Miami Open – Prize Money Breakdown

In the spring, people look forward to the Miami Open as one of the final big hard court tournaments in the United States during that part of the season. It was long held at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne, but it’s recently been moved to the Miami Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens.

The change of venue has received some mixed reviews so far, but that hasn’t slowed down the increase in prize money over the years. In fact, the jump has been very significant in recent memory, doubling in prize money in just the last six years.

How much does a singles champion receive in prize money at the Miami Open? The singles champion at the Miami Open most recently received a check for $1,354,010. This was a slight increase from 2018, as the tournament focused more on increasing pay for the lower levels. The tournament first passed the $1 million mark in 2016, and hasn’t looked back much since. The men and women singles champions have received the same amount of money since 2014.

Total Prize Money Breakdown

Players received a total of $16,718,910 in 2019. When comparing to other Masters 1000 series, it is important to note that that total comes from the men and women tournament combined. Players were set to see a 16.46% increase in prize money in 2020, prior to the tournament being canceled.

Below is a list of how much each player earns in prize money depending on how far they go into the tournament.


Singles (2021)Prize Money

It took a while for the tournament to even things out, but most agree that the Miami Open has a pretty good set up at this point. They pay out $3395 for every person who makes the first round of qualifying, and the prize money doubles almost every tier after that.

This gives players great motivation to show up to the Miami Open and try to make it a few rounds, right before taking off for Europe to start the clay court season.


Doubles (2021)Prize Money

The men and women receive the same payout for doubles as well, although it is about 1/3 of what singles players make. It really comes down to about 1/6 for each individual, since the doubles payout needs to be split between the players.

In 2019, the winning team and doubles received $457,290. The lowest payout was just $16,090 in the round of 32.

History of The Miami Open

The Miami Open first started in 1985, and it has quickly turned into one of the most popular tournaments in the world. This is generally one of the best times of the year to visit South Florida, and they do enough things to make the tournament really seem unique.

The women’s tournament has been dominated by a player who calls South Florida home, Serena Williams. She has eight titles to her name, including some very hard-fought three-setters to take home the crown. Steffi Graf is the next closest to Williams, as she has five titles to her name from the early years.

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