10 Best Online Tennis Courses To Improve Your Game 

Instruction online for tennis is an affordable way for people to learn the game. Not everyone can pay a lot of money for personal lessons, but virtual instruction helps out considerably.

This is a closer look at the 10 best online tennis courses to improve a person’s game right away. Some of them cost more than others, while there are some free instructional videos as well. As long as people try out a few of them, they’ll be able to see what fits them best.

1. TopCourt.com

Top Court does a great job of providing valuable content for around $15 per month. Visitors have a chance to learn from over 50 professionals, which allows for quite a bit of personalization when getting the right instructions. Endorsed by Grand Slam singles champions like Chris Evert, Venus Williams, Simona Halep, and Martina Navratilova helps out in so many ways.

It’s always tough to finally decide to pay money for a service online, but this is a steal compared to even just one hour of lessons in person. The lessons help out players of all caliber, and it’s a perfect way to feel like a professional when going through all of the drills. It’s a chance to learn personal stories and see behind-the-scenes footage from professionals for even more added value.

2. Essential Tennis

Essential Tennis offers great value for the average player looking to improve their game. Headlined by Ian Westermann, he’s done a great job of making his lessons very relatable to the average player. He doesn’t take things too seriously, and that’s allowed his website to grow.

The simplification of tennis is something that can be very beneficial for players as they try to raise their level. Essential Tennis has been around long enough that a lot of the information provided on the website covers just about everything. Some resources can be tapped into time and time again. He’s getting ready to launch a book that will help to provide further instruction for different types of players. His online courses are worth looking into.

3. Tennis Evolution

Jeff Salzenstein launched Tennis Evolution after spending time as a top 100 player in the world. While it’s not uncommon to see former pros turn into instructors, he was one of the first to realize that there was an opportunity online to grow.

Access is available pretty much right away with free instructional videos released weekly. Players can review plenty of past videos to get up-to-date and start to think about what they can do differently to improve.

Like a lot of online places to turn to, there are premium membership options available as well. They are all pretty affordable, which has allowed his website to grow considerably. Simple, effective, and to the point, he does a great job of making sure that videos are not dragging on longer than they have to.

4. Online Tennis Instruction

Online Tennis Instruction prides itself on being one of the best in fixing issues that continue to hurt players of different skill levels. Sometimes, it just makes sense to get instruction on a shot or two that might be holding a player back. By doing some simple drills and focusing on those weak points, players can get back into the swing of things easily.

5. Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Something that makes Fuzzy Yellow Balls unique is that they have been at this online instruction game for a very long time. Many of the people they have on staff have figured out ways to perfect this type of instruction throughout the years. They pay a lot of attention to detail to make them look very professionally done.

Lessons do start to get up there in price a little bit, but not nearly the type of pricing that people coming from in-person lessons are used to. From singles to double strategy, there is plenty of information for everyone.

6. My10sFriends

Coach Eric from My10sFriends has a relatively small following, but all of the resources are there to learn pretty advanced drills for free tennis instruction. He keeps the lessons simple so that people can get out there and start working on what they need to right away.

A lot of people believe that a huge budget is necessary to get the point across in a sport that has a rich history like tennis. Everything is kept simple on the YouTube channel, and he goes into more in-depth instruction on his website as well. Everything is free to check out and learn from, so there’s no catch like some of the other channels.

7. WebTennis.com

Brent Abel from Web Tennis has been coaching for a long time. Even though he was late to the game, he has put in the effort to become one of the best with online instruction.

He offers plenty of free courses for people to look through if they want to get started. There are also paid versions of his lessons online that are constantly updated. Those hoping to stay informed will always have new tips to count on and evolve the game of theirs the right way.

8. Joel Myers Tennis

Pro tennis coach Joel Meyers has built up a pretty solid reputation through Instagram and other social media outlets. He has a website, joelmeyerstennis.com, which provides detailed video analysis of pro players. Everything from analyzing pros to working on common mistakes is covered in his list of lessons.

Not everyone will find that watching pros helps them, but that’s why there are different ways to learn in general. As long as people are getting a better idea of what to expect, there’s a chance of having success overall.

9. Aubone Tennis

After a successful career as an ATP player, JY Aubone decided to take his teaching online. He gained quite a bit of recognition as the traveling coach for Riley Opelka, turning him into a top 20 player.

His philosophy as a coach is all about developing the right learning environment for each player. Having personalized online tennis programs can be difficult, but Aubone has found a way to do it.

Players have the opportunity to record their matches and send them to Aubone for him to check out. He then provides a performance report, which can lead to a training schedule later on. Depending on how much money a person wants to spend, they can get very in-depth coaching without having to pay the same type of cost.

10. Tennis Mind Game

The last option to make this list focuses quite a bit on the mental aspect of tennis. Everyone knows that it’s a physical game, but having a mental age can make a difference.

Tennis instruction videos online are great places to start. It allows people to check out what is covered, and that leads to smarter play overall.

There’s also the aspect of learning the game by holding the racquet and putting lessons to use. Tennis Mind Game gets people in the right frame of mind to play as they should, and then they get an opportunity to apply it once they hit the courts.

How Did Tennis Instruction Online Become Popular?

Like many industries, the resources online have grown considerably in the last few years. It’s easier than ever for coaches to connect with players virtually instead of having to visit in person. This makes it cheaper for the coach to offer services, which makes it cheaper for consumers to buy.

If anything, expect online tennis instruction to only grow in the next few years. There’s still a need to have some coaching in person to correct issues in real-time, but a combination of online and offline training helps considerably.

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