11 Best Tennis Youtube Channels

YouTube has taken over as a platform where people can view just about anything they want. It was only a matter of time before Tennis Videos started to take over the platform and provide value for viewers.

Whether a person wants entertainment, instruction, or reviews, there are many different types of tables out there.

What are the 10 best tennis youtube channels currently? Check out these options and give them a subscription if they are a good fit.

1. Tennis Warehouse YouTube Channel

Getting information from Tennis Warehouse can seem like an infomercial at times, but they do a good job of providing actual information that people can use so that they can take their game to another level. Whether it is equipment review or tips in the game, there’s a little bit of everything on their channel.

They tend to keep videos pretty short, but there’s enough detail there to allow people to gather pretty good information. Not only that, but they do a great job with the YouTube channel providing a general overview, followed by a link to read more in-depth about certain things.

As the leading seller online, Tennis Warehouse certainly has put in the work to be at the top. Going the extra mile and providing this amount of information helps out tremendously.

2. Tennis Channel 

As the name suggests, this channel is all about tennis. It provides comprehensive coverage of ATP and WTA tournaments with live matches, highlights, analysis, and much more. In addition, it also features helpful instructional videos that can teach you the basics or help you improve your game.

A lot of tennis players have Tennis Channel in their subscriptions because they provide so much content under one roof. This is a good and bad thing, because some people might just want to focus on the following aspect of the sport at the professional level. There are instructional videos thrown into the on-court analysis. It’s a little confusing at times, but visit the channel to see everything put into categories.


This is the official YouTube channel and streaming service of the ATP Tour. It features video highlights from various ATP tournaments and training content created by top coaches in the game on occasion. In addition, it also offers interviews with well-known players that provide insight and tips along the way.

They always have interesting videos that people can tune into that touch on a variety of subjects. The video production is second to none on YouTube, as the access to full-licensed video certainly helps.

Most of all, people are tuning into TENNIS TV for the content. They claim to be YouTube’s most-watched tennis channel thanks to highlights from the biggest matches 12 months out of the year.

There’s a monthly subscription for streaming, but everything on the YouTube channel is free. That even means access to full matches from over three decades ago.

4. Tennis Now 

This is one of the most popular tennis YouTube channels with over 150 thousand subscribers and millions of views per month.

It provides unique content that includes interesting interviews with well-known players, live match commentary, video highlights from ATP and WTA tournaments, practice sessions, and much more.

It’s very easy to consume their information in the same way that people usually count on the news. Everything is catered to the tennis fan who loves sports and wants to stay as connected as possible.

Anyone looking to bypass the fluff and just get information will find this to be a channel worth subscribing to.

5. 2Minute Tennis

The name says it all, as 2Minute Tennis is designed to provide quick, efficient tips for players to use. They don’t try to game the system and put out a bunch of filler comments and content that people have to sift through before getting the stuff that matters.

It’s very easy to look at all the different videos they’ve posted so that information can be gathered quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s just looking for some simple tips or anything on the go, many tennis players use them as reference points.

6. Tennis Troll

Although the subscriber list isn’t that huge, there’s something very unique about what Tennis Troll does for the tennis community. He is one of the best at allowing people to break down how solid recreational players play the game. It’s a way to learn the game in a much more realistic way for players.

It’s always fun to watch pros play, but 99.9% of people are never going to get to that level. Recording and breaking down matchplay from players who are in the 4.0 to 5.0 range can be much more effective as a teaching method.

He makes it interesting and enjoyable as well for everyone who tunes into his channel. The matchups are always intriguing, with nicknames given to everyone. He even offers opportunities to play him when he visits different cities.

7. My Tennis HQ

A lot of professional tennis players have tried to make the transition to YouTube, but My Tennis HQ has been one of the best. Two former standouts in the sport run the channel, as Gui Hadlich and Karue Sell take to the courts themselves for instruction.

There are free videos available to get the ball rolling. There’s also the option to pay extra money for additional lessons. Learning from step-by-step how-to videos can be very beneficial for players of all skills.

8. Tennis Brothers

The Tennis Brothers YouTube channel started to take off recently when they started the series that follows the journey of Felix Mischker attempting to get 1 ATP point.

He has documented the entire year on video, hoping to show the world that hard work and perseverance can get anyone to the highest level.

Breaking through in tennis is never easy, and even getting one point can seem like an impossible task. Most people who have a history of tennis will say that this feat is impossible, but it’s fun to follow along with the journey. They also provide other forms of tennis content throughout the year.

9. WTA

The WTA has stepped up its game on YouTube in recent times. They are posting highlights, interviews, and so much more on her channel to help grow the game. With over 300,000 subscribers, people are enjoying what they provide to keep up with the women on tour.

They post multiple videos a day, which might be a bit hard for people to keep up with. Those who want to follow the WTA without having the time to watch all the matches can get a condensed version delivered right to their subscription list on YouTube.

10. Online Tennis Instruction

Anyone wanting straightforward instruction online won’t find too many better options than Online Tennis Instruction.

They’ve been posting for over a decade, and they’re always providing new tips that keep people coming back. One of the most leaned-on tactics is slowing down video of top players in the world and breaking down their strokes so people can see everything that goes into what they do.

A lot of channels come and go in this industry, but Online Tennis Instruction has been pretty steady throughout time. They can count on their six-digit subscriber list to keep them motivated that their instructional videos are working.

11. Essential Tennis

Essential Tennis has been a leader in the YouTube community for quite some time. They provide us instruction for all types of players, ranging from simple fixes to full breakdowns of top players.

As one of the more relatable hosts on YouTube, Ian Westermann has truly made a name for himself. He doesn’t take what he does too seriously, aiming to cater to the players still learning to build up their game. From quick videos to actual gameplay, there are multiple ways to learn under one channel.

Why Tennis YouTube Channels Make Sense

YouTube can be one of the most informative sites on the internet if people are looking for the right things. Tennis instructional videos aren’t necessarily new, but they are getting better with all the different competitors out there.

Players want something that works. If a YouTube channel provides great content, it can then funnel viewers to courses that cost money.

As long as YouTube is around, instructional videos for all types of sports will be readily available. It’s ultimately up to a player to maximize what they learn from these videos and see a difference in their overall play.

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