Wimbledon Championships – Prize Money Breakdown

Many people believe that The Championships, Wimbledon is the top tournament in all of tennis. Played on grass courts, it takes place every June and July in London, England. With all the prestige a player gains from taking home the trophy, the payday might be a shocker to some.

How much prize money goes to singles winners at Wimbledon in 2020? Based on current estimations, the Ladies’ and Gentleman’s winners will win £2.5 million each. Since 2007, Wimbledon has awarded equal prize money for both genders across all tournaments. The total prize money has gone up each year by at least some percentage since 1987.

Wimbledon – Total Prize Money

The total amount of prize money that were involved in the Wimbledon Championships 2019 was €38 million. Here is a breakdown of how much prize money that are involved in each event.

Wimbledon (2019)Prize Money
Singles €28.5M
Doubles €4.58M
Mixed Doubles€430K
Wheelchair Singles€278K
Wheelchair Doubles€74K
Quad Wheelchair Singles€68K
Quad Wheelchair Doubles€21K

The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s singles tournament is the most popular with fans, and they get the bulk of the television time as well. It should come as no surprise that those winners receive the biggest paydays by far out of anyone else in the tournament.

There are still plenty of paydays out there for others to capitalize on. Here’s a breakdown of what other participants might expect.

Singles – Prize Money

Singles (2019)Prize Money

The runner up at Wimbledon receives pretty much exactly half of what the winner gets in prize money. Expect the 2020 runner-up to receive just north of £1.2 million. Split that total in half, and that’s what a semifinalist will earn. Split that in half, and it’s a pretty good estimate on what the quarterfinalists will win.

The most significant changes in recent years on singles is the amount of money early round players receive. It stops being split in half from the round above once a person looks at Round 4. It’s estimated that a quarterfinalist will make around £300,000, while Round 4 players will make over £180,000.

It continues to go down to the first round, with players receiving around £50,000 in 2020 based on estimates. This used to be much lower for singles players losing early, but Wimbledon believes they are splitting things up a bit more fairly now.

Doubles – Prize Money

2019Prize Money

There has been a recent boost in prize money for not only same-sex doubles, but mixed doubles as well. That increase has far surpassed the singles competition based off of percentages. Many expect to see the 2020 tournament hand out around £600,000 per team for the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ doubles champions.

Wimbledon is giving early-round participants a significant boost in doubles as well. It’s hard to stay on tour and compete at a high-level as a double specialist, so the extra bit of prize money certainly helps.

It is a bit of a double edge sword, as more casual doubles players suit up and play at the Grand Slams. The prize money might be somewhat enticing, but there is also the prestige of winning a major.

Mixed Doubles – Prize Money

2019Prize Money

Mixed doubles is always going to receive less, but they are still getting a pretty good payday compared to most other tournaments. The winning team should expect around £120,000 if they hoist the trophy in 2020.

Wheelchair Events – Prize Money

2019Winner ReceivesTotal Prize Money
Wheelchair Singles (Men & Women)€46K€278K
Wheelchair Doubles €18K€74K
Quad Wheelchair Singles€34K€68K
Quad Wheelchair Doubles€14K€21K

Wimbledon has a singles and doubles tournament for players in wheelchairs. Since it is still a relatively new event added to the mix, it is harder to predict the what the exact prize will be 2020. However, a look at 2019 shows that the prize money pool for wheelchair singles was £278,000, and doubles was just £37,000.

How Wimbledon Stacks Up Against The Other Majors

What many people are surprised to hear at first is that the prize money at Wimbledon is not the highest available. In fact, Wimbledon gives out the lowest prize money out of all four majors. There is still very little to laugh at with the purse expected to be over £40 million this upcoming year, but how it breaks up is a pretty big change. 

TournamentTotal Prize Money
US Open€51M
Australian Open€44M
Roland Garros€43M

Part of the reason why Wimbledon does not pay as much out as the other majors comes down to their lack of commercialization. They are mostly clear of any company brands at the stadium. The only brand represented is Rolex, the official timekeeper of Wimbledon. Other majors have additional sponsors that help increase prize money significantly.

Wimbledon was slow to become a bit more inclusive with other tournaments, but they are fully embracing all types of tennis at this point. Prize money increases for the lesser know tournaments are still high priority going into 2020 and beyond.

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