two different cities, instead of only going to the same city every year.

Since Canada is so spread out, it makes sense to bring in fans from both locations. The weather is usually fairly mild, and players enjoy it as a tuneup for the US Open. It usually takes place right before the Cincinnati Open.

12. Monte Carlo Masters

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

There is always a lot of debate about the fifth biggest tournament during the tennis season. All locations can make their argument to some degree, but Monte Carlo wins for having the most picturesque view. The clay-court event is located right in the heart of the city, and many love the overall energy.

Is it always the most competitive? No, but that has to do with a plethora of clay-court tournaments all around the same time. Some players skip it and don’t have any holdups doing that.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Monte Carlo Masters event.

11. Cincinnati Masters

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Cincinnati, United States

The Cincinnati Masters tournament takes place right before the US Open, and many players love the way things are set up in general. It is a pretty laid-back tournament in the Midwest part of the United States, and the courts are designed to be almost identical to NYC.

Temperatures sometimes get very hot here, but players feel like it is the perfect ending to the hard court season before the major tournament in the Big Apple.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Cincinnati Masters event.

10. Madrid Open

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Madrid, Spain

The Madrid Open is a really good clay-court tournament that happens in the late spring every year. Since Spain usually produces a lot of clay-court specialists, it turns into a home tournament that many of them enjoy.

It has been one of the more stable major tournaments for both ATP and WTA players, with just a slight change here and there throughout the years.

Most notably, there was one year where they decided to experiment with blue-colored clay instead of the traditional red. The thought was that it would look better on television for viewers, but it was not well received.

9. Miami Open

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Miami, United States

It has been weird to see the Miami Open go through some changes in the last few years. In fact, it has probably assisted in knocking it down a few spots on this list.

Their long-time home in Key Biscayne near downtown Miami is gone, replaced by Hard Rock Stadium in the suburbs. The venue is designed with football in mind, but it turns into a tennis center for two weeks.

Despite changes for the worse as far as atmosphere is concerned, there is still some high-quality tennis as the last hardcourt event before the clay-court season. Weather is usually near perfect in Florida at this time of year, which helps players play at their best.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Miami Open event.

8. Indian Wells Masters

  • Level: ATP 1000
  • Location: Indian Wells, United States

Located in the middle of the desert in California, some might initially think that Indian Wells is not exactly an amazing location for a tournament.

However, a lot of people on the West Coast like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities and escape to a tennis oasis in the spring each year. Indian Wells is one of the most attended tournaments outside the Grand Slams, and many players are a fan of the weather as well.

7. Davis Cup

  • Level: Team Competition
  • Location: No fixed location

There has been a push over the years to make the David Cup a bigger deal, as it pits countries against each other in a tournament that lasts all year long. Recent changes have made it more compact, so maybe that will drum up some interest.

When it gets to the finals, it can be a very intense matchup if the two countries do not exactly get along. For example, the crowds will start to roar and cheer, even during actual points. It plays a bit differently than traditional tennis, which some people really seem to get a kick out of.

6. Fed Cup

  • Level: Team Competition
  • Location: No fixed location

The Fed Cup is basically the women’s version of the Davis Cup. Countries play against each other to see which one wins.

It has a few different venues throughout the competition, but rivalry matches have great atmospheres.

5. ATP World Tour Finals

  • Level: 1500 Points to undefeated winner
  • Location: No fixed location

The ATP World Tour Finals are a bit tough to rank for a lot of people. On one hand, tennis is extremely competitive, as only the best of the best are invited.

However, the importance of winning this tournament is not quite there, since it takes place at the end of the year. Some players clearly are not going all out to win, and that robs the fans a bit.

Nevertheless, it deserves mention as one of the best tennis tournaments in the world. On any given day, the schedule is filled with top 10 players going against each other. The winner not only receives a hefty check but has bragging rights for the next 12 months.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent ATP World Tour Finals event.

4. Australian Open

  • Level: Grand Slam
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

A few tournaments take place before the Australian Open in January, but it is known as the official start of the calendar year in the eyes of many. Held in Melbourne each year, it has a nickname of the Happy Slam. There are usually some unpredictable results, partly because of the location, and partly because of the time of year.

The playing surface is very similar to New York at the US Open, but there are enough differences to make them each unique. It is a bit of a haul for players to get there from most parts of the world, but they usually play a few tune-up tournaments before in that region.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Australian Open event.

3. French Open

  • Level: Grand Slam
  • Location: Paris, France

The summer kicks off on clay courts in the tennis world, as the French Open remains the only major on that surface left. Many fans believe that this is the most grueling major, as points can be very long on the slow clay.

Some players really flourish on clay courts, while others struggle with their movement and hitting passing shots. It is a great change of pace and comes near the end of the clay-court season every year.

Lately, the men’s side has been dominated by Rafael Nadal, who has set countless records on clay. Still, it is a much-anticipated tournament every year.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent French Open event.

2. US Open

  • Level: Grand Slam
  • Location: New York, United States

Everything just feels a little bit bigger and more intense at the US Open. Part of that comes down to the atmosphere at the biggest tennis stadium in the world, Arthur Ashe Stadium. There are also a ton of people on the grounds every single day, and the electricity playing in a huge city like New York is tough to beat.

The only Grand Slam on US soil has been played on hard courts for the last few decades, and that will not be changing any time soon. It is the last Grand Slam of the calendar year and is seen as the unofficial end of summer. Many players past and present have stated that this is the best tennis tournament each year.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent US Open event.

1. Wimbledon

  • Level: Grand Slam
  • Location: Wimbledon, England

There are four Grand Slams, but there is always something a little bit special about Wimbledon. Maybe it is the grass courts, or maybe it is the fact that it has the most history.

Whatever the case is, many consider this to be the best and most prestigious tennis tournament of them all. The top players compete on grass once a year, and it is generally one of the most-watched tournaments by non-tennis fans.

Love it or hate it, watching tennis on grass is a call back to the early ages. Fans get to witness the grass become more and more damaged as the fortnight goes on, with the winner hoisting the trophy and being on top of the tennis world in the middle of summer.

Here’s the prize money for the most recent Wimbledon Championships event.

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